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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Kaown, D. 13g/392/Th Assessing Transformation Processes of Sulfate Using Stable Sulfur and Oxygen Isotopes in Acid Mine Drainage Streams

Kaplan, D. 13j/10:00/Tu Iodine Conceptual Models at the Hanford and Savannah River Sites: Similarities and Differences
13j/10:45/Tu Molecular Characterization of Organic Compounds Binding 239,240Pu in Nagasaki Soils
13j/09:30/We Radioiodine Speciation in Cementitious Environments
13j/09:45/We Alkaline-Activated Metakaolin Solidification of Iodine Sorbed by Layered Double Hydroxides
13j/11:15/We Radioiodine Speciation Impact on Ag-Activated Carbon Immobilization in Cementitious Environments
06o/166/We Structural Modified Organo-Feldspathoid for Sequestration of Anionic Radionuclides

Kaplan, M. 08i/16:00/Fr New Zealand as a Potential Source of Mineral Dust to the Atmosphere and Ocean during Glacials

Kappler, A. 12e/15:00/Mo The Impact of Light on Iron Biogeochemistry in Sediments
10m/15:15/Mo The Role of Microbial Fe Metabolism in the Biogeochemical Cycle of Cd
09j/284/Mo Experimental Insights into Ancient Biogeochemical Fe-Cycling and Fe-Biosignature Formation
13j/16:45/Tu H2 Fuelled Microbial Metabolism in Opalinus Clay
10l/17:00/We Fate of Cobalt and Nickel during Diagenetic Pyrite Formation
12b/345/Th Microbial Iron Cycling during Permafrost Thaw
12d/370/Th Iron Plaque on Rice Roots – A Sink or Source for Arsenic?
13g/08:30/Fr Microbial Fe(II) Oxidation and Heavy Metal Precipitation in Rio Tinto (Spain)
13m/09:15/Fr Microbial Arsenic Mobilization in Groundwater Aquifers of the Red River Delta, Vietnam

Kapur, V.V. 08c/188/We Oxygen Isotopic Studies of a Species of Pitar (Hyphantosoma) from Quilon Beds, Kerala, Southwest India: Inferences on Seasonality during the Miocene

Kapush, D. 06g/08:45/Mo Phase Diagram Determination of the HfO2-Ta2O5 Binary up to 3000 ˚C Using in situ X-Ray Diffraction

Karakas, O. 03b/09:00/Th Construction and Storage of Crustal-Scale Magmatic Systems

Karimi, H. 05d/11:00/Mo Geology, Alteration, Mineralization, Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusion Studies in Namegh Prospective Area, Northeastern Kashmar
03d/41/We Komatiite !?

Karimpour, M.H. 05d/11:00/Mo Geology, Alteration, Mineralization, Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusion Studies in Namegh Prospective Area, Northeastern Kashmar

Karimzadeh, L. 13c/15:45/We Reactive Transport Modeling Using Heterogeneous Flow Field Data Based on Positron Emission Tomography

Karki, B. 02c/16:00/Fr First-Principles Simulations of Pyrite-Type FeOOH and its Isochemical Melts at High Pressure

Karpoff, A-M. 07j/10:45/Tu A New Cenozoic Marine δ7Li Record Based on Authigenic Smectites

Kasbohm, J. 04h/17:00/Tu U-Pb Zircon Ages Correlate the Columbia River Flood Basalt with the Mid-Miocene Climate Optimum

Kasemann, S.A. 03a/42/Mo Boron Isotopes in Hydrothermally Altered Rocks from the Manus Basin
04h/107/Tu New Insights into Environmental Conditions for the Early Jurassic Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event from Boron and Lithium Isotopes

Kashyap, S. 09j/15:45/Mo Biogenic Mineral Transformations of Fe(III) (Oxyhydr)oxides at High Temperatures

Kaspar, T. 13j/10:00/We Layered Bi-Based Materials for Remediation of Subsurface 129I and 99Tc Contaminants

Kast, E. 08l/240/Mo Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Tooth Enamel Bound Organic Matter as an Environmental Proxy

Kasting, J. 07a/09:00/Th Chain Formation as a Mechanism for Mass-Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes in the Archean Atmosphere

Katayama, A. 06j/216/Th External Electron Mediating Function of Humin Extracted by Different Methods

Katchkinoff, J. 09i/282/Th Phosphorus Scavenging and Release during Low Temperature Alteration of Oceanic Crust

Kato, C. 02a/15/Th Absence of Ga Isotopic Fractionation during Core Formation

Kato, T. 13j/15:00/We Removal of TcO4- Using Zero-Valent Manganese

Kato, Y. 05g/152/Th Chemostratigraphy and Depositional Ages of Pelagic Clay in the North Pacific Ocean: Implications for the Origin of REY-Rich Mud
05g/155/Th Elucidation of the Growth History of Fe-Mn Nodules in the Western North Pacific Ocean Using X-Ray CT and Elemental Mapping
05g/16:30/Fr Downhole Variation of REY-Rich Mud in the Western North Pacific Ocean Based on Bulk Chemical Composition and Nd-Sr Isotopic Ratios
05g/16:45/Fr A Quantitative Constraint on the Distribution of Extremely REY-Rich Mud Based on Mass Balance Calculations of Nd in the Ocean

Katsenis, A. 06g/09:15/Mo Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Loaded and Unloaded Forms of Several Zinc Imidazole Metal Organic Frameworks

Katsenovich, Y. 13j/15:15/We Governing Factors of 99Tc Reductive Removal by Zero Valent Iron Materials of a Wide Particle Size Range
13j/16:00/We Uranium Sequestration with pH Manipulation by Ammonia Gas

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