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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Parkinson, I. 07j/16:00/Tue Understanding Trace Metal Sorption by Marine Minerals to Validate and Calibrate Geochemical Palaeoproxies
03l/16:45/Wed Detrital Chromite from Jack Hills: Clarifying the Zircon Record
04i/10:15/Fri Extreme Mantle Heterogeneity Preserved in Earth’s Oceanic Crust
05g/11:00/Fri Age Model and Geochemical Evolution of FeMn Crusts

Parlanti, E. 10e/11:00/Wed Nature and Dynamics of Organic Matter in the Seine Estuary (France) at the Bulk and Molecular Levels

Parman, S. 06h/09:00/Thu Kinetic and Geologic Controls on Olivine Spinifex Textures in Komatiites
06h/09:30/Thu Atom Probe Tomography of Olivine and Clinopyroxene Grain and Phase Boundaries in Deformed Wehrlite
01h/16:30/Thu Sequestration of Xe in an Early, Hydrous Martian Crust
01f/8/Thu Atom Probe Tomography of Allende CAI Opaque Assemblage

Parmigiani, A. 04g/14:30/Wed The Development of a Three-Phase Compaction Model to Study Phase Separation in Silicic Magma Reservoirs

Parnell, J. 09m/15:30/Wed Rapid Microbial-Methane Deglaciation of the Marinoan Snowball Earth
07a/10:00/Thu Development of a Halite Screening Protocol for Ancient Atmosphere

Parris, D. 09d/270/Mon Characterization of Icelandic Mars Analog Environment Using 16S rRNA Sequencing

Parrish, R.R. 03g/09:45/Mon Detrital Zircon Populations Versus Age Populations: Fingerprinting Eastern Himalayan Bedrock Sources by Micro-Texturally Driven U-Pb LA ICP-MS Geochronology

Parry, S. 13j/422/Tue Plutonium Leaching from Cemented Radioactive Waste

Parthasarathy, G.

Partin, C. 03e/10:30/Fri Cascading State Shifts in the Paleoproterozoic Biosphere, Atmosphere, and Lithosphere

Partin, J. 08b/10:15/Wed Western North Pacific Monsoon Variability Since the Last Glacial Maximum

Pasa-Tolic, L. 12c/346/Mon Deciphering DOM-Metal Speciation with 21 Tesla FT-Icrms

Pašava, J. 07j/206/Tue Copper, Zinc, Chromium and Osmium Isotopic Compositions of the Teplá-Barrandian Unit Black Shales

Pasqualini, A. 07i/14:15/Thu Dissolved Ga Distribution in the 2015 US Arctic GEOTRACES Section

Pasquier, V. 10b/09:15/Tue Multiple S Isotope Ratios of Glacial vs. Interglacial Pyrite: Insight into the Controls on Diagenetic Signals in Marine Sediments
10h/10:45/Tue Depositional Conditions Control Marine Sedimentary Pyrite Isotopes

Passeport, E. 13j/15:15/Tue Biogeochemical Controls on Radioactive Strontium-90 Transport at the Sediment – Water Interface of Two Distinct Wetlands
13c/400/Wed In situ Biodegradation Rates in Contaminated Sediments via a Novel High Resolution Isotopic Approach

Passey, B. 08l/09:00/Mon Oxygen Isotope Variation in Pedogenic Carbonates and the Potential to Constrain Paleoaridity
08l/15:00/Mon On the Use of Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Evaporated Lake Systems to Reconstruct δ18O of Unevaporated Precipitation
08a/10:00/Fri Variability in Δ17O, δ18O, and δD Across Six Hydrologically Diverse Lake Systems

Pastén, P. 13f/14:15/Mon Legacy Mine Tailings in Urban Areas: Assessing Heavy Metal Exposure from Street Dust
13g/08:45/Fri Copper Attenuation in a River Confluence Receiving Acid Drainage in Central Chile: Coupling of Physical and Chemical Processes

Pasteris, J. 13b/393/Wed Channel Carbonate Substitution in Apatite: A New Look with Raman and IR Spectroscopy
13b/396/Wed Heterogeneous Lead Phosphate Nucleation at Organic-Water Interfaces: Implications for Lead Immobilization

Patault, E. 13m/08:30/Thu Organic Compounds and Trace Metal Elements in the Eure River Watershed: Past and Actual Records of Anthropogenic Impacts

Patenaude, M. 11g/09:00/Fri Recovery Dynamics of Surface Water/Groundwater Interactions Following an Intense Flooding Event at a 2-Lake Bank Filtration Site

Paterson, S. 04g/16:30/Wed Magma Addition Rates in Continental Arcs: A New Protocol of Calculation and Global Implications
03b/1/Wed Tracking the Physical, Chemical, and Thermal Signals of Arc Flare-Ups, Migration, and Magmatic Focusing in the Central Sierra Nevada, USA
04g/80/Wed Mantle Driven Cretaceous Flare-Up Events in Cordilleran Arcs
03b/09:45/Thu Volcanic vs Plutonic Hornblende: Tools for Discerning Crystal Accumulation and Melt Loss

Pathak, D. 09f/269/Thu Tin Isotopes and the Origin of Planetary Materials- a Novel Methodology with External and Internal Mass-Bias Correction, and Double Spike MC-ICP-MS Analysis

Pathak, P. 13m/435/Thu Effect of Seasonal Parameters in the Mobilization Process of Arsenic in Groundwater at Nadia, WB

Pattanaik, J.K. 11a/330/Mon Statistical Approach to Select Least Mobile Element for Weathering Profile Study
08e/218/Wed Distribution and Estimation of Short Term Deposition Rate of Atmospheric 10Be in Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan, India

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