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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Balcom, P. 10e/343/Tue Effect of Oscillating Oxidative Environments on Microbial Degradation of Soil Organic Matter

Baldermann, A. 07c/09:45/Mon Strontium and Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Hydrothermal Seawater-Basalt Interaction

Baldim, M. 09g/10:45/Tue Late Archean Euxinia: The Brazilian Craton Example

Baldini, J. 08l/16:00/Mon Progress and Challenges in Speleothem-Based Climate Reconstruction
08c/180/Wed Reconstructing North Atlantic Climate over the Past Six Centuries Using a High Resolution Stalagmite Multi-Proxy Approach
08c/181/Wed Uranium Concentration Variability in Aragonitic Stalagmites as a Proxy for Seasonal Hydroclimate

Baldini, L. 08l/16:00/Mon Progress and Challenges in Speleothem-Based Climate Reconstruction
08c/180/Wed Reconstructing North Atlantic Climate over the Past Six Centuries Using a High Resolution Stalagmite Multi-Proxy Approach

Bales, J. 12a/384/Tue Tools and Cyberinfrastructure for Sharing and Using Big Data

Balestrieri, C. 07l/217/Tue Coccolith Response to Subantarctic South Atlantic Iron Fertilization and Surface Ocean Acidification during the Last 20 ky

Balgooyen, S. 13l/14:45/Mon Effects of Solution Conditions on Bisphenol a Oxidation by Manganese Oxide

Bali, E. 11a/338/Mon Isotopic Constrains on the Origin of Sulfur in the Icelandic Oceanic Crust and Hotspot
04i/121/Thu Origin of Volatile-Enriched Basalts of the Kverkfjöll Volcanic System, Iceland

Balic-Zunic, T. 11b/16:45/Fri Fluid-Rock Reaction in N Iceland in Connection with Earthquakes

Balistrieri, L. 05e/10:00/Fri Copper Isotopes in Surface- and Groundwater as Indicators of Hydrothermally Altered Crystalline Bedrock in Handcart Gulch, Colorado, USA

Ball, M. 01h/12/Tue A Micromagnetic Perspective on the Vortex State in Earth and Planetary Materials

Balland-Bolou-Bi, C. 10m/313/Mon Microbial Alteration of Limestone from Monuments Exposed to an Urban Area

Ballaron, E. 08a/09:00/Fri The Global Hydrological Cycle during Early Eocene Hyperthermals: O-Isotope and Other Constraints

Ballentine, C.J. 05b/10:15/Tue Tracing Fluid Migration in the East Texas Basin Using Noble Gas Isotopes
03j/14:15/Tue Large Accumulations of He, Ar and H2 in Fracture Fluids in Precambrian Shield Rocks
03j/14:30/Tue Helium Distribution in the Williston and the Southwest Ontario Basins
03j/14:45/Tue Commercial Helium Gas Fields: Identifying the Source of the Helium
13i/420/Wed Noble Gas Characterisation of Produced Waters from the Fruitvale and Lost Hills Oil Fields, CA, USA
13i/09:45/Thu Noble Gas Characteristics in Groundwaters Near Selected Oil Fields from the San Joaquin Basin, USA
01h/15:30/Thu Halogens as Key Tracers of Volatile Evolution in the Terrestrial Planets
01h/15:45/Thu Lunar Halogen Determinations Using a Noble Gas Approach

Ballmer, M.D. 04i/08:45/Fri Geodynamic-Petrological Modelling of Mantle Upwellings in the Eastern Atlantic: Sources vs. Porcesses

Balogh-Brunstad, Z. 12d/361/Thu Fungal Weathering of Micas in Spruce Forest Soils

Balter, A. 08e/09:45/Thu A Late Cenozoic Glacial History of the Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica Using 3He, 21Ne, and 10Be Surface Exposure Ages

Balzer, R. 04j/15:45/Mon Tracking Basalt Degassing Using Volatile Stable Isotope Fractionation

Bamisile, T. 01c/09:45/Tue Interpreting Observations of Amorphous and Poorly Crystalline Materials on Mars: A Combined Field, Laboratory, and Modeling Approach

Banerjee, D. 05f/10:15/Tue REE Resource Estimation in the High Background Radiation Areas (HBRA’s) of Coastal Odisha, India

Banerjee, Y. 08c/14:30/Wed Seasonality Based on Stable Isotopes and Clumped Isotope Records in the Growth Bands of Early Miocene Gastropod (Turitella Sp.) from the Kachchh Basin of Western India

Baneschi, I. 03j/73/Tue Isotope Constraints on Serpentinite Mineral Carbonation
12f/392/Tue The Nivolet Critical Zone Observatory: Relation between Carbon Fluxes and Geology

Bang, J-H. 06e/183/Tue Manipulation of CaCO3 Crystallization in Mineral Carbonation of Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum

Banks, D.

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