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(2018) Millennial-Scale Controls on Monsoon Precipitation in Madagascar during the Deglaciation
Scroxton N, Burns S, McGee D, Hardt B, Godfrey L, Ranivoharimanana L & Faina P

(2018) Southern California Hydroclimate over the Last 150 kyrs: New Results from the Searles and Death Valley Basins
McGee D, Olson K, Stroup J, Chen CY, Lowenstein T, Smoot J, Janick J, Lund S, Peaple M, Feakins S, Serrato Marks G & Litwin R

(2018) Drivers and Impacts of Saharan Dust Variability over the Last 240 kyr
McGee D, Skonieczny C, Kinsley C, Winckler G, Bradtmiller L, Bory A, Polissar P & deMenocal P

(2016) Isotopic Constraints on Subduction Initiation and Evolution: IODP Exp. 352 (Bonin Forearc)
Prytulak J, Li H, Taylor R, Godard M, Ryan J, Mangler M, Shervais J, Reagan M & Pearce J

(2016) Volcanic Glasses from Exp. 352 Cores
Reagan M, Brounce M, Almeev R, Shimizu K, Ryan J & Pearce J

(2015) Significance of Oceanic Assemblages in the Central Pontides, Northern Turkey
Sarifakioglu E, Dilek Y, Sevin M, Anma R, Moeller A, Bayanova T, Uysal I & Keles M

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