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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Yang, Tammy Tianxiao 13j/16:00/Tu Sorption Properties of Radionuclides in Saline Solutions

Yang, Tao 09f/270/Th Termination of Cryogenian Ironstone Deposition by the Spread of Euxinia: Fe-S-C Isotope Evidence
05g/15:00/Fr Geochemical and Sr-Os-B-Si Isotope Constraints on Ore-Forming Process of Modern Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Sulphide Mineralization

Yang, Tianjian 05d/125/Mo Formation of the Yuanjiang Ruby Deposit and its Relationship with Movement of the Red River Shear Belt, SW China: Evidence from Graphite Raman Analyses and Ar-Ar Phlogopite Geochronology

Yang, Tiannan 03f/52/Mo New Insight into Reaction Iso–grades, Petrography, Mineral Chemistry of Metapelites and gem Bearing Marbles in Karakoram Metamorphic Complex (Aliabad – Karimabad), Central Hunza, NE Pakistan

Yang, Tingting 10m/323/Mo Intracellular Calcite and Sulfur Dynamics of Achromatium Cells in Aerobic Incubation Experiments

Yang, Tsanyao Frank 11b/320/Th Anomalous Fluid Emission at the Taiwan Chelungpu Fault Borehole Associated with the 2013 M6.2 Nantou Earthquake

Yang, W. 07c/205/Mo Hydrothermal Activity History of Duanqiao Hydrothermal Field, the Southwest Indian Ridge: Evidence from 230Th/238U Geochronology of Polymetallic Sulfides

Yang, Xianghua 05i/120/We Petrography-Geochemistry, Provenance and Palaeoclimatology for Eocene Liushagang Formation of Wushi Depression, Beibuwan Basin, the South China Sea

Yang, Xiao-Fa

Yang, Xiaoyong 07j/212/Tu Preliminary Study on the Mass-Independent Fractionation Signature of Sulfur Isotope from Huoqiu BIF in the North China Craton

Yang, Xunchang 11b/17:00/Fr The Chemical and Isotope Characteristics of Geothermal Fluids in Shandong, China

Yang, Ya-Min 04g/55/We Re-evaluating U-Th-Ra Ages of the Tatun Volcanic Group, Taiwan

Yang, Yang 03f/61/Mo New Zircon Dating and Hf-Isotope Constraints on Neoproterozoic Rifting and Triassic Subduction of the Neoarchean Yangtze Basement
04d/88/Mo Nd–Hf Isotopic Mapping of Late Mesozoic Granitoids in the East Qinling Orogen, Central China and its Applications
03f/14:45/Tu Petrogeochemistry and Geochronology of Corundum-Bearing Aluminous Gneisses in the Dabie Orogen, China

Yang, Yao 03l/101/Tu Geochemichal Characteristics of Soil Gas Radon and their Tectonic Implications to the Anninghe and the Zemuhe Faults in Sichuan, Southwestern of China

Yang, Yi 13e/09:45/We The Emerging Field of Nano-Environmental Science

Yang, Yibo 08i/14:15/Fr Southeastward Impact of Eolian Dust on River Chemistry in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau during the Late Cenozoic

Yang, Yongqiang 03e/98/Th Determination of the 2.5Ga A-Type Granite in Zanhuang Area, North China: A Case of Huangcha Pluton

Yang, Ys 13f/379/Mo Degradation Dynamics of 17β- Estradiol and its Effects on Microbial Ecologic Responses in Soil

Yang, Yue Suo 10m/322/Mo Enzyme Assisted Bioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Contaminated Soil
13l/426/Mo DFT Investigations for Mechanisms of the TCEP Degradation by Hydroxyl Radical
13i/422/We Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistant Genes Contamination in the Subsurface Environment: Sources, Fate/Transport and Remediation

Yang, Yue-Heng 03e/93/Th Hybrid Origin for Early Cretaceous Syenites with Mafic Enclaves in the Northeast North China Craton: In situ Zircon Hf-O and Apatite Sr-Nd Isotopic Evidence

Yang, Yuhong 02c/42/Th The Carbon Budget and its Delivery Way to the Earth

Yang, Yunseok 02b/15:30/Mo Newly Discovered Mantle Province between the Indian and Pacific Domains beneath the Southern Ocean

Yang, Zhen 12e/361/Mo Effect of Biochar Concentration and Particle Size on Electron Shuttling in Microbial Fe(III) Minerals Reduction

Yang, Zhi 05h/156/Mo Geologic Significance and Assessment Technique of "Sweet Area (Interval)" in Unconventional Shale System

Yang, Zhusen 03e/51/Th Lithium Isotopic Evidence for Subduction of the Indian Lower Crust beneath Southern Tibet
03e/52/Th Magnesium Isotopic Compositions of Himalayan Leucogranites and the Indian Lower Continental Crust

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