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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Ranjan, P. 13m/17:00/Fri Geochemistry of Trace Metals in Mangrove Ecosystem of India and Bangladesh: An Overview of Differential Process Governing its Accumulation in Varied Mangrove Ecosystem

Ranjan, S. 09d/09:30/Mon UV Light on Early Earth and on M-Dwarf Exoplanets: Implications for Prebiotic Chemistry
09i/09:00/Fri Sulfidic Anion Concentration on Early Earth for Surficial Origins-Of-Life Chemistry

Rankenburg, K. 01b/09:15/Fri Evaluating Nd Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Enstatite Chondrites

Ranta, E. 04i/121/Thu Origin of Volatile-Enriched Basalts of the Kverkfjöll Volcanic System, Iceland

Ranville, J. 14a/250/Mon 14a/250/Tue 14a/250/Wed 14a/250/Thu Resources for Teaching Nanoscience Across the Geoscience Curriculum
13e/09:00/Wed Quantity and Form of Natural and Engineered TiO2 Present in Outdoor Concrete Weathering Experiments
13e/10:15/Wed Incidental Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Characteristics and Stability during Remediation of a Mining-Impacted Stream

Rao, A. 13j/08:30/Wed The Mechanism and Kinetics of Citrate Facilitated Dissolution of Uranyl-Phosphate

Rao, M.S. 13f/09:15/Mon Hydro-chemical and Stable Isotope (δ18O and δD) to Study Groundwater Contamination in the Overexploited Aquifers of Indo-Gangetic Plain, a Part of NCR, Delhi

Rao, W. 13f/395/Mon Strontium Isotopic Characteristics and Water-Rock Interaction of Shallow Groundwater in an Arid Desert Area

Rao, Z. 08l/14:30/Mon Quantitative Reconstructions of Past Lake Level Changes from Tufas and Paleoshorelines in the Central Andes

Rarick, J. 01h/9/Tue Exoplanet Mineralogy, and Related Issues of Bulk Earth and Solar Compositions

Rasbury, T. 13f/388/Mon Identification of Anthropogenic Sources of Nitrogen from SGD into Long Island Sound Using δ15N- δ18O-δ11B
07j/09:30/Tue The Isotope Record of Seawater Chemistry Change Across the Late Paleozoic Climate Shift
03l/85/Tue A (Relatively) Fast Technique for Finding Impact Ejecta Horizons in the Stratigraphic Record
06e/189/Tue ArChTES: An Investigation of Dental Enamel Mineralization Combining Spectromicroscopy and Isotopic Analyses
11c/364/Wed Boron Isotope Budget in the Mono Basin, Eastern California USA
11b/303/Thu U-Pb Dating of Knox Dolomitization: Placing a Maximum Age Constraint on Mineralization at Sweetwater, Eastern Tennessee

Rase, T.O.

Rasheed, M.A.

Rasher, D. 08c/195/Wed Advances in the Mg/Ca-Temperature Proxy in Coralline Algae: A Case Study in the Genus Clathromorphum

Rasmussen, B. 07c/09:15/Mon Hydrothermal Vent Fluid-Seawater Mixing and the Origins of Late Archean Iron Formation
07c/14:45/Mon Chemical Imaging Approaches to Untangle Depositional and Post-Depositional Processes in Ancient Rocks on Earth and Mars
07c/212/Mon Greenalite Nanoparticles in Archean BIFs: Seawater Precipitates or Products of Bacterial Iron Reduction?
07j/15:45/Tue FeCO3 Nucleation Kinetics and the Late Archaean Carbon Cycle

Rasmussen, Cornelia 09a/299/Tue Helium Diffusion Kinetics of Shocked Zircons from the Chicxulub Impact Crater

Rasmussen, Craig 12a/10:30/Thu Measuring Critical Zone Co-evolution in Real Time

Rasmussen, D. 03b/10:45/Thu A Geochemical and Seismic Search for Deep, Active MASH Zones

Rasmussen, M.B. 04i/15:00/Fri Olivine Reveals Distinct δ18O Domains in the Icelandic Mantle

Rastetter, E. 12d/14:15/Fri Going with the Flow in the Rhizosphere Commodities Exchange

Rate, A.

Rathi, B. 13m/08:30/Fri Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand As Mobilization in the Groundwater of Hanoi, Vietnam

Ratschbacher, B. 04g/16:30/Wed Magma Addition Rates in Continental Arcs: A New Protocol of Calculation and Global Implications
03b/10:45/Thu A Geochemical and Seismic Search for Deep, Active MASH Zones

Raub, T. 03e/10:30/Fri Cascading State Shifts in the Paleoproterozoic Biosphere, Atmosphere, and Lithosphere

Raudsepp, M. 10a/327/Tue Anaerobic Methanotrophy Coupled to Ferric Iron Reduction in an Australia Coal Mine

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