Call for Workshops

Deadline: 1st November 2016 (CLOSED)

A Goldschmidt conference draws in thousands of delegates from geochemistry and related subjects: the perfect audience for a workshop that teaches the skills, or discusses the topics, of our community. Following Goldschmidt tradition, we will be running a selection of workshops in the weekend before the conference: 12th - 13th August 2017. Is there a workshop or Town Hall meeting that you want to lead? If so, please submit your proposal before 1st November 2016. If you're not sure whether your proposal is suitable for Goldschmidt2017, then please see the list of previous workshops at Goldschmidt2016, Goldschmidt2015 and Goldschmidt2014 for comparison.

Prices and Payments

You retain complete control over pricing your workshop. The Goldschmidt organisers will arrange a price per workshop attendee, and this fixed cost is all you will need to pay for room hire, AV, WiFi and catering. You can set your own prices with this simple cost in mind.

The organisers are still confirming the rooms available at IPGP and the cost of services. They will be meeting with suppliers in September and will hopefully have the cost of the workshop available by the end of October. They will contact you with the basic cost of the workshop as soon as this is available. You are not required to confirm your workshop suggestion before the costs have been made available.


We will advertise your workshop to Goldschmidt delegates through our mailing list of over 20,000 names, and on our website. Every delegate who registers for the conference will be offered the opportunity to purchase a place on your workshop.

Our Services

Our basic workshop package includes a room in The Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, laid out in theatre style with AV (such as a projector and screen) and catering. All of these services are provided at cost. We have suppliers lined up for anything else you need. Workshops can run for a half day with refreshments, or over two days with lunch and snacks.

We can offer a full registration service for your delegates, whether or not they are attending the full conference. This includes collecting international payments securely by credit or debit card, or bank transfer. You will have real-time access to bookings as they come in through our website, so you can keep an eye on your registration.

Get in Touch

The Science Committee will review all the proposals to ensure that they are appropriate for the Goldschmidt conference. Nothing is final or confirmed at this point, so you will be free to change any of the details as your plans progress. The important part is to give a clear description of the purpose and content of the workshop. If you have any queries or need further information please contact the help desk.

The Workshop Manual provides further details on the timeline for workshops and the facilities available.