From Antje Boetius, Organising & Science Committee Chair

Antje Boetius

Dear attendees of Goldschmidt2017,

We are so looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s Goldschmidt Conference in the beautiful city of Paris, from August 13-18. Scientists and students from all over the world will come together to discuss what is new, hot and important in the interdisciplinary field of geochemistry. We will meet to communicate, collaborate, mentor, learn, and enjoy - a fantastic line up of speakers, exhibitors and events in an inspiring environment. This year’s Science Committee, with the help of an engaged international community of geochemists, is proud to present fresh sessions in your 23 favourite themes including the geochemistry of:
Seas… and more.

Don’t forget to register and to submit abstracts of your most amazing science and technology to share.

See you soon,

Antje Boetius
Goldschmidt2017 Organising & Science Committee Chair
European Association of Geochemistry

From Bernard Marty, EAG President

Bernard Marty

Dear colleagues and friends of geochemistry,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you in France this year, the country where the pillars of geochemistry were forged, the principle of geochemical mass balance established by Antoine de Lavoisier, the origin of meteorites founded by Jean-François Biot, and geochronology made possible by Pierre and Marie Curie's discoveries. Please come and enjoy a week of science, networking, and culture in the city of light!

Bernard Marty
President, European Association of Geochemistry

The Goldschmidt Tradition