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Index of Authors

The name of each author is followed by a code providing the details of each presentation. The first indicates the session number, the second the time of the presentation, or poster board number, and the third the day of the presentation. For example, 07g/15:30/Th indicates on oral presentation in session 07g at 15:30 on Thursday. Codes in bold indicate a presenting author. Clicking on the code will take you to the session listing for that session.

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Adhami, S.

Adhikari, A. 02e/23/Mon Oxygen, Sr and Nd Isotopic Evidence from Kyanite-Eclogite Xenoliths (KL-2 Pipe, Wajrakarur ) for pre 1.1 Ga Mantle Metasomatism in Eastern Dharwar SCLM

Adhikari, P. 05b/11:00/Tue Real Time Measurement of Gas Composition from Live Well Fluids at Drilling Site

Adhikary, D.

Adkins, J. 07c/15:15/Mon Variance in Phanerozoic Marine Sulfate δ34S Proxies
09j/15:15/Mon Single-brachiopod δ34SCAS Indicates a Dynamic, Climatically-Influenced Permo-Carboniferous S Cycle
07j/209/Tue Sedimentary Sulfur Cycling in Oxygenated Deep Ocean Settings
07l/11:00/Wed A New Study on PIC Dissolution and Sinking Fluxes, Concentrations and Calcite/Aragonite Ratios in the North Pacific
08b/11:00/Wed Pairing Stable Isotopes with Lake Level – A Path for Reconstructing Paleo-Evaporation?
07l/14:15/Wed The Dissolution Rate of Calcium Carbonate in Seawater

Adnew, G. 07a/16:00/Thu Fragment Ion Measurement of 17O+ and 13C+ of CO2 with MAT253-Ultra

Adojoh, O.

Adomako, D. 11c/370/Wed Groundwater Recharge Estimation and Associated Mechanism Using Hybrid Chloride Mass Balance, Water Level Fluctuation and Isotopic Methods in the White Volta River Basin of Ghana

Aerden, D. 03g/71/Mon Dating Changes in Relative Plate Motion in the Betic-Rif Cordillera Using Sm-Nd Garnet Geochronology

Afanasyev, A. 05d/123/Mon Numerical Simulation of Magma Chamber Degassing

Affek, H. 08c/14:45/Wed Winter Temperatures Drive Climate Change in the Paleogene Subtropics
08e/213/Wed Clumped Isotope Compositions of Paleozoic Carbonate Rocks

Afonin, I. 11f/354/Tue Geochemical Features of the Vanavar Suite (Eastern Siberia)

Agababa, M.

Agard, P. 03d/09:30/Wed Fluid-Rock Interactions in Deeply Subducted and Underplated Oceanic Sediments: Scales of Fluid Infiltration and Carbon Mobilization
03d/10:30/Wed Stepwise Brittle Deformation at 80 km Depth by Multiple-Source Fluid Circulation (Monviso Eclogitic Breccias, W. Alps)
03d/11:00/Wed Seamount Subduction at Seismogenic Depths: Structural and Metamorphic Evidence from the Zagros Suture Zone
03d/36/Wed Episodic Exhumation of SW-Tianshan HP/UHP Rocks Inferred from P-T-Time, Deformation and Kinematic Constraints: Implications for Late Carboniferous Cold Deep Subduction Dynamics
03d/50/Wed Lawsonite Formation and Fluid Redistribution within the Schistes Lustrés, W. Alps

Agarwal, S. 06o/08:45/Thu Radiation Effects on SiC/SiC Composites for Advanced Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding Tubes

Agbaje, O. 06e/08:45/Wed Foraminifers Form their Shells via Metastable Carbonate Phases

Agić, H. 09m/15:15/Wed Eukaryotic Paleoecology at the End of the Boring Billion: Insights from Bylot Supergroup, Arctic Canada
09m/16:00/Wed Oxygen and Early Eukaryote Ecosystems

Agnini, C. 07l/217/Tue Coccolith Response to Subantarctic South Atlantic Iron Fertilization and Surface Ocean Acidification during the Last 20 ky

Agostini, S. 03a/10:00/Mon At the Root of the Geothermal Field of Larderello: Boron Isotope Constraints

Agrahari, S. 05f/10:15/Tue REE Resource Estimation in the High Background Radiation Areas (HBRA’s) of Coastal Odisha, India

Ågren, G.I. 12f/15:45/Thu Land-Use Alters the Temperature Response of Microbial Carbon-Use Efficiency

Agresti, D. 01c/15:15/Mon Oxidative Transformations of Ferrous Iron Smectites on Mars

Ague, J. 03f/16:30/Mon In situ U-Th-Pb Dating of Metamorphic Garnet, Staurolite and Accessory Phases – A Case Study from the Straits Schist, Connecticut
03f/09:15/Tue Silica-Undersaturated High Pressure Granulite from the Central Maine Terrane, CT, USA
11d/388/Wed The Acadian Metamorphic Carbon Flux and Devonian Climate

Aguilar-Carrillo, J. 13m/15:00/Thu Thallium(I) Sequestration by Fe- and Mn-Bearing Secondary Minerals: Structural Incorporation vs Surface Sorption

Aguirre, A. 12f/390/Tue Ge/Si as a Tracer for Si in Paired Catchments of the Luquillo CZO

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