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Thiriet, M. 02f/3191/Tu Consequences of a Hemispheric Dichotomy in Crustal Structure on the Thermal Evolution of Mars

Thirlwall, M. 05g/2176/We Origin, Distribution and Residence of Halogens in the North Atlantic Craton, Greenland
10f/2323/Th Seawater Ca and Stable Sr Isotope Records during Pliensbachian – Toarcian Boundary

Thissen, R. 14a/14:45/Tu Effect of UV Irradiation on the Soluble Organic Matter Extract from the Murchison Chondrite

Thoby, M. 03j/2052/Mo An Expanded Molybdenum Isotope Dataset for Precambrian Stromatolitic Carbonates
03j/2053/Mo Preliminary Geochemical Data from Earth’s Oldest Carbonate Platform (2.94 Ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Canada)

Thöle, L. 17h/3157/Mo Glacial-Interglacial Gradients in Biogenic Export Fluxes along a Meridional Transect in the Southern Indian Ocean

Thomaidis, K. 05c/2283/Mo Behaviour of Boron Isotopes during Magmatic Degassing

Thomalla, S. 10n/14:30/We The Upper Ocean Nitrogen Cycle in the Atlantic Southern Ocean

Thomas, Algeo 14d/15:15/Mo Perturbation of the Marine Sulfur Cycle during the Devonian-Carboniferous Transition

Thomas, Andrew 11m/2089/We Characterization of Green Rust Sulfate Transformation Products Associated with Hexavalent Chromium Remediation
19g/14:30/Th Kaolin Minerals: Tracking Meteoric Alteration with an Example from Offshore Western Australia

Thomas, B. 21a/09:45/Th Genome-Resolved Metagenomics as a Foundation for Understanding of Biogeochemistry

Thomas, D. 14d/09:45/Mo The Evolution of Land Plants and Silicate Weathering

Thomas, E. 17b/16:00/Tu A North Atlantic TEX86 and Uk’37 Sea Surface Temperature Transect Across the Middle Miocene Climatic Optimum

Thomas, P. 08f/2102/Mo Water in Opals: New Insights from Thermal Analysis

Thomas, S. 13e/3122/We HERFD-Xas: A New Powerful Structural Tool in Environmental & Geochemistry Sciences

ThomasArrigo, L. 11e/10:00/We Iron Mineral Transformations Induced by Ferrous Iron and Sulfide in NOM-Fe-Rich Peatland Flocs

Thomassot, E. 05d/15:15/Th Sulfur Isotope Signature (δ33S, δ34S and δ36S) of Sea-Water Altered Archean Oceanic Crust in Siberian Eclogite
06j/2148/Th Sulfur Cycle and Geological History of the Carnian Evaporites in the Western French Alps as Recorded by TSR
05d/14:45/Fr Origin of Salt Nodules in the Udachnaya-East Kimberlites? Insights from Sr-Nd and S- Isotopes

Thomazo, C. 14d/16:00/Mo Multiple Sulfur Isotope Signals Associated with the End-Permian Mass Extinction Recovery
14e/08:45/We Isotope Microanalyses of 2.72 Ga Organic Matter: Metabolism Versus Diagenesis Versus Matrix Effects
15f/2140/We Temperature, Growth Rate, and Pressure Dependence on S Isotope Fractionation in Desulfovibrio Hydrothermalis
03b/2152/Th Nitrogen Isotope Evidence for Stepwise Oxygenation of the Ocean during the Great Oxidation Event
21l/3160/Th Analysis of Organic Carbon Isotope Composition: Contamination Issues and New Decarbonation Process
03b/09:30/Fr Globally Asynchronous Sulfur Isotope Signals Require Re-definition of the Great Oxidation Event
03b/09:45/Fr 18O-Depleted Sulfate Fingerprint of Paleoproterozoic Glacial Meltwater
10l/10:45/Fr Oscillating Redox Conditions in the Vocontian Basin (SE France) during OAE 2: Paleoenvironmental Implications

Thompson, A. 13c/2085/Tu Structure and Sorption Reactivity of Biogenic Iron Oxides
11e/3034/Tu Influence of pO2 on Iron Cycling and Anaerobic Carbon Mineralization in Redox Dynamic Soils
11e/10:15/We Iron Speciation at the Critical Zone: Controls on Organomineral Complexation and Soil C
11c/15:00/We Mineral Control of Dissolved Organic Matter Sorption in a Tropical Soil
15f/2147/We Monitoring Hot Spots and Hot Moments of Redox, Iron and Carbon Cycling in Puerto Rican Soils

Thompson, C. 19e/09:30/We Chemical Reactivity in Thin Water Films on Minerals in Wet-scCO2

Thompson, D. 17d/16:45/Fr Assessing the Potential of Redox Sensitive Trace Metals to Capture Climate Variability in an Equitorial Meromicitic Lake

Thompson, J. 21l/3142/Th Preliminary Data on New Olivine Reference Material MongOL Sh11-2 for in situ Microanalysis

Thompson, K. 21l/16:30/Th MapX – An in Situ, Full-Frame X-Ray Spectroscopic Imager for Planetary Science and Astrobiology

Thompson, M. 08e/16:45/Th Nanoscale Analyses of a Carbonaceous Chondrite Exposed to Simulated Space Weathering Conditions

Thoms, S. 10a/10:45/Fr NEW CARBONATE SYSTEM PROXIES: Sr/Ca and U/Ca in Foraminifera

Thorbergsdottir, I.M. 11e/3018/Tu Redox Dynamics and the Rate of Internal Nutrient Loading in Lake Myvatn, Iceland