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Xie, M. 13h/2249/Mon The Hydrolysis Behavior of Methyl Parathion Absorbed by Various Minerals

Xie, Q. 12b/2336/Mon The Magnesium Isotope of the Andesites at El Laco, North Chile
05d/2066/Thu The Magnesium Isotopes of the Northern Margin of the Tarim Large Igneous Province
18d/3218/Thu Multiple Pluses and Stages of Complex Superimposed and Reworked Iron Mineralization: A New Metallogenic Model of High Grade of Iron Ores

Xie, R.C. 10i/15:30/Mon Controls on Upper Ocean Cd Isotope Fractionation

Xie, S. 11n/2109/Wed Variability in Vegetation and Depositional Environment as Reflected by Organic Geochemical Analysis in the Neogene Lignite Sequences from the Zhaotong Basin, Yunnan(SW China)

Xie, T. 11a/2312/Mon Simultaneous Redox Conversion of Chromate and Arsenite in the UV/Acetylacetone Process

Xie, W. 20c/2344/Mon Niche Specificity of Bathyarchaeota in the Surface Sediment of Pearl River Estuary, China
20c/2345/Mon Light Sensitivity of Marine Group II Archaea in the Subtropical Pearl River Estuary: Implication for Microbial Niche Adaptation
20c/2347/Mon The Response of Archaeal Species to Seasonal Variables in a Subtropical Aerated Soil
11n/2108/Wed Diverse Biological Sources of Isoprenoid GDGTs in Terrace Soils of Southwest China and Implication for Organic Proxies

Xie, X. 13k/3166/Wed Sediment Geochemisty of Quaternary Aquifers in Jianghan Plain, Central China: Implication of Arsenic Occurrences and Mobilization

Xie, Y. 13g/3155/Wed Promoted Dissolutoin of Schwertmannite by Siderophores: Implications for Transport of Chromium

Xin, D. 13a/2167/Thu Determining the Electron Storage Capacities and Redox Reversibility of Black Carbon and Humic Acid

Xin, Yang 07i/14:30/Tue Raman Spectroscopic Study of Fluids Containing H2S in the Fused Silica Capillary High-Pressure Optical Cell

Xin, Yu 10b/11:00/Thu Seawater Radiocarbon and Stable Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Profiles from the Mariana Trench

Xinning, Z. 15f/14:30/Thu A Multi-Windowed View of Nitrogen Fixation in the Lab and Field

Xiong, F. 05e/2196/Tue The Origin and Tectonic Setting of the Cuobuzha Peridotite, Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone, China: Constraint from Re-Os Isotopic

Xiong, M. 06d/10:45/Fri Zircon U-Pb Geochronological and Hf-O Isotopic Constraints on Protracted Incremental Construction of Mesozoic Plutons and Extensive porphyry-Mo Mineralization in the Southern Margin of North China Craton

Xiong, Q. 05e/16:45/Mon Ultrapotassic Rocks and Xenoliths from South Tibet: Contrasting Styles of Interaction between Lithospheric Mantle and Asthenosphere during Continental Collision
05e/17:15/Mon Moissanite in Volcanic Systems: Super-Reduced Conditions in the Mantle
05e/10:30/Tue Geodynamic Processes during Heroic Collisions Revealed from Geochemical, Microstructural and Geodynamic Information
05e/2198/Tue Episodic Subduction of Tethyan Slabs Recorded in a Tibetan Ophiolite
05e/2205/Tue Garnet Pyroxenites in Southeastern Australia: Tracing Deep Lithospheric Events

Xiong, S-F. 18a/15:15/Mon In situ Trace Elements and S-Pb Isotopic Analyses of Pyrite: Implications for Ore-Forming Processes in the Qiyugou Gold Deposit, China
18f/2321/Tue Ore-Controlling Structures of the Jiadi Carlin-Type Gold Deposit and Implications for Fluid Migration, Guizhou Province, Southwest China

Xto, J. 19d/14:30/Mon A XAS Study of Baryte Nucleation: Implications on Radium Mobility

Xu, B. 05e/16:45/Mon Ultrapotassic Rocks and Xenoliths from South Tibet: Contrasting Styles of Interaction between Lithospheric Mantle and Asthenosphere during Continental Collision

Xu, C. 11a/16:00/Mon Light-Induced Aggregation of Microbial Exopolymeric Substances
13n/2138/Tue Biogenic Manganese Oxides Facilitate Iodide Oxidation at pH ≤ 5
13g/11:00/Thu Recent Advances in the Detection of Specific Natural Organic Compounds as Carriers for Radionuclides in Soil and Water Environments, with Examples of Radioiodine and Plutonium

Xu, D. 08e/2030/Wed The Application of Fluorescent Optode to Oxygen Dynamics in the Rhizosphere of Vallisneria Spirals

Xu, Hong 18a/3017/Mon Late Mesozoic Epithermal Gold Deposits in the Northern Xing’an Block, Heilongjiang Province, NE China: Characteristics and Metallogenic Mechanism

Xu, Hongwu 18i/2295/Wed Structures and Stability of U-Bearing Phases for Nuclear Energy Applications
08e/17:00/Thu Luogufengite: An Fe2O3 Nanomineral with Unique Magnetic Property

Xu, Huifang 08i/2041/Wed Roles of Nanopores in Enhancing Adsorption of Dissolved Mo and U Anoins / Metal-Complexes
08e/17:00/Thu Luogufengite: An Fe2O3 Nanomineral with Unique Magnetic Property

Xu, Jian 06f/17:15/Fri When did the Paleo-Tethys Ailaoshan Ocean Closed: New Constraints from Detrital Zircon U–Pb Geochronology and Hf Isotope

Xu, Jiandong 05d/2099/Thu Geochemical Characteristics of the most Recent Volcanism in Tibet
05d/2103/Thu Composition and Textural Characteristics of the Holocene Pumice Erupted from Changbaishan Volcano, NE China