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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Learman, D. 10d/354/Wed Exploring Diel Community and Functional Dynamics of Freshwater Wetlands

Leavitt, P.R. 08l/229/Mon Long-Chain Diols of the Canadian Prairies – Occurrence and Relationship with Environmental Parameters

Leavitt, W. 10h/15:00/Mon Bulk and Clumped Isotopic Signatures of Aerobically Produced Methane
10h/11:15/Tue A Mechanistic Understanding of Oxygen Isotope Effects during Microbial Sulfate Reduction
10f/297/Thu Calibrating Geostable Lipid Profiles to Archaeal Bioenergetic State

LeBlanc, G. 09i/10:15/Fri Electrode-Mineral Interfaces for the Evaluation of Prebiotically Relevant Electrochemistry

Leboulanger, C. 09j/09:00/Tue Validating a Conceptual Model of Precambrian N-Cycle: Insight from the Dziani Dzaha Lake
09j/09:30/Tue Nitrogen Isotope as Tracer of Biomass Recycling in an Analogue of Precambrian Environment

Lechleitner, F. 08c/180/Wed Reconstructing North Atlantic Climate over the Past Six Centuries Using a High Resolution Stalagmite Multi-Proxy Approach

Lechte, M. 09m/16:45/Wed Glacial Oxygen Delivery in the Neoproterozoic: Fe Isotope Evidence

Leckie, R.M. 04h/10:45/Wed δ18O Records of Circulation, Sea Level, and Climate in the Western Interior Seaway during OAE2

Leclerc, F. 06j/207/Thu U/Th Open-System Behavior in Fossil Corals: An Applicability Test of Alpha-Recoil Based Model

Lecoeuvre, A. 03j/14:15/Mon Microbial Ecology Linked to Serpentinization Processes and Related Carbonation at the Old City Hydrothermal Field

Lecourt, L. 03j/14:15/Mon Microbial Ecology Linked to Serpentinization Processes and Related Carbonation at the Old City Hydrothermal Field

Lectez, S. 06g/10:30/Mon Rare Earth Element Complexes and Ligand Exchange in Solution

Lecuyer, C. 07a/10:00/Thu Development of a Halite Screening Protocol for Ancient Atmosphere

Lederballe Meibom, K. 13k/10:15/Tue Arsenic Methylation Across Microbial Phyla

Ledley, T.S. 14a/09:30/Tue Using the CLEAN Collection to Build Three-Dimensional Lessons to Teach the Climate System

Leduc, M. 12e/08:45/Mon Drivers of Iron and Phosphorus Partitioning in Eutrophic Waters and their Sediments: Insight from Monitoring and Experimental Redox Front Manipulation
12e/367/Mon Characterization of Phosphorus Mobility in Shallow, Freshwater Lakes Under Variable Redox Conditions
12e/368/Mon Understanding Organic Phosphorus Cycling in Redox-Dynamic Eutrophic Freshwater Systems

Lee, Allison 10h/09:30/Tue Effect of Iron Limitation on the Isotopic Composition of Cellular and Released Fixed Nitrogen in Azotobacter vinelandii

Lee, Alysha 10f/08:45/Fri Cholesterol Synthesis by a Bacterium

Lee, Brady 10m/312/Mon Bacterial Productivity in a Cyanide-Contaminated Aquifer

Lee, Bridget 09g/16:00/Tue Marine Redox Evolution and Co-mn Signals of the Great Oxidation Event
08d/271/Tue Iron and its Impact on Primary Productivity in the Southern Ocean

Lee, Byeongdu 06g/16:15/Mon Exploring Energetics of Confined Nucleation for Bioapatite Formation

Lee, C-T. 09a/08:45/Wed Trace Elements and U-Pb Ages in Authigenic Quartz as Indicators of Paleo-Hydrologic Events
04g/65/Wed Constraining the Crystallization Rate of Large Quartz Crystals in the Stewart Pegmatite from Trace Element Disequilibria
04g/68/Wed Phosphorous in Olivine from the Siqueiros Fracture Zone, East Pacific Rise and Implications for Dynamics of Magma Bodies
03l/08:45/Thu On Continent Formation, Unconformities and the Cambrian Explosion
06h/10:00/Thu Insights into Crystal Growth Rates from a Study of Orbicular Granitoids
03e/53/Thu Lithium Recycling: From Mantle Melting to Surficial Mineralization
06j/210/Thu C, N, H, O, S and Trace Element Determinations in Organic-Rich Sediments and Some Igneous Rocks Types by Tandem LA-Libs ICP-MS
06j/11:15/Fri Tandem LA-ICP-MS & LIBS; A New Micro-Analytical Technique for the Measurement of Every Element in the Periodic Table
03e/14:15/Fri Making the Calc-Alkaline Continental Crust: A Cumulate Perspective

Lee, D-C. 13i/436/Wed Tracing Sources of Industrial Waste and Anthropogenic Pollution Using Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes
01b/6/Thu Identifying FUN Inclusions with LA-MC-ICPMS Mg Isotopic Analysis

Lee, G. 12e/363/Mon Preliminary Results of Sorption Behaviors of Mn(II) on the Surface of Naturally Common Oxides
13m/427/Thu Potential Effects of Soil Moisture Content on CO2 Triggered Physicochemical Properties of a Shallow Soil

Lee, Hao-Yang 01b/6/Thu Identifying FUN Inclusions with LA-MC-ICPMS Mg Isotopic Analysis

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