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The Goldschmidt conference is the foremost geochemistry conference in the world. Our delegates are geochemists, and colleagues from related fields, from over 40 countries around the world. The host societies, EAG and GS, welcome all of our fellow societies, journals and academic institutes. With so many members gathered in one space, this could be the perfect time to host your society events and share your work with the community.

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If you haven’t already created an account for your society then please do so. It’s quick and easy to do, and you will be able to view all your society purchases from your account, as well as register your representatives to attend the conference.

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Hold Your Editorial Meeting or Board Meeting

If many of your members are already attending Goldschmidt, then it’s a good idea to hold your important meetings while they are all handily gathered in one place. Le Palais des Congrès de Paris has meeting rooms available at various sizes, and catering and AV can easily be arranged, for the whole day or just over lunch. For many societies these rooms can be provided for free, with refreshments available at cost. Meetings can be held throughout the week of the conference and in the weekend before.

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Ceremonies and Medal Presentations

Many prestigious awards, such as the Urey Award and the Shen-su Sun Award, are presented at the Goldschmidt conference. Goldschmidt is an excellent venue for presenting awards in geochemistry because of the appreciative audience who understand and are interested in the work being recognized. If you would like to present your award at Goldschmidt please contact the help desk to arrange it.

Book a Booth

Our exhibition is central to the Goldschmidt conference. The booths are spaced throughout the poster area where evening drinks will be served, so that delegates and exhibitors have plenty of opportunity to interact. If you are distributing literature, taking subscriptions or demonstrating products then a booth may be very useful for you. Academic societies and other small organisations may be eligible for the societies discount rate for booth hire.

The benefits of a booth include one of your representatives attending the conference for free, and your society logo appearing on the official Goldschmidt website.

Booking for Exhibition Booths is now open.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Goldschmidt welcomes all scientific societies to be involved in the conference. Sister societies of the EAG can make an arrangement with the EAG for their members to be eligible for the reduced membership rate. Societies are also welcome to sponsor a range of conference events and items at reduced rates. Societies can contribute to the student program, lounges in the exhibition, and more. Please see the sponsorship program for details.

If you are interested in sponsoring part of the science, then please get in touch with our sponsorship coordinator Nicola Sherry.