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(2019) Investigating Putative Biosignatures in Olivine from the Subsurface of Mars
McLoughlin N, Grosch E, Vullum PE, Gaugliardo P, Saunders M & Wacey D

(2009) Pillow Lava as Microbial Habitat for 3.5 Billion Years: Petrographic Signatures of Bioalteration
Furnes H, McLoughlin N, Staudigel H, Banerjee NR, Fliegel D, Muehlenbachs K & DeWit M

(2008) Inferring Mechanisms of Biocorrosion from Trace Fossil Morphology
Staudigel H, Furnes H, McLoughlin N, Banerjee N, Connell L & Templeton A

(2007) Direct Dating of Archean Microbial Ichnofossils
Banerjee N, Simonetti A, Furnes H, Muehlenbachs K, Staudigel H, McLoughlin N, de Wit M & Van Kranendonk M

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Goldschmidt2017 - Theme 14: Geobiology of the Past (mass extinction, fossils, origin of life)