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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Montpetit, D. 07c/222/Mon Anapaite Precipitation from Anaerobic Municipal Wastewater Treatment for Phosphorus Recovery

Montross, S. 05k/09:00/Thu Distribution and Speciation of Rare Earth Elements in Clay Deposits via Synchrotron µ-XRF and µ-XANES

Monvoisin, G. 13f/10:15/Mon Temporal Variation of Suspended Sediment Dynamics and River Multi-Contamination Fluxes in an Urbanized Catchment

Moody, E. 10d/349/Wed Insights into Sulfur Biogeochemistry in Alkaline, Carbonate-Depositing Headwater Streams

Moog, H. 13c/398/Wed THEREDA, the Thermodynamic Reference Database for a Nuclear Waste Disposal in Germany

Moon, H.S. 12d/362/Thu Effect of Wetland Plant and Water Level on the Denitrification in the Wetland Mesocosms

Moon, I. 07j/212/Tue Preliminary Study on the Mass-Independent Fractionation Signature of Sulfur Isotope from Huoqiu BIF in the North China Craton

Moon, J-W. 06g/192/Mon Influence of Structural Defects on Biomineralized ZnS Nanoparticle Dissolution: An in situ Electron Microscopy Study
13m/14:15/Fri A Systems Biology Approach to Identifying the Native Function of Hg Methylation Proteins in Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132

Moore, F.

Moore, G. 04j/106/Mon An Olivine-Melt Thermometer Based on DNi, with no Dependence on H2O in the Melt: New Experimental Evidence

Moore, Joel 12a/09:45/Thu Describing and Understanding Elevated Solute Concentrations and Fluxes from Urban Watersheds Using Weekly Data Across 15 Years

Moore, Johnathan 05h/148/Mon Investigation of Scaling in Marcellus Shale during a Laboratory Simulated Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Flow and Shut-In Period

Moore, K. 03l/11:15/Thu Testing Biogeochemical Hypotheses of Microbial Evolution Using Time-Calibrated Gene Transfer Phylogenies

Moore, L. 04j/16:30/Mon Volatile Contents of Bubble-Bearing Melt Inclusions from Klyuchevskoy Volcano (Kamchatka) Determined by Mass-Balance and Experimental Homogenization Methods

Moore, Mark 03a/36/Mon The Boron Isotopic Composition of Diatom Opal
07i/08:30/Thu Differential Coupling of Oceanic Nutrient Cycles Controlled Through Maximum Biotic Uptake Ratios

Moore, Myles 05b/10:00/Tue Noble Gas and Hydrocarbon Composition of Gas Hydrate Reservoirs in Green Canyon, Block GC955, Gulf of Mexico
05b/10:30/Tue Noble Gas Insights on Stable Carbon Isotope Reversals in Natural Gases

Moore, O. 11f/09:15/Wed Climate Controls on Weathering Fronts and Implications for Critical Zone Responses to Global Change

Moore, R. 06j/209/Thu Precise and Accurate Strontium Isotope Determination of Natural Samples with the Nu Sapphire Collision Cell MC-ICP-MS

Moore, W.S. 07b/15:15/Fri Hypoxia in the Mississippi Bight: Understanding the Role of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Complex Coastal Ecosystem

Moore-Maley, B. 07f/15:30/Fri Carbon Enhancement and Retention in a Large Temperate Semi-Enclosed estuary and Surface Extremes in pH and Mineral Saturation States

Moorhead, G. 05k/08:45/Thu Detail and Context: Using Core-Scale μXRF Imaging to Understand Ore Deposits

Moortgat, J. 05i/08:30/Wed Numerical Modeling of Methane Migration from Leaky Natural Gas Wells and in Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage
05i/112/Wed Effects of Composition on Desorbed Gas Using Canister Desorption Test: A Case Study from the Upper Paleozoic Shales in the Ordos Basin, NW China

Moos, S.B. 10h/09:00/Mon Investigating Cr Cycling on the Chukchi Shelf and in the Central Arctic Ocean Using Cr Stable Isotopes

Moosmuller, H. 10e/08:30/Wed Water-Soluble Aerosol Organic Matter from Wildland Fire Emissions as Observed Using Ultrahigh Resolution Orbitrap Elite Mass Spectrometry

Moraes, R. 03f/15:15/Mon Evaluation of Zr-in-Rt and Ti-in-Qtz Thermobarometry in Granulites

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