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Field Trips

Pre- and post-conference field trips

(FULLY BOOKED) New Hampshire: Current Ecosystems and Past Tectonics

(FULLY BOOKED) New Hampshire: Current Ecosystems and Past Tectonics

Saturday 11th August 08:30 - Sunday 12th August 18:00
Contacts: Dawn Cardace, Andrew Kurtz, Scott Bailey, Dykstra Eusden
Price: US$300/US$205

Full details (PDF)

FULLY BOOKED. Day 1 - Hubbard Brook - Visit the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, one of the longest running and most comprehensive ecosystem studies in the world! Started in 1955, Hubbard Brook was the first place where acid rain was identified in North America. Get an up-close view of past and ongoing environmental and ecosystem research guided by USFS scientist Scott Bailey.
Day 2 - Mount Washington - New England's tallest peak (1916m). Dykstra Eusden (Bates College) will lead a trip through New England's geologic history. Mt Washington is part of the Appalachian Mts that stretch from Alabama to New Foundland, and record over 400 m.y. of sedimentation, metamorphism and magmatism. The Paleozoic tectonics of the area will be examined including the assembly and break-up of Pangea.

(FULLY BOOKED) Ediacaran Bedrock of Greater Boston, Massachusetts: Elements of an Avalonian magmatic arc

(FULLY BOOKED) Ediacaran Bedrock of Greater Boston, Massachusetts: Elements of an Avalonian magmatic arc

Sunday 12th August 08:30 - 18:00
Contacts: Margaret D. Thompson, Catherine L. Summa
Price: US$35

Full details (PDF)

Batholithic expanses of granite locally overlain by trilobite-bearing Cambrian shale provided early evidence linking southeastern New England with Precambrian rocks in Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula, but reliable U-Pb isotopic age determinations necessary for detailed correlation have only emerged only relatively recently. This one-day trip will proceed stratigraphically from plutonic and volcanic basement rocks on the south side of the Boston Basin through Roxbury Conglomerate and associated Brighton igneous units within the Basin. Field trip stops at Worlds End (Hingham), Squantum Neck (Quincy), Franklin Park (Boston) and Dane Park (Brookline) will highlight U-Pb zircon geochronology showing that conglomerate lying unconformably on 609.5 Ma Dedham Granite is part of the 597-593 Ma Lynn-Mattapan Volcanic Complex and demonstrating a 595-584 Ma age range for the Roxbury proper. Discussion throughout the day will revisit age-old topics like possible glacial origin of the Squantum deposits and also emphasize implications of the new age constraints for Avalonian tectonics both in and beyond southeastern New England. Logistics: Meet at Boylston Street entrance to Hynes Convention Center for 8:30AM departure. Fee includes lunch, admission to Worlds End Reservation and field guide.

(FULLY BOOKED) Cape Cod: coastal change and whale watching

(FULLY BOOKED) Cape Cod: coastal change and whale watching

Saturday 18th August 08:00 - 17:00
Contacts: Dawn Cardace, Mark Adams, Nita Tallent
Price: US$135

Full details (PDF)

Led by Mark Adams, coastal geoscientist and cartographer with the National Park Service on Cape Cod since 1993, we will get a landscape overview of how waves and tides have shaped Cape Cod since the last ice age and how humans have modified and restored natural coastal systems in dramatic ways. Participants may opt for some steep dune climbing or some accessible coastal viewpoints. After a picnic lunch in the fresh air, we will head for a whale watching expedition and maybe see some other marine mammals along the way. Take time out to experience Cape Cod at its best!

Geological and mineralogical adventure in Swiss Alps

Geological and mineralogical adventure in Swiss Alps

Sunday 19th August 09:00 - Wednesday 22nd August 18:00

Full details (PDF)


This field trip is not being managed by the conference organisers. For more information and to book a place please click on the web link above.

Switzerland is a country with secular traditions of tourism. This feature leads to the best quality transportation system, breathtaking landscapes, and evidence of various tourist attraction for people in every occupation. The most popular surname in Switzerland comes from the German word that means 'miner'. Thus, it is no marvel that there are many geological showplaces in the country. We suggest visiting some of them.

The positive feedback from the previous Goldschmidt Field trip inspired our team to organise the new adventure to Switzerland. This year, we completely changed the program and made it more flexible . During our tour, we are going to visit some geological sites of Switzerland that are usually closed to the public. Here is a list of some of the attractions:

  • Underground lake St. Leonard
  • Uetliberg Mountain
  • Classic alpine veins of the Grimsel region
  • Water power plant
  • Falotta Deposit/Focus Terra Museum
  • Lengenbach Quarry/Gorb Mountain in Binn Valley
  • Abandoned gold adit in Simplon area/Gold Washing in the River Rhine
  • a Swiss nuclear waste storage laboratory

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