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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Law, S. 03j/15:00/Mon Using Hydrothermal Water-Rock Reaction Models to Indicate Microbial Presence
03j/16:45/Mon Changes in Geochemistry and Proteins Across the Transition to Photosynthesis in Hydrothermal Ecosystems

Lawman, A. 08c/185/Wed Tropical Hydroclimate Change during Heinrich Stadial 1: An Integrative Proxy-Model Synthesis

Lawrence, C. 13c/14:45/Wed Differential Movement of Solid Phases: A Case Study of Soil Organic Carbon Storage
12f/15:00/Thu A Reactive Transport Model for Heterotrophic Respiration in Soil Profiles Constrained with Laboratory Incubations Using Multiple Pulse Wetting Events

Lawson, M. 05b/09:30/Tue Geochemical Applications in Petroleum Systems
05b/10:15/Tue Tracing Fluid Migration in the East Texas Basin Using Noble Gas Isotopes
05b/14:30/Tue Integrated Geochemical and Microbiological Study of Wilcox Oils and Gases of Northern Louisiana
05b/15:45/Tue Hydrogen Isotope Equilibria in C1-C5 Alkanes

Lawter, A. 13j/10:00/Tue Iodine Conceptual Models at the Hanford and Savannah River Sites: Similarities and Differences

Lazar, B. 08l/234/Mon The Circulation of the Dead Sea Brine in the Adjacent Regional Aquifer
08d/15:15/Tue Droughts and Tropical-Induced Rainfall in the East Mediterranean during Warm Periods
07i/325/Wed Sr Isotopes at the Onset of the Ice Ages
07f/16:00/Fri The Effect of Chemical Interactions between Seawater and Riverine Particles on the Carbonate Chemistry in the Gulf of Mexico

Lazarov, M. 02a/25/Thu The Distribution of Lead in Mantle Rocks: Insights from the Balmuccia Peridotite Massif (Italian Alps)

Le, Thu 06h/145/Wed Propane Dynamics in Porous Silica: A Neutron Scattering and MD Simulation Study

Le, Tran 06h/145/Wed Propane Dynamics in Porous Silica: A Neutron Scattering and MD Simulation Study

Le, Xingfu

Le, Xingwen 05m/161/Tue Hidden Granite-Related W-Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag Deposits in Dayaoshan-Xidamingshan Area, Guangxi, South China: Mineralization Patterns and Geodynamic Setting

Le Bars, M. 06a/16:30/Tue Effect of Organic Matter on Size and Structural Strain of nano-Zns Formed in Organic Waste

Le Crom, S. 13l/09:30/Mon Molecular Dynamics Study of Unsaturated Clay Pore
09i/11:00/Fri Adsorption of GMP and dGMP Nucleotides onto Na-Montmorillonite Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Le Gall, N. 04j/14:15/Mon Tracing Magma Degassing Using Experimental Approaches

Le Guedard, M. 13g/16:00/Fri Agriculture in Mining-Impacted Regions- Investigations on the Influence of Soil Amendments on As Mobility

Le Guellec, S. 03j/16:15/Mon H2-dependent Formate Production by Hyperthermophilic Thermococcales

Le Hir, G. 04h/09:15/Wed Simulating the Coupled Response of the Carbon Cycle, Climate and Oceanic Biodiversity to the Onset of the Siberian Traps

Le Houedec, S. 08e/10:15/Thu Calcium Concentration Controls on Shell Na/Ca in Cultured Planktonik Foraminifera (Globigerina Siphonifera)

Le Monier, P. 13m/417/Thu Does Trace Metal Dynamics in Moss Controls Biological N2 Fixation in Boreal Forest?

le Roex, A. 02e/09:45/Tue Geochemistry of the Tuli Syncline high-Ti Picrites and Basalts, Karoo CFB, South Africa: Origin from a High δ18O Mantle Source

Le Roux, G.

Le Roux, V. 02b/10:30/Mon Barium Isotope Evidence for Global Sediment Recycling in the Upper Mantle
02d/24/Tue Interpreting Popping Rocks from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near 14°N
03b/14:30/Thu Generation of Arc-Like Magmas by Mélange-Peridotite Interaction in the Mantle Wedge

Le Roy, E. 13f/10:45/Mon Increased Vulnerability of Urban Areas from Atmospheric N Deposition

Lea, D. 07l/17:00/Wed The Deep Ocean Carbon System Across the Mid-Pleistocene

Lear, C. 11f/356/Tue Cs+ Cation Exchange Wash for Marine Clay Clarifies Provenance Signal & Assesses Cation Exchange Capacity

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