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Thakurta, J. 18a/16:15/Mo Origin of Zn-Cu-Au Mineralized Zones in the Hydrothermal Systems of the Penokean Volcanic Belt, Northern Wisconsin and Michigan, USA

Thaler, C. 15i/14:45/Mo Δ47 and δ18O Disequilibria in Microbial Carbonates as Tracers of Metabolic Activity

Thalhammer, K. 11c/3008/Tu Thermodynamics of Molybdate Binding to Tannic and Humic Acid

Thamban, N.M. 16a/10:00/Fr Brown Carbon Radiative Forcing over Indo-Gangetic Plain Through Real-Time Measurements
16e/15:15/Fr Brown Carbon Aerosols over North India Through Real-Time Measurements

Thamdrup, B. 15j/14:30/Mo Carbon, Manganese, Iron, and Sulfur Cycling in Oligohaline Sediments
15j/15:15/Mo Fe2+ and H2S as Electron Donors during Benthic N Transformations in Anoxic Lake Sediments
11d/08:30/Tu Non-CAnonical N2O Production Pathways Under Low Oxygen

Tharaud, M. 13e/3138/We Chromium Mobility in Ultramafic Areas: An Isotopic Study
13o/2244/Th TiO2 Nanomaterials Detection in Calcium Rich Matrices by spICPMS. a Matter of Resolution and Treatment
13o/09:15/Fr Engineered Nanoparticle Interactions with Suspended Colloids Determine their Environmental Mobility and Fate

Thayer, A. 21g/11:00/We Continuous, High-Resolution Measurements of 17O Excess of H2O from Ice Cores

Therre, S. 17h/3170/Mo Glacial Intensification of the Benguela Current
17a/2287/Tu Tropical Soil Activity on Socotra Island, Arabian Sea, Since the LGM: Evidence from Speleothem Radiocarbon
10a/15:45/Fr Reconstructing Decadal North Atlantic Water Mass Variability Using Cold-Water Corals

Thiagarajan, N. 15j/09:00/Mo Clumped Isotope Characterization of Authigenic Carbonates and Methane in Cold Seep Environments

Thibault, A. 11n/2102/We Organic Geochemistry of Anthropocene Sediments in the Sewer Network of Orléans (France)

Thibault, C. 09c/3185/We Zinc Salts Action to Reduce the Kinetics of Glass Atmospheric Alteration

Thibault, Y. 18d/16:15/Fr Promoting Early REE Separation during Ore Leaching: An Investigation Through Controlled Synthetic Crystal Dissolution Experiments

Thibault de Chanvalon, A. 11o/3062/Tu 2D Image Quantification of Microbial Iron Chelators (Siderophores) Using DET Method
15k/3235/Tu Manganese Speciation in Seawater: Reaching the (Sub)nanomolar Scale
10j/2333/Th Manganese, Iron and Phosphorus Cycling in the Loire Estuary: Outcomes from the RS2E-Osuna Project
10j/15:00/Fr New Developments of Porewater Chemistry Imaging at High Resolution for Redox-Sensitive Elements

Thibodeau, A. 14d/16:30/Mo Shallow-Water Records of Environmental and Ecological Change at the Toarcian OAE

Thibodeau, B. 17h/15:00/Mo The Sensitivity of Nordic Seas Upper-Ocean Stratification to Freshwater Input
17h/3156/Mo Laurentian Channel Bottom Water Temperature as a Proxy for AMOC Intensity

Thiéblemont, D. 17d/2054/Th Combination of Organic and Inorganic Proxies for Hydroclimate Reconstruction of the Ogooué River Basin (Gabon, Gulf of Guinea) during the Last 25ka

Thiele, M. 22b/09:30/Fr A Field-Scale Streamline-Based Reactive Transport Simulator for Low-Salinity Flooding

Thieme, J. 11c/15:45/We Composition of Natural Organic Matter Coatings on Fe Oxides
10d/3029/We Veinlet-Scale Reactive Transport during Serpentinization: Implications for H2 Fluxes from Oceanic Serpentinites
21a/09:00/Th Underlying Mechanisms and Control of Oil Reservoir Souring
21a/11:00/Th X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging and Spectroscopy with Sub-µm and Sub-100nm Spatial Resolution for Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Thieme, M. 07e/3005/Th Stress, Texture and Microstructure Evolution during Plastic Deformation of Olivine at 1000-1200℃

Thiemens, M. 02e/2020/Mo The Lunar Hf/W Budget and the Age of the Moon
02g/15:45/We 182W Anomalies in Archean Rocks: A Vestige of Variable Late Accretion?
01g/15:30/Fr Revisiting the Ti Isotope Inventory of the Moon

Thierry, P. 05h/2242/Tu Cl, Br and I Behaviour during Magma Differentiation and Degassing: Contribution of a New LA-ICP-MS Analysis Technique

Thieu, V. 11g/14:30/Tu Nutrient Cascade Through the Agro-Food System and the Terrestrial-Water Continuum: Exploring Scenarii for Combatting Coastal Eutrophication

Thil, Francois 17h/16:30/Mo New Constrains on Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Changes during the Past 40 ky from Combined 231Pa/230Th, Benthic δ13C and 14C Benthic-Planktonic Ventilation Ages
10m/10:00/We Influence of Deep Water Formation and Boundary Scavenging on 231Pa and 230Th Distribution in the Mediterranean Sea

Thil, François 17d/2046/Th Centennial Growth Rate Variability of Two Alpine Holocene Speleothems

Thilakarathne, D. 10n/16:00/We N2-fixation Footprint on Nitrate Isotopic Composition in Temperate Northeast Atlantic Ocean