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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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García-Cardenas, S. 05f/10:30/Tu Evaluation of the Presence and Spatial Distribution of Critical Raw Materials in the Cauquenes Porphyry Copper Tailing

García-Casco, A. 03d/16:15/We Provenance of Zircons in Ophiolitic Chromitites from North America

Garcia-Orellana, J. 12b/10:00/Fr Losses of Soil Organic Carbon with Deforestation in Mangroves of Madagascar

Garcia-Robledo, E. 10d/357/We Measurement of O2 Transformation Rates at Nanomolar Concentrations

Garcia-Ruiz, J.M. 09i/280/Th Recognizing Microbial Life Preserved in Rocks: Insights from Population Morphometry
09i/09:30/Fr Precipitation of Self-Organized Fe-Silica Membranes on Early Earth: Friend or Foe?

Garcon, M. 03i/15:15/Tu Creating Earth's most Ancient Crust
03l/15:45/We A New Look at the Nd Isotopic Record of Sedimentary Rocks Through Earth’s History

Gardea-Torresdey, J. 08i/15:45/Fr Tracing Gypsiferous White Sands Aerosols in the Shallow Critical Zone at White Mountain, New Mexico Using Sr/Ca and 87Sr/86Sr Ratios

Gardes, T. 13m/08:30/Th Organic Compounds and Trace Metal Elements in the Eure River Watershed: Past and Actual Records of Anthropogenic Impacts

Gardiner, N. 03i/16:00/Tu Are Earth’s Oldest Felsic Rocks Impact Melts?

Gardner, J.E. 06h/11:00/Th Homogeneous Bubble Nucleation in Rhyolite

Gargano, A. 02c/43/Th Chlorine and Zinc Isotope Composition of Lunar Materials: Insight into Volatile Element Isotope Fractionation on The Moon

Garland, R. 09d/10:00/Mo Disequilibrium Biosignatures on the Early Earth and their Detectability with the James Webb Space Telescope

Garnett, M.H. 10b/10:15/Tu Old Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Mackenzie River Basin: A Smoking gun for the Degradation of Aged Organic Matter?
10e/14:45/Tu The Hidden Age of Carbon Released by Peatlands

Garnier, C. 13g/386/Th Impact of Metal Contaminants from an Alumina Plant Effluent in Seawater (Mediterranean Sea)

Garnier, J. 07f/15:45/Fr Application of a Generic Estuarine Model to Coastal Waters: A Mechanistic Understanding of pH and the Carbonate System

Garralón, A. 08a/222/Th Changes in Chemistry and Stable Isotopes in the Fossil Ice of Torca de La Grajera (Burgos, N Spain)

Garten, L. 06g/09:45/Tu Thermodynamic Origins of Diverse Polymorphism during the Multistage Crystallization of Manganese Oxides

Gartman, A. 03j/14:30/Mo Mineral Colonization Samplers Reveal Patterns in Microbial Community Composition and Structure at Hydrothermal Vents
13e/412/We Nanoparticulate Reverse Weathering Products in Focused and Diffuse Hydrothermal Flow
06b/16:00/Th Particles, Nanoparticles and Colloids in a Black Smoker Hydrothermal System

Gaschnig, R. 09g/15:45/Tu Sulfide Weathering may Have Sustained Methanogenesis Across the Great Oxidation Event
03l/16:15/We The Vanadium Isotope Evidence for Emergence of Felsic Crust after 3 Ga
03e/15:45/Th The Tl and Cr Isotope Composition of the Upper Continental Crust from the Archean to Present

Gasda, P. 09d/09:15/Mo Manganese Oxides on Mars: A Potential Biosignature?

Gaspard, F. 11a/334/Mo Seasonal Variations of Dissolved Ge:Si Ratios in Streams from the AsO Caldera, Kyùshù, Japan

Gattacceca, J. 01i/15:15/Tu Tracing Meteorite Terrestrial Weathering Effects on Rare Earth Elements (REEs) Distribution: Implications for Meteorite Weathering Related to Climate
01h/09:30/We The Lunar Dynamo: Paleomagnetism and Power Sources


Gaube, J. 10h/15:00/Mo Bulk and Clumped Isotopic Signatures of Aerobically Produced Methane

Gaubert, G. 10e/15:00/Tu New 14C Mass Spectrometry

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