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Zhang, Dehui 22a/2281/Th Multi-Source and Multi-Dimension Geochemical Analyses for Deep Exploration Targets in Dashui Au deposit, China

Zhang, Dingding 03b/2157/Th Metamorphism and P-T Evolution of Pelitic High Pressure Granulite in Chicheng, Northern Part of the Paleoproterozoic Trans-North China Orogen

Zhang, Feifei 14d/15:45/Mo Constraining Drivers of the End-Permian Mass Extinction Using High-Resolution Records of Marine Anoxia
14b/3122/Mo U Isotope Evidence for a Common Occurrence of Extensive Anoxia in the Cryogenian Ocean
14d/3148/Mo Constrain the Global Redox State of post-Marinoan Ocean with Paired Mo-U Isotopes
14b/11:00/Tu Global Marine Redox Changes Drove the Rise and Fall of the Early Animals
03b/16:15/Fr Deciphering the Carbonate Record of Mesoproterozoic Biospheric Oxygenation: Insights from Chromium and Uranium Isotopes

Zhang, Feiwu 07l/3108/Tu Lithium Defects and Diffusivity in Forsterite and its High Pressure Phases – Wadsleyite and Ringwoodite

Zhang, Gan-Lin 20c/16:30/Mo Horizon-Specific Bacterial Community Structure in the Sunjia Red Soil Critical Zone
09d/3223/Mo Impacts of Acid Precipitation and Agricultural Activities on Weathering Rates in Subtropical China

Zhang, Guoying 10d/3018/We Hydrothermal Activities Around 63-64°E, Southwest Indian Ridge

Zhang, Hailong 11k/3051/Tu Adsorption of Phosphate on Hydrous Ferric Oxides at Different pHs and Salinities

Zhang, Hong 16e/16:15/Fr Elemental Composition, Morphology and Sources of Atmospheric Fine Particulates (PM2.5) in Tongling City, China

Zhang, Hong-Fei 05e/15:15/Tu Coexistence of Early Paleozoic Low-Ca and high-Ca Boninites from the Central Qilian Block, Northwest China: Constraints on Petrogenesis and Implication for Oceanic Subduction and Back-Arc Basin Development
06h/16:30/Tu Lithospheric Delamination in Post-Collisional Setting: Evidence from Intrusive Magmatism from the North Qilian Orogen to Southern Margin of the Alxa Block, NW China
05b/2151/Tu Cause of Across-Arc Geochemical and Sr-Nd-Hf Isotopic Variations: A Case Study from Early Paleozoic Arc-Type Mafic Intrusions in the Southern Central Qilian Block, China

Zhang, Hongluo 07k/3018/Th Partitioning of V, Sc, Zn, and Fe between Upper Mantle Minerals and Hydrous Basalts
07k/17:00/Fr Experimental Investigation of the Affect of Pressure on the Oxidation State of a Terrestrial Magma Ocean

Zhang, Huiping 09j/2269/Th Using Cosmogenic Nuclides in Sediments to Have an Insight into the River Landscape Evolution of Altay Area in Northern Xinjiang, NE China

Zhang, Jiali 18f/15:30/Tu Application of Geo-Electrochemical Exploration Method for Searching Concealed Antimony Ore

Zhang, Jin 09i/3221/We High-Resolution Clay Minerals Record in the South Yellow Sea over the Past 3.5 Ma: Links to Evolution of Yellow/Yangze River and Paleoenvironmental Changes

Zhang, Jing 10g/16:15/Tu Significance of Submarine Groundwater Discharge on Material Transportation from Land to Ocean: Under Long Term Climate Change and Environmental Accident

Zhang, Jingcan 10b/11:00/Th Seawater Radiocarbon and Stable Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Profiles from the Mariana Trench

Zhang, Jun-Wen 09c/3205/We Behavior of Lithium Isotopes during Continental Weathering Revealed in a Granitic Saprolite Profile from Huizhou, South China

Zhang, K-J. 05e/15:00/Tu Intra-Oceanic Subduction Initiation Induced by Oceanic Plateau Accretion: A Case Study of Central Tibet, Western China

Zhang, Le 12b/2328/Mo The Measurement of Ti Isotope Fractionation in Geological Standard Materials Using MC-ICPMS

Zhang, Lei 10a/2315/Th Volcanic Driver of the Ordovician-Silurian Mass Extinction: Evidence from Mercury Anomaly in South China

Zhang, Li 04d/08:30/Mo Discovery of an Fe-Rich Hydrous Phase in the Deep Lower Mantle
04d/2259/Mo Elusive Fourth Polymorph of Olivine
18f/2315/Tu Tungsten Behavior in Skarn Garnet: Implications for Tungsten Ore Exploration
10b/3005/We PLFA-Stable Isotope Probing: Tracing Carbon Flow from POC and DOC to Microbes
10b/3012/We Carbon Isotope Fractionation in Lipid Biosynthesis by Gram-Positive Piezotolerant Bacterium Sporosarcina sp. DSK25

Zhang, Lichun 20c/11:00/Mo Quantitative Metaproteomics of Microbial Communities

Zhang, Lifei 05e/16:15/Tu Element Redistribution and Seawater Imprint in UHP Serpentinites from Tianshan, China
04h/2076/Tu CO2 Release from Retrograde Ophicarbonate and Formation of Listvenite (SW Tianshan, China): Insight into Mobility of COH Fluids during Exhumation in Subduction Zones
06g/2227/We The Petrological and Geochemistry Study of Epidote-Group Minerals in HP-UHP Rocks from Southwestern Tianshan, China

Zhang, Lijie 13f/2102/Tu Redox Zonantions of Groundwater during River-Groundwater Interaction in Kaladian Riverbank Filtration Field, Northeastern China

Zhang, Lijuan 06g/2227/We The Petrological and Geochemistry Study of Epidote-Group Minerals in HP-UHP Rocks from Southwestern Tianshan, China

Zhang, Liqi 06h/16:30/Tu Lithospheric Delamination in Post-Collisional Setting: Evidence from Intrusive Magmatism from the North Qilian Orogen to Southern Margin of the Alxa Block, NW China