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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Caracausi, A. 03d/17:00/Wed Volatiles Degassing in Central Italy: From Subduction to Active Seismicity

Carbajales-Dale, M. 14a/258/Mon 14a/258/Tue 14a/258/Wed 14a/258/Thu Engaging the Public in Electrical Energy Decision Making Through an Interactive Online Games

Carbotte, S. 04g/15:30/Wed Time-Series for Mid-Ocean Ridge Magmas from Sediment Hosted Volcanic Glasses

Cardace, D. 03j/17:00/Mon Quantifying Subsurface Mixing of Groundwaters at the Coast Range Ophiolite Microbial Observatory
01c/7/Tue Serpentinization-Driven Habitability in Terrestrial Planet Mélange Terrains
03j/66/Tue Analysis of Organic Films on Serpentinite Wafers Via Micro Fourier Transform Infrared (μ FTIR) Spectroscopy and X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Analyses

Cardenas, M.B. 08b/10:15/Wed Western North Pacific Monsoon Variability Since the Last Glacial Maximum

Cardenas, P. 09m/16:15/Wed New Biomarker Occurrences Provide Evidence for Neoproterozoic Animals

Cardon, Z. 12f/15:30/Thu Water Flow from Moist to Dry Soil Through Plant Roots Affects Microbial Activity and Ecosystem Productivity
12d/364/Thu Biogeochemical Profiling of Transient Microenvironments at the Root-Soil Interface
12d/14:15/Fri Going with the Flow in the Rhizosphere Commodities Exchange

Cardona, C. 13j/16:00/Wed Uranium Sequestration with pH Manipulation by Ammonia Gas

Carey, A. 08a/220/Thu Local Meteoric Water Lines and the Spatial Transformation of Extratropical Precipitation

Carey, C. 11c/09:45/Thu Competing Droughts Affect Dust Delivery to the Sierra Nevada

Caricchi, L. 03b/09:15/Thu Thermal Modelling of Magma Fluxes and the Petrological Evolution of Magmatic Systems

Carling, G. 08i/15:30/Fri Using 87Sr/86Sr Ratios of Carbonate Minerals to Quantify Dust Fluxes from Desert Playas to the Urban Wasatch Front, Utah, USA

Carlson, Richard 02b/11:15/Mon The Hadean Geochemical Heritage of the Réunion Hotspot Source
02b/1/Mon Optimizing Precision in 142-Nd TIMS Analysis: Faraday Cup Performance
02e/09:45/Tue Geochemistry of the Tuli Syncline high-Ti Picrites and Basalts, Karoo CFB, South Africa: Origin from a High δ18O Mantle Source
03i/15:15/Tue Creating Earth's most Ancient Crust
03i/14:30/Wed The Diverse Origins of Cratonic Nuclei-A Perspective from the Slave Craton
01b/09:45/Fri The Origin of Chromium Isotopic Anomalies in Lunar Rocks

Carlson, Robert 01c/16:00/Mon Oxidants and Ocean Worlds: Radiolytic Production of Electron Acceptors in Ice

Carlsson, D. 11d/384/Wed Climate Change in Deep Time

Carniel, L. 04i/134/Thu Study of Silica-Undersaturated Magmas Through the Kls-Nph-Di-SiO2 System at 4.0 GPa Under Dry Conditions

Carol, E.

Carrasco, G. 04g/14:15/Thu Short Time Scales and Recent Replenishment in Large Magmatic Systems: Case Study of Los Humeros Caldera Complex

Carrero, S. 06a/17:00/Tue Molecular Characterization of the Hydrated Pyrite (001) Surface by Ambient Pressure XPS

Carretier, S. 11c/16:15/Wed Floodplain Versus Mountains in the Li Continental Cycle: A Model View

Carrillo, F. 05i/109/Wed Hydro-Chemo-Mechanically Coupled Computational Fluid and Solid Dynamics in Deformable Porous Media

Carriquiry, J.D. 07b/276/Wed Uranium Isotopes as the Storytellers of Swaying Oxygen Minimum Zones

Carroll, M. 04j/15:15/Mon Water Solubility in Pantelleritic Melts

Carroll, Richard 07b/271/Wed Revisiting the Early Land Forest Hypothesis for a Late Devonian Mass Extinction Process in the Southern Appalachian Basin Using an Organic Geochemical Characterization of the Chattanooga Shale (Frasnian to Famennian)

Carroll, Rosemary 12e/11:00/Mon Sulfur Isotope Clues to Seasonal Changes in Flow Paths and Redox Conditions in a Sub-Alpine Watershed

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