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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Lai, S. 03e/88/Thu Neoproterozoic High-Mg Diorite and A-Type Granite Intrusions in the Southwestern Yangtze Block, Yanbian Terrane, South China: Petrogenesis and Geodynamic Significance

Lai, X. 02g/45/Tue Micro-Raman Investigations of Diamond Genesis during Slab-Mantle Interaction

Lai, Yi-Jen 01i/16:30/Tue Magnesium Isotope Evidence that Accretional Vapour Loss Shapes Planetary Compositions

Lai, Yong 07l/222/Tue The Lomagundi-Jatulian Event Record in North China Craton

Lai, Yu-Ming 04g/74/Wed Toba Super-Eruptions Through Diverse Magma Storage Revealed by Zircon

Lalk, E. 10a/17:00/Tue Methane Isotopologue Analysis for Mud Gas Logging Samples to Trace Microbial and Thermogenic Methanogenesis in Deep Marine Sediments

Lam, P. 07j/09:15/Tue Controls on the Barium-Isotopic Composition of Marine Particles
07l/15:00/Wed Thorium Isotopes as Tracers of the Biological Carbon Pump in the Arctic
07i/305/Wed Characterizing the Reversibility of Ligand-Mediated Adsorption of Iron onto Ferrihydrite Particles

Lamadrid, H.M. 04j/112/Mon Fugacities of N2, CO2 and CH4 in N2-CO2-CH4 Mixtures from 10-500 Bars Determined by Raman Spectroscopy
11b/315/Thu Reaction Rates of Olivine Carbonation Obtained from Synthetic Fluid Inclusion Studies

LaManna, J. 06j/14:15/Fri Neutron-Based Multi-Scale, Multi-Modal Imaging of Geological Systems

Lamarca-Irisarri, D. 06m/174/Wed New Insights on Mica Reactivity at the Mineral-Solution Interface

Lamarque, J-F. 04h/16:00/Tue Systemic Swings in End-Permian Climate from Siberian Traps Carbon and Sulfur Outgassing

Lamb, H. 08l/16:45/Mon Site-Corrected Leaf Wax Biomarker Records Synthesized to Characterize East African Plio-Pleistocene Climate

Lambart, S. 04i/10:30/Fri The Effects of Two-Lithology Mantle Melting on U-Series in Basalts

Lambrecht, N. 10m/08:30/Mon Microbes and Minerals from Two Ferruginous Lakes on a Spectrum of Physical and Chemical Characteristics
07c/214/Mon Manganese Carbonates Linked to Methane Oxidation in Ferruginous Environments
09j/08:45/Tue Two Ferruginous Midwestern Lakes Exhibit Vastly Different Fluxes of Methane

Lammers, L. 13b/16:00/Tue Investigating Calcite Growth Rates Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D)
05a/89/Wed Applying Biosorption for Rare Earth Element Recovery from Low-Grade Sources
05a/90/Wed Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Low-Grade Feedstocks Using Engineered Bacteria
12f/14:45/Thu Modeling Carbon Dynamics in Arid Soils: Insights from the Mojave Desert

Lamy, F. 07j/10:30/Tue Lithium Isotopic Composition of Benthic Foraminifera: A New Proxy for paleo-Ph Reconstruction

Lan, J. 08l/232/Mon Late Holocene Hydroclimatic Variations over the High-Central Asia and its Relationship with the North Atlantic Ocean

Lana, C. 04d/90/Mon Paleoproterozoic Granitic Magmatism in the Contendas-Mirante Region, Bahia, Brazil
03f/09:00/Tue Petrochronological Evolution of Garnet-Free UHT Mafic Granulites in the Guaxupé Nappe (SE Brazil): From Subduction to Collision?
03i/55/Tue New Insights on the Thermal Evolution of the Stolzburg Pluton, Barberton Granitoid Greenstone Terrain, South Africa, by U-Pb Apatite and Zircon Ages

Lanari, P. 03g/09:30/Mon Linking Mineral Growth and Re-equilibration to in situ Th-Pb Allanite and 40Ar/39Ar Mica Ages in Low to Medium-Grade Metapelites (Eastern Tibet)
03f/16:00/Mon Disequilibrium Mapping in High Grade Metamorphic Rocks – Implications for ‘Pseudosection’ Modeling
03f/09:00/Tue Petrochronological Evolution of Garnet-Free UHT Mafic Granulites in the Guaxupé Nappe (SE Brazil): From Subduction to Collision?
03d/09:45/Wed Internally Consistent Database for Oxygen Isotope Fractionation in Minerals: Theory and Application to HP Metamorphic Rocks

Landa Arreguín, J.F.A. 11b/321/Thu Hydrogeochemistry Evidences of Water-Rock Interaction of a Thermal System: Rancho Nuevo, Guanajuato, Mexico

Landais, A. 13i/418/Wed New Developments at the Laboratory for Radiokrypton and Radioargon Dating at USTC

Landis, J. 13j/425/Tue Experiments on Radium Co-precipitation into Sulfates and its Implications for Radium Removal in Wastewater

Landis, R.C. 13m/16:00/Fri Application of Synchrotron-Based Spectroscopic Techniques and Laboratory Transport Studies to Understand Cycling of Mercury in a Riverine Environment

Landon, M. 13i/420/Wed Noble Gas Characterisation of Produced Waters from the Fruitvale and Lost Hills Oil Fields, CA, USA
13i/09:45/Thu Noble Gas Characteristics in Groundwaters Near Selected Oil Fields from the San Joaquin Basin, USA

Landon-Browne, A. 03i/50/Tue 182W and 142,143Nd of Neoarchean Ferropicrites from the Wawa Subprovince (Ontario, Canada)

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