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My Goldschmidt

Role functions

Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Xiong, Yongqiang 05h/10:15/Mo Influence of OM Properties on the Development of Organic-Associated Pore System in Organic-Rich Shales
03j/75/Tu Multiscale Nanopore Structure Characterization in Shales from the Longmaxi and Niutitang Formations, Sichuan Basin, China
05b/136/Tu The Effect of Organic Matter Type on Formation and Evolution of Diamondoids
05k/135/We Determination of Position-Specific Carbon Isotope Ratios of Propane from Natural Gas

Xiong, Z-H.

Xiu, W. 13m/09:00/Fr Transformation of Iron-Mineral Adsorbed Arsenic Under Natural Groundwater Conditions

Xu, A. 03l/92/Tu Sedimentary Sequence and Paleoclimate of Neoproterozoic in Sichuan Basin

Xu, Chen 13j/10:45/Tu Molecular Characterization of Organic Compounds Binding 239,240Pu in Nagasaki Soils
13j/09:30/We Radioiodine Speciation in Cementitious Environments
13j/11:15/We Radioiodine Speciation Impact on Ag-Activated Carbon Immobilization in Cementitious Environments

Xu, Cheng 05d/135/Mo Initial REE Enrichment and Evolution in Carbonatites: Evidence from Geochemistry and Melt Inclusions in Ulgii Khiid Carbonatites, Mongolia

Xu, F. 05h/150/Mo Geochemical Heterogeneity in Lake-Type Control Nonmarine Basins from North China and West Africa

Xu, Hai 08l/232/Mo Late Holocene Hydroclimatic Variations over the High-Central Asia and its Relationship with the North Atlantic Ocean
08b/11:00/We Pairing Stable Isotopes with Lake Level – A Path for Reconstructing Paleo-Evaporation?

Xu, Hao

Xu, Hongwu 06g/09:30/Mo Energetics of Uranium Silicides
06g/10:00/Mo Structural and Energetic Landscapes of Uranothorite Solid Solutions
05d/14:15/Mo Geochemical Controls of Mobilisation, Deposition, and Fractionation of REE, U, and Th in Ore Forming Hydrothermal Systems
05d/14:45/Mo The Solubility and Speciation of Thorium in Chloride-Bearing Aqueous Solutions at Elevated Temperatures
05d/15:15/Mo Complexation Behaviour of Uranyl in Sulfate-Bearing Solutions at Elevated Temperatures up to 250℃
06e/09:30/We Visualization of Elemental Uptake by Individual Calcite Crystals
06o/15:45/We Stability of U(IV) Sulfate Complexes at Elevated Temperatures

Xu, Huan 05i/119/We Intergrated Analysis to Understand the Role of Faults in Groundwater Movement

Xu, Huifang 06b/14:15/Th Solving Crystal Structures and Constructing Size-Dependent Phase Maps for Nano-Minerals
06b/17:00/Th Dolomite Formation Catalyzed by Sulfate-Driven Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane
06b/169/Th Microstructural Characterization of Zinc Sulfides from Modern Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems: Insights into Au-Ag Enrichment Mechanisms
06j/15:00/Fr Structures of High Temperature Ca-Rich Plagioclase Feldspar – A Single-Crystal Neutron and X-Ray Diffraction Study

Xu, Ji Feng 02b/4/Mo Distinctive Pb Isotopic Mantle Evolution beneath the Paleo-Tethyan and Paleo-Asian Ocean

Xu, Jie 06a/185/Mo Phase, Size and Shape Variations of Biogenic Versus Abiogenic Fe-Cu-Sulfide Nanoparticles
06g/192/Mo Influence of Structural Defects on Biomineralized ZnS Nanoparticle Dissolution: An in situ Electron Microscopy Study

Xu, Jing 06b/166/Th Crystals from the Scheelite-Powellite Solid-Solution Series at the Nanoscale

Xu, Jinjun 05h/15:45/Mo Controlling Factors of Organic Matter Accumulation in High Quality Source Rock in Weixinan Depression, Beibuwan Basin: Implication from Structural Activity and Depositional Environment

Xu, Jiuhua 05d/115/Mo Trace Elements in Fluid Inclusions of Dongping and Xiaoqinling Vein Gold Deposits in China

Xu, Juan 11c/381/We Precise Determination of Sr Stable Isotopes Using MC-ICPMS

Xu, Leiluo

Xu, Lijuan 04h/115/Tu Petrogenesis of the High FeO Rhyolite in the Tarim Large Igneous Province: The Role of Immiscibility
06j/212/Th High-Precision Stable Cr Isotope Analysis of Geological Materials by Double Spike TIMS Method

Xu, Lin 08e/206/We Effect of Concentration-Dilution Cycle on the Variation in δ37Cl Values in Evaporites

Xu, Liqiang 13h/418/Mo Reconstruction of Eco-Environmental Change on Qilian Yu Islands, South China Sea over the Past 800 Years

Xu, N.

Xu, P. 05k/144/We Geochemical Evolution Processes of Geothermal Water in Tethys Himalaya Belt

Xu, Sheng 13j/415/Tu 129I/127I Ratios in Precipitation from Fukushima over 2010-2017

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