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(2013) In situ Immobilization of Pb Using a Natural Mn Oxide By-Product Amended to Contaminated Soil
Johnson K, McCann C, Tourney J, Davenport R, Robertson S, Finlay N, Grey N, Wade M & Hudson-Edwards K

(2009) Hematite Contaminated by Heavy Metals
Canepa P, Kossoff D, Hudson-Edwards K, Dubbin W & Alfredsson M

(2006) Solid state speciation of Pb and Cu in road-deposited sediments
Barrett JE, Taylor KG, Hudson-Edwards KA & Charnock JM

(2004) A Sedimentary Framework for Arsenic-Contaminated Groundwater in West Bengal
Hudson-Edwards K, Banerjee D, Ravenscroft P, McArthur J, Carter A, Mishra R & Pirohit R

(2000) Geochemistry of Rio Guadiamar Sediments Following the April 1998 Spanish Aznalcollar Mine Tailings Dam Failure and Subsequent Clean-Up
Hudson-Edwards KA, Macklin MG, Brewer P, Coulthard TJ, Howard AJ, Nielsen MF, Turner J, Jamieson HE & Remenda VH

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Goldschmidt2017 Science Committee: Committee Member

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Goldschmidt2016 - Session 15m: Reuse, Recovery and Remediation of Mine and Mineral Processing Wastes
Goldschmidt2015 - Session 04h: New Bio-Geochemical and -Mineralogical Perspectives on Traditional and Emerging Contaminants in Mine Wastes
Goldschmidt2008 - Session 18d: Biogeochemistry, Mineralogy and Significance of Sulfate Minerals in Earth and Planetary Systems