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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Baeyens, W. 13m/08:45/Thu The Geochemical Behaviour of Trace Metals along the Belgian Coasts: What can We Learn from the Use of DGT?

Bagai, Z. 13g/15:45/Fri Geochemical Baseline and Origin of Trace Elements in Soils and Sediments Around Selibe-Phikwe Cu-Ni Mining Town, Botswana

Baggenstos, D. 13i/15:30/Thu Determining the Absolute Abundance of Atmospheric 81Kr

Bagheri, H.

Bagiński, B. 04g/10:45/Thu Compositional Diversity in Phenocrysts and Glass in the Green Tuff Ignimbrite, Pantelleria (Italy)

Bagwell, C. 10m/312/Mon Bacterial Productivity in a Cyanide-Contaminated Aquifer
13j/10:00/Tue Iodine Conceptual Models at the Hanford and Savannah River Sites: Similarities and Differences

Bahadur, A. 03g/80/Mon An Apatite for American Lobster

Bai, B. 07b/285/Wed Accumulation of Lacustrine Shale Oil in Triassic Chang 7 Member in Ordos Basin and its Controlling Factors

Bai, T. 05f/10:45/Tue Evolution of the Mo-Hree Carbonatite Deposits in the Lesser Qinling Orogen: Insights from in situ Geochemical Investigation of Calcite and Sulfate

Bai, X. 03f/49/Mon 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronological Constraints on the Retrogression of UHP Metamophic Rocks from North Qinling, China

Bai, Y. 10f/292/Thu Paleoaltimetry Potentiality of Branched GDGTs from Southern Tibet

Baig, S.S. 03f/52/Mon New Insight into Reaction Iso–grades, Petrography, Mineral Chemistry of Metapelites and gem Bearing Marbles in Karakoram Metamorphic Complex (Aliabad – Karimabad), Central Hunza, NE Pakistan

Bailey, J. 10m/10:30/Mon Sulfide-Oxidizing Bacteria Dissolve Carbonate Minerals in Marine Cold Seep Settings
09j/14:45/Mon Builders, Tenants and Squatters: Organic Matter Preservation and its Relationship to Stromatolite Formation
10f/16:15/Fri Visualizing Biomarkers Using Antibodies

Bailey, V. 12b/343/Thu Nano-Minerals Plus Higher Temperatures Accelerate the Release and Transport of Carbon from Sediment
12b/11:00/Fri Multiscale Investigations on Responses of Soil Heterotrophic Respiration to Moisture Changes

Bain, D. 13g/10:45/Fri Groundwater Quality in Southwestern Pennsylvania with Unconventional Shale Gas Extraction and Legacy Coal Mining

Bain, J. 13g/15:00/Fri Faro Waste Rock Project: Assessment of Geochemical Evolution of Sulfide-Bearing Waste Rock at the Field Scale

Bajnai, D. 10h/08:45/Tue Belemnite Clumped Isotope Record: Mesozoic Seawater T and δ18O

Bake, K. 05b/09:15/Tue Kerogen Properties Controlled by Thermal Maturity
05k/16:45/Wed Critical-Point Drying for Kerogen Microstructural Preservation

Baker, A. 10e/10:15/Wed Factors Affecting Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations in Groundwater

Baker, D.R. 06h/147/Wed Quantitative Image Analysis of Natural and Experimental Graphic Textures
06h/10:15/Thu The Effect of Boron on Nucleation and Growth in Pegmatite-Forming Melts

Baker, M. 03b/14:15/Thu Mn, Ni and the Roles of Pyroxenite and Peridotite in the Mantle Sources of Oceanic Basalts

Balangue-Tarriela, M.I.R. 11b/306/Thu Geochemical Modeling of Water-Rock Interaction in the Biliran Geothermal Project, Biliran Island, Philippines
13g/399/Thu Characterization of Potential Sources of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) in Masbate Gold Project, Aroroy, Masbate, Philippines

Balasubramanian, A.

Balbas, A. 09a/291/Tue Age Dating Clinopyroxene Phenocrysts with the 40Ar/39Ar Method: Preliminary Results and Future Prospects

Balco, G. 09a/09:45/Wed Antarctic Peninsula Exhumation and Landscape Evolution Investigated by Detrital Low-Temperature Thermochronometry
08e/219/Wed Cosmogenic Noble Gas Systematics in Lithologies Important for Antarctic Exposure-Dating Research
08e/09:00/Thu Late Quaternary Temperatures Recorded by Cosmogenic 3He in Yosemite Valley Rock Avalanche Deposits
08e/09:45/Thu A Late Cenozoic Glacial History of the Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica Using 3He, 21Ne, and 10Be Surface Exposure Ages
08e/10:00/Thu Constraints on the Glacial History of West Antarctic Nunataks from Measurements of 10Be, 26Al, and 21Ne in Bedrock Surfaces

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