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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Maisch, M. 12e/15:00/Mo The Impact of Light on Iron Biogeochemistry in Sediments
12d/370/Th Iron Plaque on Rice Roots – A Sink or Source for Arsenic?

Majer, V. 13g/398/Th Assessment of the Impact of Ore Processing in the Kabwe Area to the Environment and Human Health

Majidi, P.

Major, J. 01c/2/Tu Controls on Isotopic Fractionation in Volatiles from Icy Ocean World Brines

Majumder, S. 13m/433/Th Oxyanion-Forming Trace Elements and Associated Geochemical Processes in High Arsenic Aquifers
13m/10:45/Fr Intensive Pumping Impacts Arsenic Concentrations in Drinking Water Aquifers in an Inter-Montane Basin

Makarova, I. 13j/417/Tu Artificial Isotopes Speciation in Biomass of Terrestrial Vascular Plants

Makino, Y. 01c/09:15/Tu Petrogenesis of a Unique Shergottite Zagami: Implications from REE Signature of Pyroxene

Makutu Kumakele, D. 05d/116/Mo Petrographic and Geochemical Characteristics of the Mesoproterozoic Granitoids (Granite, pegmatite) of Kibara Belt (1600-1000 Myrs) Bearing Sn-Nb-Ta-W and Cu Ore Minerals in Maniema Province /D.R.Congo

Mal, J. 13k/16:30/Mo Abiotic and Biotic Oxidation of Chemically Synthesized Se(0) Nanoparticles

Malakhov, F. 05m/10:00/We Genetic Features of the Formation of Gold-Sulphide Mineralizations in the Chore Ore Field

Maldanis, L. 10a/10:15/We Assessing New Biogenicity Criteria of Microfossils with a Novel 3D Imaging Approach

Malekzadeh, A. 05d/11:00/Mo Geology, Alteration, Mineralization, Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusion Studies in Namegh Prospective Area, Northeastern Kashmar

Maletic, E. 04g/79/We Resolving Potential Sources of Volcanism in Southern Victorialand, Antarctica Using Noble Gases

Malkin, S. 10d/08:30/Th Seasonality of Sediment-Associated Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria in an Oxygen-Stressed Estuary

Mallard, J. 12d/17:00/Fr A Tale of Two CZ’s: Comparing Shallow and Deep Old-Field Forest Regeneration at the Calhoun CZO

Mallick, S. 02b/11/Mo Hf-Nd Isotopes of Chile Ridge Basalts, Evidence of Pelagic Sediment in the MORB Mantle
04i/10:45/Fr Deciphering the Geochemistry of Lithospheric Mantle in the Melt Source of the Payenia Volcanic Province, Argentina

Malone, S. 09a/278/Tu The Significance of the Medicine Hat Block (Southern Alberta, Northern Montana) in the Assembly of Laurentia: New Interpretations from Single Grain Zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf Data

Maloney, A. 08c/17:00/We Precipitation Changes in the South Pacific Convergence Zone during the Last 2, 000 Years Using Dinosterol Hydrogen Isotopes from Freshwater Lake Sediments

Maloney, M. 01i/17:00/Tu Earth’s Building Materials from Mass-Dependent Ca Isotopic Compositions

Maloof, A.C. 07j/16:45/Tu An Early Diagenetic Deglacial Origin for Basal Ediacaran ‘Cap Dolostones’
01h/08:45/We Questioning the Evidence for the Hadean Dynamo

Malusova, M. 12b/345/Th Microbial Iron Cycling during Permafrost Thaw

Maman, S. 13f/15:15/Mo The Potential of Remote Sensing for Assessing Urban Contamination Levels Around a Legacy Mining Zone

Mamet, S. 12d/16:00/Fr Microbes and Minerals in Permafrost: Quantifying Microbe Mineral Interactions Using Positron Emission Tomography Coupled to Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy of Psychrotrophic Bioremediation in Permafrost Soils

Mamontov, E. 06h/145/We Propane Dynamics in Porous Silica: A Neutron Scattering and MD Simulation Study
06c/09:15/Fr Properties of Ultra-Confined Water: Effects on Phase Stability
06c/10:00/Fr Structure and Dynamics of Water on Forsterite Surface

Managh, A. 06j/09:45/Fr Doubling Sensitivity in MC-ICP-MS Using High-Efficiency, Rapid-Response Laser Ablation Technology

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