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Wang, Di 06h/11:00/Tu From Source Disequilibrium Melting to Magmatic Homogenization Recorded by Hf Isotopes in Zircons

Wang, Dong 08d/11:00/Mo Evidence of Magma Mixing: Mineral Textures and Zoning of Pyroxenes in Lamprophyres from Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China
06f/15:15/Fr Tectonic Affinity of the Jiaobei Block Constrained by its Basement Rocks and Overlying Strata

Wang, Dongsheng 05e/2189/Tu Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Volcanic Rocks and OIB Type Basalts from the Lajishan Mélange in the Central Qilian, NW China

Wang, Dongyan 13m/2197/Th Spatial Distribution of Available Heavy Metals in Relation to Land Use in Suburban Cultivated Soil of Northeast China

Wang, Fangyue 18a/09:45/Mo Iron Isotope Fractionation during Skarn-Type Alteration

Wang, Fei 06i/15:15/We Growth, Denudation and Relief History of the Northern Tibet Margin: Thermochronological Constraints

Wang, Fengping 15h/3207/Th Comparative Analysis of Syntrophic Bacteria Genomes within Methane Consuming Consortium to Understand the Mechanisms of Anaerobic Methane Oxidization (AOM) in Marine Sediment
15h/17:15/Fr High Abundance and Diversity of Anaerobic Hydrocarbon Metabolizing Archaea in Sediment of Guaymas Basin

Wang, Fu 05e/2186/Tu Shallow Subduction of the Paleo-Asian Oceanic Plate beneath the Northern North China Craton: Constraints from Peridotite Xenoliths in the Yangyuan Basalts

Wang, Gen 11n/2107/We Paleovegetation Inferred from the Carbon Isotope Composition of Long-Chain Nalkanes in Lacustrine Sediments from the Song-Nen Plain, Northeast China

Wang, Gongwen 22a/2281/Th Multi-Source and Multi-Dimension Geochemical Analyses for Deep Exploration Targets in Dashui Au deposit, China

Wang, Guizhi 10m/2033/Tu Kuroshio Intrusion into the South China Sea Revealed by Radium Isotopes
10m/10:30/We Intra-Annual Variation of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in the Jiulong River Estuary Revealed by 226Ra and 228Ra

Wang, Guohui 13f/2094/Tu Effect of 99Tc(IV) Coprecipitation with Respect to Fe Minerals on 99Tc Retention in Glass

Wang, Guoping 11n/2112/We Dating the Beginning Period of Regional Intensive Human Activities in the Northeast China: Implication for Ecosystem Recovery and Anthropocene Identify

Wang, Haiyan 11j/2065/We Hydrogeochemistry of Earthquake-Observation Wells in Liaohe Basin, Northeastern China

Wang, Han 15k/11:15/We The Sulfate Reducing Microbial Community Succession Under Different Electron Transfer Routes in Schwertmannite Transformation
09c/3199/We CO2 Mineral Sequestration Using Magnesium Originated from Weathering

Wang, Hong 16d/3038/Th Satellite Observed the Horizontal and Vertical Distribution of Aerosol during Two Haze Episodes over the Eastern China

Wang, Huajian 14d/3139/Mo Diahopanes Indicate Aerobic Respiration in 1.4 Billion Years ago
14d/3144/Mo The Dynamical Tropical Ocean Chemistry in 1.4 Billion Years ago
06g/16:00/Th In situ Imaging of Multi-Elements on Single Mineral Using Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
19g/3106/Th Molecular and Isotopic Characteristics of Source Rocks in the Early Cambrian of Tarim Basin

Wang, Huanye 15h/3205/Th Source and Preservation of Archaeal Intact Polar Lipids in the South China Sea Subsurface Sediments

Wang, Jessica 17a/11:15/Tu Variations in Indo-China Hydroclimate over the Last Two Millennia

Wang, Jiahua 15h/17:15/Fr High Abundance and Diversity of Anaerobic Hydrocarbon Metabolizing Archaea in Sediment of Guaymas Basin

Wang, Jiajia 13m/10:00/Fr Thioarsenates – so Far Unrecognized Arsenic Species in Paddy Soils

Wang, Jialan 13o/2245/Th Characterization and Quantification of Engineered and Natural Nanoparticles in Small Watersheds of Seine River with Different Land Use
13o/09:15/Fr Engineered Nanoparticle Interactions with Suspended Colloids Determine their Environmental Mobility and Fate

Wang, Jian-Min 06e/2207/We Geology and Zircon U-Pb Ages of the Jiamusi-Khanka and Adjacent Blocks in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt

Wang, Jiang 11j/2081/We Geochemical Characteristics of Soil Gas Rn and CO2 in the South-West and North-East Segments of the Tangshan Fault Zone, Northern China

Wang, Jiangang 09i/16:00/We Constraining Precisely the Timing of the India-Asia Continental Collision by Provenance Change