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(2012) Degassing a Rhyolite: Are the Old Ar-Ar Ages Real, Inherited or Excess?
Wilkinson C, Kelley S, Sherlock S, Wilson C & Charlier B

(2008) Two Diffusion Mechanisms for Argon in K-Feldspar?
Kelley SP, Baxter E, Cherniak D, Clay P, Thomas J & Watson B

Theme chair

Goldschmidt2017 - Theme 23: Education, Outreach and Career Opportunities

Session convener

Goldschmidt2017 - Session 23a: Outreach – Promoting Geoscience in Schools and the Community
Goldschmidt2017 - Session 23b: Technology Enhanced Learning in Geoscience Teaching
Goldschmidt2015 - Session 25f: Fifty Years of Argon-Argon Dating, 1965-2015: In Memory of Craig Merrihue