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(2021) Climate, Tectonic and Weathering: New Insights from Combined Hf and Nd Isotopic Composition of Clays
Pucéat E, Freslon N, Corentin P, Marlot L, Pellenard P, Brayard A, Guiraud M, Adatte T & Bayon G

(2021) REE and Nd Isotopes in Sedimentary Fe Oxides as Proxies for Shale Weathering
Bayon G, Jang K, Vigier N, Tachikawa K, Larkin C, Piotrowski A & Tipper E

(2020) Reassessing Coral U-Th Dating
Trinquier A, Bayon G, Edinger E & Jorry S

(2019) Hydrothermal Carbonate Chimneys from Afar Rift
Dekov V, Gueguen B, Okumura T, Bayon G, Yamanaka T, Mousa N, Yoshimura T, Kamenov G, Araoka D & Makita H

(2016) Silicon Isotopes as Paleoweathering Proxies: Application to Paleogene Central African Environments
Bayon G, De Putter T, Mees F, Ponzevera E, Delvigne C, Monin L, Smith T & André L

(2015) Comparison between Seawater and Archive Nd Isotope Compositions Using Multi-Scatter Plots: A New Global Data Compilation
Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gourlan A, Jeandel C, Lacan F, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Roy-Barman M & Waelbroeck C

(2014) Trace Element Behaviour and the Export of Organically-Bound Dissolved Iron at Cold Seeps
Lemaitre N, Bayon G, Ondréas H, Freslon N, Bollinger C, Rouget M-L, de Prunelé A, Ruffine L, Olu K & Sarthou G

(2014) Climatic Dependence of Hf-Nd Isotope Decoupling in Clays
Bayon G, Toucanne S, Skonieczny C, Freslon N, Etoubleau J, Dennielou B & Ménot G

(2013) REE and Neodymium Isotopes in Sedimentary Organic Matter
Freslon N, Bayon G, Toucanne S, Bermell S, Bollinger C, Cheron S, Etoubleau J, Germain Y, Kripounoff A, Ponzevera E & Rouget ML

(2013) A New Database for Nd Isotopes in Marine Environments
Lacan F, Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gherardi J, Gourlan A, Grousset F, Hillaire-Marcel C, Jeandel C, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Matthieu M & Waelbroeck C

(2012) Intensifying Weathering and Land-Use in Iron Age Central Africa
Bayon G, Dennielou B, Etoubleau J, Ponzevera E, Toucanne S & Bermell S

(2010) Behaviour of Rare Earth and Trace Elements during Fluid Venting at Cold Seeps
Birot D, Bayon G, Ruffine L, Caprais J-C, Bollinger C, Ponzevera E, Rongemaille E & Voisset M

(2009) Detecting Total Dissolved Sulfide Anomalies in Marine Sediments Using XRF Core Scanner
Etoubleau J, Caprais J-C, Bayon G, Birot D, Ruffine L, Pignet P & Dennielou B

(2009) Cold Seep Systems: a Source or Sink for REEs in the Ocean ?
Bayon G, Birot D, Ruffine L, Caprais J-C, Bollinger C, Rongemaille E, Donval J-P, Charlou J-L & Voisset M

(2009) REEs in Authigenic Carbonates: A New Proxy for Tracing Fluid Sources at Cold Seeps
Rongemaille E, Bayon G, Pierre C, Mecozzi S, Bollinger C, Etoubleau J, Voisset M & Fouquet Y

(2008) Hf and Nd Isotopes in Marine Sediments: Constraints on Global Silicate Weathering
Bayon G, Burton K, Vigier N, Dennielou B, Ponzevera E, German C & Nesbitt R

(2007) U-Th Stratigraphy of a Cold Seep Carbonate Crust
Bayon G, Henderson G, Bohn M, Gontharet S & Pierre C

Theme chair

Goldschmidt2017 - Theme 21: Innovation in geochemical methods

Session convener

Goldschmidt2011 - Session 12d: Novel Molecular and Isotopic Tracers of Terrigenous Supply to Marine Sediments