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(2017) Genome-Resolved Metagenomics as a Foundation for Understanding of Biogeochemistry
Banfield J, Anantharaman K, Andeer P, Arbour T, Brown C, Burstein D, Castelle C, Diamond S, Fakra S, Firestone M, Gilbert B, Kantor R, Lavi A, Matheus Carnevali P, Northen T, Probst A, Starr E, Thomas B, Warren L & Williams K
This presentation is the V.M. Goldschmidt Award. Awarded during plenary on Wednesday 16th August

(2019) Clay Minerals Under the Microscope
Whittaker ML, Lammers LN, Comolli L, Gilbert B & Banfield JF

(2016) Microbial Sulfur Metabolism in Mining WasteWaters
Warren L, Lei S, Kantor R, Butterfield C, Burstein D, Colenbrander-Nelson T, Bennett D, Marshall S, Camacho D, Apte S & Banfield J

(2016) Co-occurrence and Metabolic Consequences of Candidate Bacterial Phyla and Anaerobic Methane Oxidizing Archaea in the Deep Crustal Biosphere
Ino K, Hernsdorf A, Konno U, Kouduka M, Sunamura M, Hirota A, Togo Y, Ito K, Fukuda A, Iwatsuki T, Mizuno T, Komatsu D, Tsunogai U, Yanagawa K, Ishimura T, Amano Y, Thomas B, Banfield J & Suzuki Y

(2015) Biogeochemical Transformations Mediated by Subsurface Microbial Communities
Banfield J, Anantharaman K, Castelle C, Brown C, Hug L, Probst A, Sharon I, Hernsdorf A, Amano Y & Williams K

(2014) Characterizing Particle Mediated Crystal Formation
Banfield JF, DeYoreo JJ, Dove PM, Gilbert P, Joester D, Michel FM, Murray CB, Navrotsky A, Penn RL, Rimer JD, Sommerdijk NAJM, Wallace AF, Whitelam S & Zhang H

(2014) Prediction of the Biogeochemical Roles of Uncultivated Bacteria and Archaea in the Subsurface
Banfield J, Castelle C, Hug L, Wrighton K, Sharon I, Brown C, Kantor R, Singh A, Thomas B, Luef B, Comolli L, Williams K, Long P & Hubbard S

(2013) Liquid-Liquid Separation at the Onset of CaCO3 Formation
Wallace A, Hedges L, Fernandez-Martinez A, Raiteri P, Whitelam S, Waychunas G, Gale J, Banfield J & De Yoreo J

(2013) Formation and Transformation of Nanocrystalline Iron Carbonate Precursors
Dideriksen K, Frandsen C, Bovet N, Wallace AF, Arbour T, DeYoreo J, Stipp SLS & Banfield JF

(2012) Structural and Chemical Studies of the Pyrite (001) Surface
Gilbert B, Eng P, Singer D, Banfield J & Waychunas G

(2012) Non-Classical Pathways of Mineralization: Pre-Nucleation Clusters and Oriented Attachment
De Yoreo J, Wallace A, Li D, Nielsen M, Lee J, Banfield J & Frandsen C

(2012) Extracellular c-Type Cytochromes from Geobacter Bemidjiensis
Singer S, Castelle C, Wrighton K, Wilkins M, Lipton M & Banfield J

(2012) Manipulating Uranium Redox Status in an Alluvial Aquifer: Insights from Electron Donor Amendment Experiments
Long P, Williams K, Banfield J, Bargar J, Davis J, Fox P, Handley K, Hatfield K, Lovley D, Verberkmoes N, Wilkins M, Wrighton K, Yabusaki S & Science Team RI

(2010) A Perspective on Nanominerals and their Roles in Microbial Ecosystesms
Banfield J, Zhang H, Gilbert B, Williams K, Singer S & Waychunas G

(2009) Community-Wide Analysis of Microbial Genome Signatures
Dick G, Andersson A, Baker B, Simmons S, Thomas B, Yelton AP & Banfield J

(2009) Influence of Geochemistry and Biology on Community Protein Expression within a Chemoautotropic Biofilm
Mueller R, Denef V, Kalnejais L, Wilmes P, Thomas B, Shah M, Hettich R, VerBerkmoes N & Banfield J

(2009) The Biochemistry of Unusual Cytochromes Isolated from Acidophilic Fe(II)-Oxidizing Biofilms
Singer S, Erickson B, VerBerkmoes N, Hwang M, Chan C, Jeans C, Banfield J, Hettich R & Thelen M

(2006) Nanoparticle structure, surface structure and crystal chemistry
Waychunas G, Kim C, Gilbert B, Zhang H & Banfield J

(2006) Iron formations at Lake Tyrrell, Victoria, Australia: microbially-mediated redox chemistry
Jones CM, Allen EE, Giska JR, Welch SA, Kirste D & Banfield JF

(2006) Kinetics of water induced structual transformation in ZnS nanoparticles
Goodell C, Gilbert B, Wiegand S, Zhang H & Banfield J

(2004) Interface Interactions in Nanoparticle Aggregates
Huang F, Gilbert B, Zhang H, Finnegan M, Rustad J, Kim C, Waychunas G & Banfield J

(2003) Microbial Polymer Templation of Iron Oxyhydroxides
Chan C, Nesterova M, Welch S, De Stasio G & Banfield J

(2003) Surface Charge Phenomena of Nano-Crystalline Anatase
Ridley M, Machesky M, Hackley V, Finnegan M & Banfield J

(2003) Nanoparticles: Size-Structure-Reactivity Interrelationships
Banfield J, Huang F, Gilbert B, Zhang H, Moreau J & Waychunas G

(2000) Biogenic Carbonate Precipitation by a Planktonic Microbial Population
Welch SA, Skatvold AM, Labrenz M, Druschel GK, Thomsen-Ebert T & Banfield JF

(2000) Biomineralization and Geochemical Cycling in Subsurface Solutions: An Example
Banfield JF, Welch SA, Labrenz M, Druschel G, Bond PL, Fowle D, Thomsen-Ebert T & Gihring TM

(2000) Geomicrobiological Controls on the Fate of Metals in the Environment
Banfield JF, Gihring TM, Taunton AE, Suzuki Y, Bond PL, Welch SA, Fowle D & Hamers RJ


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