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Yabusaki, S. 11o/09:00/Tue Coupled Water and Solute Transport in Plant-Soil Systems

Yager, P. 17h/3173/Mon Physical and Biological Controls on Phytoplankton Blooms in the Amundsen Sea Polynya

Yakovenko, O. 07l/3114/Tue Experimental Determination of Thermal Stability Areas and Structural Features of Terms of an Isomorphous Series of Co and Ni Selenites

Yakovishin, S. 08d/2065/Mon Structural Features of Clay Minerals from Streltsovsky Ore Field (Russia)

Yakubov, S. 10n/3069/Wed Simultaneous Simulation of Sea Ice, Water and Sediments Biogeochemistry in Kara Sea Area
10j/16:45/Fri Model Experiment of Hypothetical CO2 Leakages from Potential CCS Site at the Baltic Sea

Yakubovich, O. 06i/2237/Wed Isotope and Geochemical Characteristics of Native Gold from the Olympic Dam Deposit

Yakushev, E. 10n/10:15/Wed Analysing Effects of Aquaculture on Water Column and Sediment Biogeochemistry with a 2-Dimensional Benthic-Pelagic Model
10l/3056/Wed Model Analysis of Deoxygenation Connected with Acetate Dumping in the Coastal Zone
10n/3069/Wed Simultaneous Simulation of Sea Ice, Water and Sediments Biogeochemistry in Kara Sea Area
13m/2219/Thu Model Study of Drill Cutting Deposition Effects on Sediment Surface Biogeochemistry and Environmental State
10j/16:45/Fri Model Experiment of Hypothetical CO2 Leakages from Potential CCS Site at the Baltic Sea

Yalcintas, E. 13f/15:45/Tue Technetium Interaction with Fe(II)-minerals Analysed by Spectroscopy and Thermodynamics

Yam, R. 17g/16:00/Thu The Geologic History of Seawater δ18O from Marine Fe Oxides
17d/2048/Thu Kinetic Isotope Effects during Witherite (BaCO3) Formation
10a/2311/Thu Trace Elements of Mediterranean Vermetid Reefs as Proxies for Natural and Anthropogenic Processes
10a/17:15/Fri The Stable Isotope Record of Vermetids from the Eastern, Central and Western Mediterranean Basins during the Past Two Millennia

Yamada, H. 07k/16:15/Fri Effect of Redox State of Iron on Viscosity of Sodium Silicate Melts

Yamada, Kayoko 13n/2140/Tue Characterization of Analogues of Amino Acids and Sugars in Radiolysis Products Using Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME)-GC-MS

Yamada, Keita 19g/3114/Thu Position-Specific 13C Isotope Analysis of Propane from Southwest Ontario
19g/3119/Thu Near-Equilibrium Temperatures Derived from the Clumped Isotope Signatures of Methane Seep Carbonate: Japan Sea and the Northwest Pacific

Yamada, R. 10d/3025/Wed Large Fe Isotope Fractionations found in Sulfide Ores and Ferruginous Cherts in Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits

Yamaguchi, Akiko 13h/2247/Mon Effect of Ionic Radii on Metal Ion Species Adsorbed in the Interlayer of 2:1 Phyllosilicate: Impcliations on their Migration in Environment

Yamaguchi, Akira 02f/3190/Tue Aqueous Alteration of Y-000593 Deduced from Chemical Speciation

Yamakawa, A. 01g/2017/Thu High Precision Cr-Ti Stable Isotope Measurements for the Extra-Terrestrial Materials

Yamamoto, D. 01h/2027/Thu Oxygen Isotopic Exchange between Amorphous Silicates and Water Vapor: Implications for Lifetime of Presolar Silicates in the Solar Nebula

Yamamoto, K. 17g/2318/Wed A Chemostratigraphic Correlation of Pelagic Clay in the North Pacific Ocean

Yamamoto, M. 17a/2283/Tue Paleoceanographic Role of the Tsushima Warm Current in the Hupo Basin of the Southwestern East Sea (Sea of Japan)

Yamamoto, S. 03h/08:45/Tue High-Precision Zr Isotopic Analysis of Ancient Terrestrial Zircons

Yamamoto, T. 22c/2293/Thu 2D 29Si{1H} Heteronuclear Correlation NMR Studies of Sorption Site in Calsium Silicate Hydrate

Yamane, K. 05g/2177/Wed Long-Term Monitoring of Helium Isotope Ratio of the Volcanic Gas and Hot Spring Water at Izu-Oshima Volcano, Japan

Yamasaki, S. 19d/16:15/Mon Nuclear Fuel Fragments Released from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
19d/16:30/Mon Isotopic Signature and Nano-Scale Texture of Cesium-Rich Micro-Particles: Release of Uranium and Fission Products from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
13h/2228/Mon Migration of Cs-Rich Microparticles Released from the FDNPP in the Surface Environments

Yamashita, K. 01g/2017/Thu High Precision Cr-Ti Stable Isotope Measurements for the Extra-Terrestrial Materials

Yamashita, M. 13n/10:45/Tue Bioremediation of Radioactive Strontium Contaminated Sea Water by Biogenic Ca-Carbonate