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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Macdonald, Raymond 04g/10:45/Thu Compositional Diversity in Phenocrysts and Glass in the Green Tuff Ignimbrite, Pantelleria (Italy)

Macdonald, Robie 11f/16:15/Tue Organic Carbon Export from the Mackenzie Basin: Insights from Observations Spanning 30 Years

Macfarlane, A. 06o/15:00/Wed Advanced Reactor Wastes: Forms and Distributions

Machesky, M. 13l/09:00/Mon Towards a Unified Thermodynamic Sorption Database: Uranium (VI) and Chromate (VI) Adsorption on Iron Oxides

Machida, S. 05g/152/Thu Chemostratigraphy and Depositional Ages of Pelagic Clay in the North Pacific Ocean: Implications for the Origin of REY-Rich Mud
05g/155/Thu Elucidation of the Growth History of Fe-Mn Nodules in the Western North Pacific Ocean Using X-Ray CT and Elemental Mapping

Maciag, B. 02a/18/Thu Speaking Speciation: An Experimental Study of Arsenic and Antimony in Basalts

MacIntyre, T. 05m/09:15/Wed Geochemistry of the Kansanshi Cu-Au Deposit, Zambia

Mack, E-E. 10h/310/Mon Identification of Degradation Pathways of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Saturated Low Permeability Sediments Using Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis
13c/400/Wed In situ Biodegradation Rates in Contaminated Sediments via a Novel High Resolution Isotopic Approach
13m/16:00/Fri Application of Synchrotron-Based Spectroscopic Techniques and Laboratory Transport Studies to Understand Cycling of Mercury in a Riverine Environment

Mackey, T. 07c/15:30/Mon Neoproterozoic Carbonate Clumped Isotope Records from the Onset of the Sturtian Snowball Earth Glaciation
07c/221/Mon Interpreting Diagenesis in the Marinoan-Age Wilsonbreen Fm. Using Carbonate Clumped Isotopes
08e/16:45/Thu Can you Reconstruct Paleoclimate in Carbonate Rocks Before the Advent of Biomineralization?

MacKinney, J. 13m/15:15/Thu Development of Sb Isotopes as Tracers of Sb Mobility in the Environment
09f/15:15/Thu Te and Sb Isotopic Variations as Potential Paleo-Redox Indicators

Maclennan, J. 02b/6/Mon Iron Isotope and Fe3+/Fetotal Hetereogenity Preserved on Inter-Eruption Lengthscales in Iceland
04i/107/Thu Finding Geochemical Fingerprints of Melt Transport Processes
02c/11:15/Fri Can We Detect Carbon Rich Mantle Reservoirs?

MacLennan, S.A. 04h/11:15/Wed Causal Implications of New Geochronological Constraints on Mesozoic Post-Rift Magmatism in New England

Macpherson, C. 04j/16:15/Mon Tracing Fluid Variations Across the Kamchatka Arc: Melt Inclusion Volatile Contents and B Isotopes
04g/09:45/Thu The Textural and Chemical Records of Mushy Magma Dynamics

MacPherson, Glenn 01i/14:15/Tue The Nature and Timing of Refractory Element Fractionation Events in the Early Solar Nebula

Macpherson, Gwendolyn 11b/331/Thu The Effect of Using Impure Calcite to Calculate Saturation States

Madabhooshi, S. 02g/43/Tue Petrogenesis and Diamond Prospectivity of Kimberlites of Anumpalli Cluster, Wajrakarur Field, Southern India

Maden, C. 01b/7/Thu Heterogeneous Distribution of Presolar SiC in the Tagish Lake Meteorite

Mader, H. 04j/15:45/Mon Tracking Basalt Degassing Using Volatile Stable Isotope Fractionation

Mäder, U. 13j/17:00/Wed Effect of Redox Conditions on Sulfur, Selenium and Iodine Binding in AFm Phases

Maeda, L. 05g/148/Thu Pore Fluid Chemistry of Active Hydrothermal Fields in the Mid-Okinawa Trough
05g/14:45/Fri Subseafloor Mineralization at the Izena Hole, Okinawa Trough from the Aspect of Drill Cores Obtain by the CK16-05 Cruise (Exp. 909)
05g/15:30/Fri Comparison of Ore Formation Processes between VHMS Deposits and a Submarine Hydrothermal Ore Deposit in Okinawa Trough

Maerz, C. 10b/334/Tue Macronutrient Cycling in Arctic Sediments and Benthic-Pelagic Coupling

Maes, A. 06o/162/Wed Stability of Zeolites in State II Concrete Pore Water: An Experimental Approach
06o/09:00/Thu The Link between Cation Exchange Properties and Stability of Zeolites in Hyper-Alkaline Media

Maes, N. 06o/15:30/Wed Effect of Oxidizing or Reducing Boom Clay on its Interactions with Uranium

Maffre, P. 04h/09:15/Wed Simulating the Coupled Response of the Carbon Cycle, Climate and Oceanic Biodiversity to the Onset of the Siberian Traps
11c/16:15/Wed Floodplain Versus Mountains in the Li Continental Cycle: A Model View

Magalhaes, H.P. 13i/14:45/Thu From Quantum Mechanics to Molecular Diffusion and Climate Reconstruction

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