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Ubide, T. 05h/09:45/Tu Microanalysis of Cl, Br and I in Apatite, Scapolite and Silicate Glasses by LA-ICP-MS

Uchikawa, J. 17g/10:00/Th Paired B/Ca and δ11B Measurements on Inorganic Calcite: Constraints on Boron Incorporation and Implications for Boron Proxies

Uchino, K. 01h/17:15/Th Coronal Mass Ejecta in Depth Profiling on NASA’s Genesis Mission

Ucurum, A. 12b/2337/Mo Origin of Solutions Formed Barite and Sulphide Bearing Barite Deposits and Pb-Zn Mineralization in the Taurus Belt, Southern Turkey: Sulphur and Lead Isotope Data

Ueberschaar, N. 11m/10:45/Fr Metabolomic Profiling of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 and Sideroxydans CL-21 Grown in Co-culture

Ueda, A. 19h/3055/Mo A New Viewpoint on the Polymerization of Silicic Acid in Geothermal Water
19h/3061/Mo Recovery of Oversaturated Silica from Sumikawa Geothermal Brines with Cationic Polymer Flocculants to Prevent Silica Scale Deposition
19h/3063/Mo Evaluation of the Effect of Treated Geothermal Brine after Removal of Oversaturated Silica by a Seed Circulation Method on Geothermal Reservoir

Uemura, R. 16d/11:15/Th A 60-Years Record of Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Nitrate in High-Accumulation Dome Ice Core Collected at South East Greenland

Ueno, Y. 14e/10:00/We Large 13C-Depletion by Solar UV CO2 Photolysis and its Implication to Late Archean Ecosystem
14e/3115/We Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Archean Sea Water and Isotopic Evolution
15f/16:30/Th Paleoarchean Microbial Activity Revealed by Multiple Sulfur-Isotope Measurement of Nanomolar Quantities of H2S in Fluid Inclusions
03b/2155/Th Experimental Study on Synthesis of Ammonia and Organic Nitrogen Species by Photochemistry on Terrestrial Planets
03b/2162/Th Inflence of Redox Environment on UV Organic Synthesis
19g/3114/Th Position-Specific 13C Isotope Analysis of Propane from Southwest Ontario

Uesugi, K. 07l/3110/Tu 3D Reconstruction of Synthetic Crystals and Results Comparisons
07l/3111/Tu 3D Modeling from CT Images: Synthetic Basalt Model
21j/3181/Tu Development of XRD Combined CT for the Observation of Mm-Sized Meteorites
21j/16:30/We Predicting Macroscale Properties of Rocks from Nanoscale Data
01d/2003/Th Heating Experiment for Chondrule Formation with 4D Observation
01d/11:15/Fr A Very Porous Lithology of the Acfer 094 Meteorite

Uesugi, M. 07l/3110/Tu 3D Reconstruction of Synthetic Crystals and Results Comparisons

Uesugi, Masayuki 07l/3111/Tu 3D Modeling from CT Images: Synthetic Basalt Model
21j/3181/Tu Development of XRD Combined CT for the Observation of Mm-Sized Meteorites
01d/2003/Th Heating Experiment for Chondrule Formation with 4D Observation

Uesugi, S. 02f/11:15/We High-O2 Atmosphere on Early Mars? Interpretation of Mn-Oxide on Gale Crater by Laboratory Experiments

Uhl, J. 20c/16:15/Mo Unexpected High Reactivity of Deep Biota Under Anthropogenic CO2 Injection into Basalt

Uhlein, G.J. 14b/3130/Mo Pathways of Barite and Phosphate Formation Following Neoproterozoic Glaciations (Sete Lagoas Formation, Brazil)

Uhlemann, S. 23a/09:00/Mo Environmental Science Outreach for Undergraduate Students in Cambodia: A Case Study

Uhlig, D. 11o/10:30/Tu The Dependance of Plant Nutrient Cycles on Rock Weathering

Uhlík, P. 07i/3105/Tu Dehydration of Perlite Glass from Slovakia

Ulbrich, A. 11l/09:45/We The Architecture of Soil Micro-Aggregates Investigated by 3D X-Ray Microscopy

Ulén, B. 11k/16:00/Tu Assessing the Ability of Soil Tests to Estimate Labile Phosphorus in Agricultural Soils: Evidence from Isotopic Exchange

Ulianov, A. 06h/3144/Tu Subduction- to Collision-Related Magmatism along the Tethyan Orogenic Belt (Meghri-Ordubad Pluton, Lesser Caucasus)
06h/08:30/We Birth, Assembly and Decay of a Continental Arc Magmatic System

Ullianov, A. 08d/16:15/Mo Insigths into the Genesis of the Rio Blanco Epithermal Au-Ag Mineralization in the Occidental Cordillera of Southwestern Ecuador: Constraints Fron Zircon U-Pb and Sericite-Adularia Ar/Ar Geochronology

Ullmann, C. 10a/2307/Th Carbon Stable Isotope Record in the Coral Species Siderastrea Stellata: A Link to the Suess Effect in Tropical South Atlantic Ocean

Ulmer, P. 07j/3095/We Timing and Evolution of the Middle Triassic Shoshonitic Magmatism in the Southern Alps (Northern Italy)

Ulrich, A. 13c/11:00/Tu Methanogenesis, Iron Transformation and Partitioning of Contaminants Under End Pit Lake Scenario

Ulrich, M. 18d/10:15/Fr Petrology and Geochemistry of Scandium in New Caledonian Ni-Co Laterites