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Zappala, J. 21b/09:45/Thu Fossil Seawater in Floridan Aquifer
21b/3127/Thu Rapid Processing of 85Kr/Kr Ratios Using Atom Trap Trace Analysis
21b/3138/Thu Underground Production of 81Kr Detected in Subsurface Fluids

Zareeipolgardani, B. 08f/08:30/Tue Is it Possible to Compute a Reliable Macroscopic Dissolution Rate from Molecular Measurements?

Zarfl, C. 13o/15:00/Fri Transfer of Organic Wastewater Contaminants from Microplastics to Natural Dissolved Substances

Zarrinkoub, M.H. 05e/2176/Tue Post-Collisional Adakites from the Caucasus-Iran-Anatolia Province, Arabia-Eurasia Collision Zone

Zavarin, M. 19d/15:30/Mon Plutonium Incorporation into Iron Oxide Minerals
13f/2099/Tue Desorption of Plutonium from Altered Nuclear Melt Glass Colloids

Zayacz, Z. 07a/09:00/Mon Micro-Reactors: A Novel in situ Tool to Monitor Chemical Reactions

Zech, M. 11n/2116/Wed Compound-specific δ18O of Triterpenols: Rationale, First Results and Issues

Zedgenizov, D. 04f/2265/Mon Hydrated Mantle beneath Arkhangelsk Diamondiferous Province
06g/2223/Wed Noble Gases in Diamond Hosted Fluid Inclusions: Sorting the Deep from the Dregs

Zeebe, R.E. 09d/17:00/Mon Redox-Controlled Carbon and Phosphorus Burial: A Mechanism for Enhanced Organic Carbon Sequestration during the PETM
17b/16:30/Tue Orbital Variations in Atmospheric CO2, Astronomical Solutions, and Solar System Chaos
17g/10:00/Thu Paired B/Ca and δ11B Measurements on Inorganic Calcite: Constraints on Boron Incorporation and Implications for Boron Proxies

Zegeye, A. 13f/2101/Tue Biogenic Mineral Precipitation during Antimony Bearing Ferrihydrite Bioreduction

Zeh, A. 03h/08:30/Tue Building up the First Continents: A Message from Integrated Zircon U-Pb/Lu-Hf Isotopes, Granitoid Petrology and Geochemistry
06e/10:30/Wed Post-Collisional Magmas: Isotopically Camouflaged Contributors to Crustal Growth
06e/11:00/Wed Age-Hf Isotope Record of Detrital Zircons in Uppermost Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa; Evidence for Paleoproterozoic (2.5-2.0 Ga) Craton Collision and Break up
06g/16:15/Thu Liquid Immiscibility at <850℃: Evidence from Melt Inclusions in Zircon of the Basal Bushveld Complex

Zehetner, F. 11k/15:00/Tue Phosphorus Speciation in a Long-Term Manure-Amended Soil Profile – Evidence from Wet Chemical Extraction, 31P-NMR and P K-Edge XANES Spectroscopy

Zehra, F. 06h/3135/Tue Oxybarometric Study of Closepet Granite: An Anomalous Sanukitoid

Zeigler-Devin, I. 15i/2105/Mon The Biochemistry of EPS from the Cyanobacterial Strain Synechococcus PCC 7942 in the Context of Calcium Carbonate Precipitation

Zeitler, P. 21f/09:45/Tue U-Th/He Dating of Apatite: A Useful Thermochronometer?

Zelano, I.O. 13e/16:45/Wed Nickel Isotopic Fractionation and the Role of Hyperaccumulating Plants
13e/17:15/Wed Dynamic of Ni in the Environment Seen by the Isotopes

Zelenski, M. 05h/10:30/Tue Origin of Volatiles Emitted by Plinian Basaltic Eruptions of the Chikurachki Volcano, Kurile Arc, Russia

Zeller, C. 13m/15:15/Thu Iron-Specificity of Plant and Microbial Siderophores in Soils

Zempo, Y. 07l/3106/Tue Theoretical Study of Reduced Partitioning Function Ratios of Zn-Bearing Minerals and Metals

Zemri, O. 18i/2290/Wed Low Temperature Rare Earth Element Transport by Hydrocarbon Bearing Brines

Zeng, Gang 05c/2288/Mon Zinc Isotope Evidence for Carbonated Asthenosphere-Lithosphere Interaction beneath Eastern China

Zeng, Guo-Ping 18f/2321/Tue Ore-Controlling Structures of the Jiadi Carlin-Type Gold Deposit and Implications for Fluid Migration, Guizhou Province, Southwest China

Zeng, L. 06h/15:00/Tue The Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution of A-Type Granite Recorded in Zircon

Zeng, M. 10b/3005/Wed PLFA-Stable Isotope Probing: Tracing Carbon Flow from POC and DOC to Microbes

Zeng, Q. 09b/3183/Wed The Carbonate Weathering-Related Carbon Sink Fluxes Under Different Land Uses/Covers: A Case Study from the Shawan Simulation Test Site, Puding, SW China