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Tang, T. 15f/2137/We Influence of Carbon Source on the Distribution of Carbon Isotopes in Bacteria

Tang, W. 09c/3203/We Study on the Relationship between Bubble-Like Caves and Tafoni in the Laoshan Granites, Shandong, China

Tang, Yi 10i/15:00/Tu The Influence of Particle Concentration and Composition on the Sorption and Fractionation of 210Po and 210Pb along the North Atlantic GEOTRACES Transect GA03

Tang, Yongchun 19g/09:30/Fr Application of Gas Isotope Geochemistry for Exploration, Production and Operations: A Comparsion Study on Tight Oil in Delaware Basin and Bohaibay Basin

Tang, Yuanzhi 11k/14:30/Tu Marine Polyphosphate: Linking the Global Phosphorus Cycle over Modern and Geologic Timescales
15k/17:00/We Tales from the Crypt(ic): The Phantoms of the Nitrogen Cycle
13m/09:15/Fr Understanding the Structure-Reactivity Relationship of Mn Oxides Toward Contaminant Sequestration

Tang, Yuwei 06h/09:15/We Reworking of Newly Added Mafic Crust: Geochemical Evidence from Late Cretaceous Monzogranites of the Gangdese Batholith, Southern Tibet

Tang, Z. 09i/3228/We Modern Radial Sand Ridges in the Southern Yellow Sea Sediment: Sources and Transport Trajectories

Tangen, B.A. 15k/10:00/We Microbial and Viral Communities in Wetlands Support Extremely High Methane Emissions and Sulfate Reduction Rates

Tangunan, D. 23a/09:15/Mo Once Upon a Time, Scientific Fairy Tales Promoting the Discovery, Protection and Use of the Ocean

Tanhua, T. 10i/16:45/Mo Deconvolving Biogeochemical Processes from the Impact of Ocean Circulation: First Insight on the Mediterranean Dissolved Barium Dynamics
10i/17:15/Mo Anthropogenic Lead as a Signature of Mediterranean Waters in the Deep North Atlantic
10i/2207/Mo Dissolved Aluminium Distribution along GEOTRACES Section GA08 in the South East Atlantic

Tani, K. 05b/16:30/We Tectonic and Magmatic Evolution at Subduction Initiation- the Case of Izu-Bonin-Mariana-

Tani, Y. 13n/2138/Tu Biogenic Manganese Oxides Facilitate Iodide Oxidation at pH ≤ 5

Tanimizu, M. 03j/2055/Mo Cerium Stable Isotope Ratio in Ferromanganese Deposites and its Potential as a Paleoredox Proxy
03j/11:00/Tu Stable Isotope Fractionation of Tungsten during Adsorption on Fe and Mn (Oxyhydr)oxides

Taniura, R. 10i/2209/Mo Distributions and Atmospheric Imput of Bioactive Trace Metals in the East China Sea

Tanner, M. 01d/2004/Th Combining Rapid 2D Elemental Imaging Using LA-Icptof with Flexible Interrogation Software for the in situ Chemical Analysis of Meteorites
21l/09:45/Fr Rapid Multielemental Analysis of Garnet with LA-Icp-TOF-MS – Implications for Diamond Exploration Studies
13o/15:45/Fr Inductively Coupled Plasma Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (ICP-Tofms) as a New Monitoring Tool for Nanoparticles and Trace Metals in the Environment

Tanvet, C. 14b/3133/Mo A Shallow-To-Deepwater Geochemical Transect of a Neoproterozoic Marinoan Cap Dolostone (Noonday Formation, Death Valley Region)

Tao, C. 10d/3018/We Hydrothermal Activities Around 63-64°E, Southwest Indian Ridge
10d/3022/We Surface Sediment Geochemistry and Hydrothermal Activity Indicators in the Dragon Horn Area on the Southwest Indian Ridge
10d/3028/We Active and Relict Hydrothermal Mineralization at the Longqi-1 field,Southwest Indian Ridge

Tao, J. 08f/16:15/Tu The Impact of Additives on Crystallization of Amorphous CaCO3

Tao, K. 17h/3177/Mo Freshwater Input, Upwelling, and the Evolution of Caribbean Coastal Ecosystems on the Central American Isthmus

Tao, L. 05b/2151/Tu Cause of Across-Arc Geochemical and Sr-Nd-Hf Isotopic Variations: A Case Study from Early Paleozoic Arc-Type Mafic Intrusions in the Southern Central Qilian Block, China

Tao, Q. 08f/2077/Mo Transformation Mechanism of Brucite to Saponite in Hydrothermal Conditions
22c/2287/Th Conversion of Serpentine to Smectite Under Hydrothermal Condition: Implication for a Solid-State Transformation

Tao, R. 04d/2253/Mo Partitioning of Si and S between Solid and Liquid in the Fe-Si-S System up to 25 GPa with Implications for the Distribution of Si and S in a Partially Solidified Core

Tao, S. 19e/15:15/We Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Chang 7 Tight Sandstone Oil Reservoir in Ordos Basin, China

Tao, X. 14c/2266/Tu Evolution of Kerogen Carbon Isotopes during Early Cambrian to Ordovician in Eastern Tarim Basin, China

Tao, Z. 19f/17:15/Tu Wollastonite Hydration, Dissolution, and Calcite Precipitation for Targeted Mineral Carbonation