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Walter, Maren 15b/08:45/Fr Geochemistry, Physics, and Dispersion of a Gakkel Ridge Hydrothermal Plume, 87°N, 55°30’E

Walter, Martin 13k/15:00/We Radical Generation and Transition Metals on Chrysotile Asbestos Surfaces

Walter, Michael 07k/17:00/Fr Experimental Investigation of the Affect of Pressure on the Oxidation State of a Terrestrial Magma Ocean

Walter, X.A. 15l/16:00/Mo Nitrate-Dependent Microbial Oxidation of Fe(II) in Stratified Freshwater Lakes

Walton, M.S. 12a/17:15/Mo Characterization of the Radiation Damage of Ultramarine Pigments by Microscale X-Ray Spectroscopy

Wami, H. 15j/2139/Mo Quantification of Novel Methanogens and Anaerobic Methanotrophs in Marine Sediments of the Helgoland Mud Area, North Sea

Wampler, J.M. 13h/2226/Mo Sorption of Cs-137 by Muscovite Separated from Kaolin Ore

Wan, B. 11k/14:30/Tu Marine Polyphosphate: Linking the Global Phosphorus Cycle over Modern and Geologic Timescales
13m/09:15/Fr Understanding the Structure-Reactivity Relationship of Mn Oxides Toward Contaminant Sequestration

Wan, H-Q. 05e/09:15/We Comparison of Luobusha and Xigaze Chromite Mineralization from the Yarlung-Zangbo Ophiolite Belt

Wan, Q. 08f/2092/Mo Adsorption of Gold Nanoparticles on Pyrite: An Experimental Study

Wan, S. 09i/3221/We High-Resolution Clay Minerals Record in the South Yellow Sea over the Past 3.5 Ma: Links to Evolution of Yellow/Yangze River and Paleoenvironmental Changes
09i/3233/We Enhanced Silicate Weathering of Tropical Shelf Sediments Exposed during Glacial Lowstands: A Sink for Atmospheric CO2

Wan, X. 16d/11:00/Th Primary Biological and Biomass Burning Aerosols at the Northern Slope of Mt. Everest, Central Himalayas

Wan, Ye 06j/2144/Th Effect of Pressure on Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of Aqueous Sulfate Solution Observed in Fused Silica Capillary Tubes at Elevated Temperatures

Wan, Yusheng 06e/2193/We Weathering Dominated the Archean Crustal Evolution: Evidence from Mg Isotopic Compositions of Archean Potassic Granitoids
03b/11:00/Fr Fluid Deposited Carbon and Biosignatures in Earth’s Oldest Rocks

Wang, A. 13e/08:30/We Integration of Synchrotron-Based Spectroscopic Techniques and Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Measurements to Define Reaction Mechanisms Controlling Contaminant Transport

Wang, Cheng 22a/2281/Th Multi-Source and Multi-Dimension Geochemical Analyses for Deep Exploration Targets in Dashui Au deposit, China

Wang, Chengyuan 05e/2186/Tu Shallow Subduction of the Paleo-Asian Oceanic Plate beneath the Northern North China Craton: Constraints from Peridotite Xenoliths in the Yangyuan Basalts

Wang, Chun-Guang 06e/2204/We Age and Evolution of the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Khanka Massif: Geochemical and Re–Os Isotopic Evidence from Sviyagino Mantle Xenoliths

Wang, Chunjiang 03i/15:15/Tu The Jixian System and Xiamaling Formation: Views of the Mid-Proterozoic Through the Lens of an Evolving Continental Margin
03i/16:30/Tu Unravel the Earth’s Oxygenation History with Molecular Organic Sulfur Geochemistry

Wang, Chunyu 13m/2216/Th Vanadium Adsorption onto Goethite and its Speciation Simulation

Wang, Chunzeng 18a/3027/Mo Multi-Stage Mineralization at Huangshaping W-Mo-Cu-Pb-Zn Polymetallic Deposit, Southeastern China: Constraints from Fluid Inclusions, Trace Elements, and Isotopes

Wang, Cuiyu 13h/17:15/Mo Temporal Patterns of Cs-137 Contamination in Marine Fish, Seawater, and Sediments off Fukushima, Japan

Wang, Dan 05c/2286/Mo High δ7Li Peridotite Xenoliths from ca. 2.52 Ga High-Mg Diorites: Metasomatism Above an Archean Subduction Zone
14b/3124/Mo Nitrogen Isotope Evidence for Nitrogen Cycle and Redox Variations in the Nanhua Basin during Cryogenian Non-Glacial Period

Wang, David 17g/2310/We Applying δ11B as a Paleogroundwater Discharge Proxy along Coastlines

Wang, Dayong 19e/2343/Tu Numerical Modeling of the Effects of Equilibrium Phase Partition between the Supercritical CO2 and Brine on CO2 Local Capillary Trapping