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Wang, Jianhua 01i/2034/Th Stellar Origins of Type AB Grains

Wang, Jin 13e/3126/We Uranium Tracing Using Lead Stable Isotope in Sediments Near a Uranium Milling Site in Guangdong, China
13e/3129/We Geochemical Transfer of Thallium in a Sediment Profile from the Pearl River, China and its Source Apportionment by Lead Isotope

Wang, Jin-Xiang 15f/11:00/Th Advancing Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Sediments: Lipid Biomarker Analysis with Sub-Mm Resolution

Wang, Jinlong 09j/2251/Th Mobility of Cs-137 in Freshwater System Using Mass Balance and Diffusion Studies

Wang, Kaifeng 13o/2246/Th Concentration and Characterization of Groundwater Colloids from the Northwest Edge of Sichuan Basin, China

Wang, Kun 01g/17:15/Fr Potassium Isotopic Fractionation during the Volatile Depletion In Early Solar System

Wang, Kuo-Lung 05e/10:30/We Remnant Ancient Lithospheric Fragments in Proterozoic Dunzhugur Ophiolites in Southern Siberia

Wang, Li 10b/3011/We Benthic Microbial Community in the Sediment Cores Collected from Active Continental Margin Around New Britain Trench
10b/10:15/Th Vertical Variations of Pelagic Bacterial Communities in the New Britain Trench

Wang, Lu 06l/10:00/Mo Generation and Evolution of Fluid/ Melt during Exhumation from UHP Conditions

Wang, M. 15i/10:30/Mo Adsorption and Immobilization of Lead Ion by Fungi

Wang, Ning 11m/16:30/Fr Impacts of Graphene on Microbial Reduction of Ferrihydrite and Settling Behavior of Biomineralization Products

Wang, Ningmei 13m/2216/Th Vanadium Adsorption onto Goethite and its Speciation Simulation

Wang, Pei 13g/3152/We Kinetics of Heavy Metal Reactions with Soil Organic Matter (SOM): The Roles of SOM Binding Sites
13g/3153/We Kinetics of Heavy Metal Dissociation from Natural Organic Matter

Wang, Pei-Ling 15j/2124/Mo Metabolic Capacity of Anaerobic Methanotrophy and Organic Cycling in a Sulfate-Depleted, Ferruginous Terrestrial Mud Volcano
20c/2338/Mo Microbial Biogeographic Patterns of Terrestrial Mud Volcanoes Across Eurasian Continent
11e/3028/Tu Factors Controlling Methane Flux from Riverine Wetlands of Northen Taiwan
06a/2106/Th Fluid Temperature and Composition Associated with Displacement of the Chelungpu Fault in Taiwan
15b/3186/Th Trophic Structure and Energy Flow in a Shallow-Water Hydrothermal Vent, Offshore Northeastern Taiwan

Wang, Peng 20c/2344/Mo Niche Specificity of Bathyarchaeota in the Surface Sediment of Pearl River Estuary, China
20c/2345/Mo Light Sensitivity of Marine Group II Archaea in the Subtropical Pearl River Estuary: Implication for Microbial Niche Adaptation
10b/3013/We Degradation of Oganic Carbon of Esters by Microbial Novel Esterases in Deep-Sea Sediments

Wang, Qi 05g/2167/We Kyanite Inclusion in Eclogitic Macrodiamond from Hunan Placer Diamond Deposit
13m/11:15/Th Causal Inference between Bioavailability of Heavy Metals and Environmental Factors in a Large-Scale Region

Wang, Qi Wen 15l/2144/Mo Studies on the Bacterioplankton Community and its Relationship to Phytoplankton in the Three-Gorge Reservoir
13m/2231/Th Different Mercury Bioaccumulation Caused by Ecological Factors between Habitats within a Large Deep Reservoir

Wang, Qianqian 22c/2296/Th Clinker Phase Composition Determination by Backscattered Electron Image Analysis and Rietveld Refinement

Wang, Qiaoshan 12b/2328/Mo The Measurement of Ti Isotope Fractionation in Geological Standard Materials Using MC-ICPMS

Wang, Qinyan 05e/09:15/Tu Tracing an Intraoceanic Paleozoic Subduction Zone in Western Junggar of China by Geophysical Imaging

Wang, Qizhong 22a/2284/Th Research and Development of Geochemical Model from the Perspective of Big Data

Wang, Rebecca 09j/10:45/Fr How Natural is the Dissolved Inorganic Composition of Mississippi River Water?

Wang, Rong 16d/3034/Th Mineralogy of Dust and Climate Effect

Wang, Ru-Cheng 07a/08:30/Mo Association Constants of Fe(III)-As(V) Complexes in Solution and Solubility Product of Scorodite up to 90℃
18h/2339/Tu Hydrothermal Flows: A Direct Approach
06b/2180/We Two Mineralization Episodes of the Dushiling Tungsten Deposit in the Western Nanling Range, China
06g/16:45/Th Ore-Forming Fluids in the Maoping and Piaotang W-Sn Deposits (Jiangxi, China)

Wang, Rui 13h/2220/Mo Relative Roles of H-Atom Transfer and Electron Transfer in the Debromination of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers by Palladized Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron
18f/15:00/Tu White Mica as a Hyperspectral Tool in Exploration for Sunrise Dam and Kanowna Belle Gold Deposits, Western Australia
13e/3125/We Tracing Lead and Cadmium Contamination Sources in Soils Using Lead Isotope Compositions
13m/2216/Th Vanadium Adsorption onto Goethite and its Speciation Simulation