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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Zhou, Yaoqi 03l/93/Tue Earth Orbit Parameters in Precambrian Stratigraphic Records
03d/37/Wed The Early Cretaceous Transcrustal Magmatic System in Central Sulu Orogenic Belt and its Implication on Regional Tectonic Evolution

Zhou, You 02c/42/Thu The Carbon Budget and its Delivery Way to the Earth

Zhou, Yu-Bin

Zhou, Zhe 12e/15:45/Mon Fe(II) – Fe(III) Oxide Electron Transfer: Influence on Contaminant, Nutrient, and Carbon Dynamics
12e/16:00/Mon Fe(II)-catalyzed Transformation of Ferrihydrite-Organic Matter Coprecipitates: A Closer Look Using Fe Isotopes
11b/11:00/Fri Effect of Organic C on Stable Fe Isotopic Fractionation between Aqueous Fe(II) and Ferrihydrite

Zhou, Zheng 05b/10:45/Tue Quantifying Natural Gas and Groundwater Interaction with Noble Gases in the Sichuan Basin, China
03j/71/Tue Helium Characteristics in Granites from North Qinling Orogen, China: Implications for Granite as an Effective Helium Source Rock
13i/15:00/Thu Fluid Evolution of Krafla Geothermal Field, Iceland, as Traced by Noble Gas and Stable Isotopes

Zhou, Zhenhua 05f/15:45/Tue Tungsten and Tin Deposits in China Through Geological History

Zhou, Zhoukui 13g/407/Thu Study on Fluorine Hydrogeochemistry of Groundwater in Northern Xingguo County, Southeast China

Zhou, Ziaoli 07b/14:15/Fri Reconstructing Seawater Oxygen Concentrations Using Novel Foraminiferal Proxies

Zhu, Chen 06e/187/Tue Nucleation of Ca and Mg Carbonates from Aqueous Solution
11b/327/Thu Explore the Apparent Gap between Field and Lab Dissolution Rate: A Study of the Navajo Sandstone
11b/10:30/Fri Silicon Isotope Doping Method for Measuring Silicate Reaction Rates in the Critical Zone

Zhu, Chuanwei 03e/61/Thu Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Crustal Melting and Magma Differentiation: A Granite and Mineral-Pair Perspective
05e/09:30/Fri Isotopes Geochemistry as a Tool to Understand the Environmental Impact of Ore Mineral Deposits

Zhu, Chuanzhen 07b/290/Wed A Research on the Controlling Factors for Organic Matter Enrichment in the Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation, Sichuan Basin

Zhu, Di 05i/111/Wed A Novel Method to Better Predict Production Decline from a Gas Isotope Perspective: Similarity on Barnett and Niu Titang Shale

Zhu, Dongdong 07b/15:00/Fri Evidence for an Evolving Sub-Oxic Water Mass in the Eastern Mediterranean (EMS) Interacting with the Nile Flood during Sapropel S1; Effect on P Geochemistry

Zhu, Dongming 06g/11:15/Mon Extreme Planetary Systems – NASA GRC Current and New Capabilities to Study the Thermochemistry and Kinetics of Materials, Minerals and Gases/Vapors

Zhu, Dongya 05b/132/Tue Light Alkane Generation in Hydrous Pyrolysis with Gypsum

Zhu, E. 11f/16:30/Tue Evolution of Dissolved Organic Matter Composition along the Upper Mekong River

Zhu, H. 02b/12/Mon Reaction Controlled Kinetic Inter-Mineral Ca Isotope Fractionation between Orthopyroxene and Clinopyroxene
02b/15/Mon Calcium Isotopic Composition of Mantle Olivines
03d/26/Wed Barium Isotope Compositions of Lesser Antilles Forearc Sediments from DSDP Sites 543 and 144

Zhu, Jiang 08a/226/Thu Modeling the Oxygen Isotope in the Early Eocene Hothouse Climate Using an Isotope-Enabled Earth System Model

Zhu, Jianming 09g/280/Mon Geochemistry of the Basal Ediacaran Tereeken Cap-Doloston of the Quruqtagh Group in Eastern Tianshan, Northwestern China
13m/414/Thu The Isotopic Composition of Lead in Chinese Coals

Zhu, L. 10e/09:00/Wed Inter-Storm Variation in the Quality, Flux and Biolability of tree-Dom

Zhu, M. 06a/15:45/Tue The Role of Trivalent Manganese in Transformation of Layered to Tunneled Manganese Oxides
12f/17:00/Thu Aeolian Dust Deposition and the Perturbation of Phosphorus Transformations during Long-Term Ecosystem Development

Zhu, Q. 07f/302/Wed Cable Bacteria Activity in Mn/Fe Depleted Marine Carbonate Deposits
10d/345/Wed High-Resolution Imaging of O2, pH, and pCO2 in Bioirrigated Sediments
07f/16:45/Fri PH Dynamics in Bioirrigated Permeable Sediments

Zhu, Rixiang 09a/304/Tue Microsample Unspiked K-Ar Dating: A New Approach of Argon Geochronology

Zhu, Rukai

Zhu, Xiang-Kun 03i/49/Tue Separation of the Light Rare Earth Elements for Ce and Nd Isotope Analysis
09m/314/Tue An Early Neoproterozoic Banded Iron Formation in China
05e/97/Wed New Basaltic and Solution Reference Materials for Iron, Copper and Zinc Isotope Measurements
05g/147/Thu Lead Isotope Constraints on the Genetic Relationship between Cu-Zn-Pb Ores and S Ores in the Dongshengmiao Deposit, Northern China

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