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My Goldschmidt

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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Das, S. 02g/35/Tu Precipitation of Deep Carbon from Mantle Transition Zone -Derived Reduced Fluids (C-H ±H2): Evidence from Indus Ophiolite and Alpe Arami Peridotites
08i/17:00/Fr Platinum Group Elements as Primary Tracers for Quantifying and Isolating Anthropogenic Particulate Matter from Natural Aerosols

Das Gupta, R. 11a/337/Mo Geochemical and Nd-Sr Isotopic Study of Jarosite and Associated Rocks at Kutch, India

Dasgupta, R. 02d/16:30/Tu Fate of Nitrogen during Core-Mantle Separation
02d/16:45/Tu Core-Mantle Fractionation of Carbon in Magma Oceans of Inner Solar System Bodies: The Role of Sulfur

Dash, P. 10m/321/Mo Microbial Diversity in Hematitic Bearing Rock from Tropical Sri Lanka

Dashdorjgochoo, O. 03d/19/We Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Modot Granitic Pluton, Central Mongolia

DasSarma, S. 09d/09:45/Mo Early Evolution of Haloarchaeal Photopigments and Potential as a Remote Surface Biosignature

Dastoor, F. 14a/254/Mo 14a/254/Tu 14a/254/We 14a/254/Th Using Service Learning to Address Local Water Quality Issues Across Multiple Disciplines

Datolli, L. 03e/74/Th Isotopic Evidence of ca 60 Ma Long Cryogenian to Ediacaran High-K Collisional Magmatism in the Pernambuco – Alagoas Domain, Borborema Province, NE Brazil

Datta, P.S. 13f/09:15/Mo Hydro-chemical and Stable Isotope (δ18O and δD) to Study Groundwater Contamination in the Overexploited Aquifers of Indo-Gangetic Plain, a Part of NCR, Delhi

Datta, S. 10a/09:15/We Astrobiological Characterization of Biosignatures from a Planetary Lava Cave Analog
13m/433/Th Oxyanion-Forming Trace Elements and Associated Geochemical Processes in High Arsenic Aquifers
13m/10:30/Fr Arsenic and Fluoride in Guanajuato Groundwaters, Mexico
13m/10:45/Fr Intensive Pumping Impacts Arsenic Concentrations in Drinking Water Aquifers in an Inter-Montane Basin

Dauphas, N. 02b/5/Mo Beyond REE Abundance Patterns: REE Stable Isotopic Compositions
01i/10:45/Tu S-Process Xe and Kr Enrichment in the Allende CAI Curious Marie: Case for a Presolar SiC Carrier
03l/80/Tu An Algorithmic Intercomparison of Geochemical Proxies for Reconstructing the Nature of Earth’s Emerged Continents
03l/81/Tu The Unchanging Composition of Earth’s Emerged Continents
01h/10:00/We Experimental Constraints on the Redox State and Size of the Angrite Parent Body
01h/14:15/We The Origin of the Moon Seen Through an Isotopic Lense
01h/09:00/Th What is Mars’ Accretion History?
03l/09:15/Th Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Shales Through Time: Rapid Emergence of Subaerial Landmasses at 2.5Ga
09f/16:00/Th Triple Iron Isotope Variations in Archean Ocean Sediments
01f/10/Th First-Principle Calculation of Equilibrium Isotopic Fractionation for Alkali Metal-Bearing Minerals
03e/59/Th Inter-Mineral Equilibrium Iron Isotopic Fractionation Factors from a Special Metamorphic Rock
01b/09:45/Fr The Origin of Chromium Isotopic Anomalies in Lunar Rocks
01f/15:15/Fr Widmanstätten Pattern Growth in a Dynamic Early Solar System

Daval, D. 06m/175/We The Properties of Interfacial Layers Revealed by in situ X-Ray Reflectivity and Vertical Scanning Interferometry

Davatzes, A. 13d/413/Mo Using Citizen Science and Service Learning to Improve Environmental Science Literacy
03l/100/Tu Impact-Induced Change in Sedimentation in the Neoarchean

Daver, L. 02g/36/Tu In situ Analysis of Inclusions in Diamonds from Collections

Davey, R. 05i/11:00/We Determining the Controlling Factors of Carbon Isotope and Molecular Weight Fractionation in Shale Gases during Depressurization

David, K. 13g/16:45/Th Temporal Uranium Records of Oak Tree Rings (Quercus Petraea) by (LA)-HR-ICP-MS from a Former Uranium Mining Site (Rophin, France)

David, L. 09m/09:15/Th An Exceptional Record of Early- to Mid-Paleozoic Redox Change from the Road River Group, Yukon, Canada

Davidheiser-Kroll, B. 08e/215/We Do you Need a PBL on a 253 Plus? Uncertainty in ∆47 Measurements

Davidson, J. 04g/09:45/Th The Textural and Chemical Records of Mushy Magma Dynamics

Davies, A. 08e/17:00/Th The 13C-18O Clumped Isotopic Quirks of Cephalopods: A Strong Case for Vital Effects in the Clumped Isotope Composition of Biogenic Carbonate

Davies, G. 02b/15:00/Mo Combined Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Data on Individual Melt Inclusions from Italy Record Extreme Mantle Heterogeneity Induced by Complex Geodynamics
02g/14:45/We Episodic Eclogitic Diamond Genesis at Jwaneng Diamond Mine, Botswana
02g/17:00/We Modelling the Temperature History of Mantle Lithosphere Using FTIR Maps of Diamonds

Davies, J. 03i/57/Tu What can We Learn from Old Detrital Zircon? A Comparison between Zircon from Acasta and Jack Hills
04h/112/Tu Extended Zircon Crystallization Histories in Residual Melts of Mafic Magmatic Systems
04h/116/Tu Short-Duration of Silicic Magmatism from the Paraná Magmatic Province, Constrained by High-Precision U-Pb Zircon Geochronology
09a/293/Tu Intercalibration of Two TIMS Platforms at the 100ppm Precision Level for U-Pb Geochronology
11d/10:30/Th The Late Devonian Mass Extinction: New Geochemical and Geochronological Insights

Davies, R. 02c/15:45/Fr Tungsten Isotopes in Mantle Plumes: Heads its Positive, Tails its Negative

Davila, P. 04g/14:15/Th Short Time Scales and Recent Replenishment in Large Magmatic Systems: Case Study of Los Humeros Caldera Complex

Davis, Alison

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