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Yang, Shouye 09i/3224/Wed Sr–Nd Isotopes Constrain the Quaternary Evolution of Huanghe (Yellow River) Sediment Routing System
09i/3229/Wed Time Scale of Sediment Transport in the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Estuary during the Last 13 kyrs
09j/15:00/Fri Tracing Fluvial Sediment Routing Systems in East Asia

Yang, Simon 10m/16:45/Tue 129I/236U and 236U/238U as a Dual Tracer for Water Mass Circulation in the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean

Yang, Weifang 10d/3028/Wed Active and Relict Hydrothermal Mineralization at the Longqi-1 field,Southwest Indian Ridge

Yang, Weifeng 09i/3230/Wed Sr Isotopic Geochemistry of the Surface Sediment Since 100 Y in the Taiwan Strait: Tracing the Provenance of the Inner-Shelf Mud Wedge

Yang, Wencai 05e/08:30/Tue The Distribution and Formation Mechanism of Lower-Crust Channel Flows in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Yang, Wendy 11e/3024/Tue Historical Soil Redox Regimes Mediate Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Yang, Wenqing 17h/3180/Mon Oceanographic Mechanisms and Penguin Population Increases during the Little Ice Age in the Southern Ross Sea, Antarctica

Yang, Wubin 06h/15:00/Tue The Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution of A-Type Granite Recorded in Zircon

Yang, Xi 13h/2230/Mon Status, Source and Ecological Risk Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Soils from Tibet Plateau, China

Yang, Xiao 09d/16:15/Mon Continental Silicic Rock Composition: A Major Control of Past Global Chemical Weathering?

Yang, Xiao-Yong 03b/2164/Thu In situ LA-ICP-MS Trace Element Analylses of Magnetite: Geochemical Characterization for Algoma Type and Superior Type Banded Iron Formations

Yang, Xiaofa 13m/2212/Thu Geochemical Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Heavy Oil from M1 Member, TW Block, Oriente Basin

Yang, Xiaoqiang 11g/16:00/Tue Catchment Nitrate Leaching and Transport Modeling Benefitting from Grid-Based mHM-Nitrate Model and High-Frequency Sensor Monitoring

Yang, Xin 16d/10:30/Thu Sea Salt Aerosol from Blowing Snow Above Sea Ice – Observed Evidence of a Missing Source

Yang, Xue-Mei 06e/11:15/Thu Role of deep-Earth Water Cycling in Cretaceous Magmatism in Southeast China

Yang, Y. 21j/3180/Tue Visualising Individual Microbial Cells Inside Rock Pores

Yang, Yang 06l/3195/Mon Multiple Anatexis in the North Dabie Complex Zone, Central China: New Constrains from Leucosomes within the Migmatites
06h/16:15/Tue Magmatic Evolution and Source of the Proterozic Rapakivi Granite Complex in the North China Craton
05a/17:15/Wed Isotopically Enriched N-Morb: A New Geochemical Signature for Off-Axis Plume-Ridge Interaction
06e/2202/Wed Geochemistry and Geochronology of Post-Collisional Metadiorites in the North Dabie Complex Zone, China
10d/3018/Wed Hydrothermal Activities Around 63-64°E, Southwest Indian Ridge

Yang, Yi 08k/2055/Wed Discovery and Ramifications of Magnéli Phase Generation and Release from Industrial Coal Burning
08i/11:15/Thu Direct Observation of Geochemical and Geomechanical Coupling in Chalk

Yang, Yibo 09j/10:15/Fri Eolian Dust Forcing of River Chemistry on the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau Since 8 Ma

Yang, Yingjie 05e/08:45/Tue 3D Crustal Structure of the Tibetan Plateau Revealed by Ambient Noise Tomography: Implications for the Deformation and Growth of Tibet
05e/09:15/Tue Tracing an Intraoceanic Paleozoic Subduction Zone in Western Junggar of China by Geophysical Imaging

Yang, Yu 15l/2144/Mon Studies on the Bacterioplankton Community and its Relationship to Phytoplankton in the Three-Gorge Reservoir

Yang, Yueheng 04c/2258/Wed Composition of the Lithospheric Mantle in the Northern Siberian Craton: Constraints from Peridotites in the Obnazhennaya Kimberlite

Yang, Zhao-Yao 06f/2133/Thu Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of Precambrian Metasedimentary Rocks from Cathaysia Block in Northwestern Fujian Province, South China: Constraint on their Ages and Paleogeographic Implication

Yang, Zhi-Ming 05e/16:45/Mon Ultrapotassic Rocks and Xenoliths from South Tibet: Contrasting Styles of Interaction between Lithospheric Mantle and Asthenosphere during Continental Collision

Yang, Zhongfang 13j/2116/Tue In situ LA-ICP-MS Microanalyses and its Significance on Lead of Silicate Minerals from Shizhuyuan Tungsten-Polymetallic Deposit
11o/3053/Tue The Distribution Characteristics of Selenium in the Rice Roots Soil of Qinbei District in Guangxi, China
11o/3058/Tue Transfer and Bioaccumulation of Selenium in Soil-Rice System, China