Student Helpers

Application for helping at Goldschmidt2017


The conference is grateful for all the help that students provide in the smooth running of the Goldschmidt Conferences.

Helpers will need to be fluent in English (approximately equivalent to level B2 in English). Please fill in the box on the submission form describing the qualifications you have received in English and let us know the name of a faculty member who can confirm your competency. We will contact them to confirm your level of English if required. Helpers will also need a familiarity with the technology used in the conference: primarily Microsoft Windows and Powerpoint.

Student helpers will be required to assist from 10am on Sunday 13 August and from 8am on Monday 14 August, and either two further days or the rest of the conference (Tuesday - Friday). If you choose to work only two extra days, then you will have two days free to attend sessions of interest. Please select sessions that you are interested in attending, and every effort will be made to arrange the schedule to enable you to be free on these days. A few students will also be needed to help with evening events.

Student helpers will be given free registration to the conference, an honorarium per day worked and an additional honorarium for evening events. We will shortly confirm the honorarium amount. This will be paid in Euros after the close of the conference. Helpers will act as volunteers, and should arrange their own insurance where appropriate: no liability can be accepted by the conference.

Those accepted as student helpers will be notified of their appointment in May, and a rota will be set up nearer the conference.

Please do not submit an application unless you are fully committed to attending the conference and undertaking a helper role.

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