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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Guo, Xiangyi 05m/176/Tue Study on Geogas Prospecting Experiment in the Semi-Arid Desert Steppe

Guo, Xiaofeng 06g/09:30/Mon Energetics of Uranium Silicides
06g/10:00/Mon Structural and Energetic Landscapes of Uranothorite Solid Solutions
05d/14:45/Mon The Solubility and Speciation of Thorium in Chloride-Bearing Aqueous Solutions at Elevated Temperatures

Guo, Yanru 05i/121/Wed Reservoir Characteristics in Western Ordos Basin,China

Guo, Yu 07b/288/Wed Geochemical Charateristics and Sedimentary Paleo-Environment of Organic Matter-Rich Mudrock of Paleogene Dongying Formation in Nanpu Sag

Guo, Yulong 11c/17:00/Wed Geochemical Constraints on Two Contrasting Fluvial Sediment Routing Systems in the East Asian Continental Margin

Gupta, I. 05b/11:00/Tue Real Time Measurement of Gas Composition from Live Well Fluids at Drilling Site
05i/10:30/Wed Thermogenic Methane Hydrates Formation due to Fault Activation in Marine Environment

Guralnik, B. 08e/09:30/Thu Cosmogenic 3He-10Be-14C Dating Quantifies Alpine Climate Response to Global Warming

Gurbadam, E-O. 05d/09:00/Tue Geochemistry and Geochronology of Porphyry Deposits in Edrene Range, South West Mongolia

Gure, A. 01c/15:30/Mon Photoelectrochemical Generation of Perchlorate on Mars: A Photostationary State
01c/8/Tue Perchlorate on Mars: Hematite and Ilmenite as Photocatalysts

Gurenko, A. 02b/14:15/Mon Deep Mantle H2O Recycling at 3.3 Ga?
01h/15:45/Wed Lithium and Boron Concentrations and Isotopes of the Lunar Volcanic Glasses

Gussone, N. 01i/15:00/Tue Origins of Mass-Dependent and Mass-Independent Ca Isotope Variations in Meteoritic Components

Gustafsson, J.P. 12c/09:45/Tue Copper Sequestration in Mofettes – How Geogenic Carbon Dioxide Affects Binding to Organic Matter and Mineral Precipitation

Gutierrez, M. 07c/15:15/Mon Variance in Phanerozoic Marine Sulfate δ34S Proxies
07j/209/Tue Sedimentary Sulfur Cycling in Oxygenated Deep Ocean Settings

Gutiérrez, S. 13f/14:15/Mon Legacy Mine Tailings in Urban Areas: Assessing Heavy Metal Exposure from Street Dust

Gutjahr, M. 07l/221/Tue 231Pa/230Th Profiles in a Depth Transect on the Blake Ridge over the Last 30 ka
08d/265/Tue Deglacial Deep Water Export and Nd Isotope Changes in the Nordic Seas
07l/16:30/Wed Changes of Deep Water Mass Provenance during the Last 30, 000 Years: A Comparison between the Eastern and Western Atlantic Basins

Guyader, V. 07i/10:45/Thu High Resolution Particulate Trace Metals Dispersion from the TAG Hydrothermal Vent (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

Guyot, F. 10m/09:15/Mon Mn Oxides Biomineralization Monitored by in situ Liquid Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
03j/14:45/Mon Greigite: A Biomineral of Hydrothermal Chimneys?
02g/11:15/Wed Geochemical Implications of Carbonates with CO4 Groups

Gwanmesia, G. 02c/16:15/Fri Elasticity of Polycrystalline β-Mg2SiO4 Containing 0.73 Wt.% H2O to 10 GPa and 600 K by Ultrasonic Interferometry Technique Combined with Synchrotron x-radiation

Gyngard, F. 01b/11:15/Fri Lifetimes of Interstellar Dust from New Exposure Ages of Large Presolar SiC Grains

Gysi, A.P. 05d/16:45/Mon The Hydrothermal Solubility of monazite-(Ce) and xenotime-(Y)
05f/155/Tue Characterization of Detrital Xenotime-(Y) from the Goias Tin Province, Brazil
05m/09:15/Wed Geochemistry of the Kansanshi Cu-Au Deposit, Zambia
05m/09:30/Wed Hydrothermal Evolution of Au-Bearing Pyrite Veins and their Association to Base Metal Veins in the Central City District, CO, USA
05m/10:45/Wed Rare Earth Element Partitioning in Calcite as a Vector of Hydrothermal Processes in Mineral Deposits
05m/11:00/Wed The Thermodynamic Stability of Monazite for Vectoring the Hydrothermal Mobility of REE in Ore Deposits

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