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My Goldschmidt

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Succeeding In Academia/Finding and Succeeding Outside of Academia

Sunday 12th August 13:00 - 16:30
Contacts: Meredith Hastings, Kristen Bergmann, Robyn Hannigan, Hayley Schiebel
Location: GSU Metcalf Small PM, Boston University View on map
Price: US$25

This event is made up of two seminars, each runs twice and delegates can attend in either order. All tickets are for both seminars. Seminars run in adjacent rooms.

Succeeding In Academia
13:00-14:30 and 15:00-16:30
How do professors get hired? What key things should you be promoting when looking for a position? And once you find a position how do you navigate building a research program, developing a teaching portfolio, and succeeding in being promoted? Join a range of panelists with the aim to de-mystify the process, and share secrets to success. This workshop is geared towards graduate students and post-docs considering an academic career. Panelists include: Meredith Hastings (Brown), Kristin Bergmann (MIT), Robyn Hannigan (University of Massachusetts Boston) and Hayley Scheibel (Suffolk University)

Finding and Succeeding Outside of Academia
13:00-14:30 and 15:00-16:30
Finding a position outside of academia can seem mysterious. For instance, what do businesses favor in terms of experience relative to an academic institution? In this workshop, speak directly with successful post-graduates navigating careers in industry, policy, research laboratories, state agencies, and private enterprise. Get practical advice and tips on landing a career that is right for you. Panelists include: Heather Houlton (AGI), Vicki S. McConnell (GSA), Rebecca Neely (Nature) and Jennifer Wade (NSF).

Mid-afternoon refreshments will be provided at the swap point.

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