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Takahata, N. 05b/2159/Tue Isotopic Signature of Mature Slab Recycled Materials in Volcanic Rocks from the Caviahue-Copahue Volcanic Complex (Chile-Argentina)
02f/3188/Tue In situ Uranium-Lead Dating of Zagami and RBT 04261 Phosphates by NanoSIMS
05g/2168/Wed Groundwater Helium Anomaly Reflects Strain Change during the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake in Southwest Japan
01f/2011/Thu 207Pb-206Pb Dating of Phosphates in CK Chondrites; Did their Parent Body Have “Onion-Shell” Structure?

Takai, K. 15b/08:30/Fri Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents and their Geochemical and Geobiological Diveristy in Okinawa Trough

Takamasa, A. 04c/2259/Wed High Precision Tungsten Isotope Analysis Using MC-ICP-MS and Application for Earth’s Rock Samples

Takano, S. 10i/15:45/Mon The Role of Southern Ocean Processes in Controlling the Distribution of Cd Isotopes at Lower Latitudes in the South West Pacific
10i/2199/Mon Dissolved and Labile Particulate Trace Metal (Al, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Cd, and Pb) Distributions in Seawater along 160°W in the North Pacific
10j/2331/Thu Estimation of the Paleoenvironment Based on the Concentration and Isotope Ratio of Molybdenum and Tungsten in the Japan Sea Sediment

Takano, Y. 01h/16:30/Thu Variations in the Deuterium Enrichment of Amino Acids Formed by Photolysis of Ice Mixtures Containing Mono-Deuterated Methanol at 10 K

Takase, K. 11d/2319/Mon Elucidation of Nitrate Dynamics in a Temperate Region Watershed with Heavy Snowfall Using Triple Oxygen Isotopes as Tracers

Takayama, A. 02b/2003/Mon TEM Observations of Amorphous Silicates and the Adjacent Alteration Products in MIL 090657 Matrix
02b/2006/Mon TEM Observations of Ivuna Matrix in Connection with its 3D Structure

Takehara, M. 19d/16:30/Mon Isotopic Signature and Nano-Scale Texture of Cesium-Rich Micro-Particles: Release of Uranium and Fission Products from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
07j/16:45/Wed Disturbance of U–Pb System and Trace Elements in Hydrothermal Altered Zircon: An Example from AS3 Zircon, Duluth Complex, U.S.A
07j/3096/Wed Timing and Duration of Granulite- to Amphibolites-Facies Metamorphism in Hida Metamorphic Complex, Southwest Japan

Takenouchi, A. 02e/2017/Mon Iron Valence Variation in Plagioclase from Eucrite Meteorites: Additional Information and Implications

Takeuchi, Akihisa 21j/3181/Tue Development of XRD Combined CT for the Observation of Mm-Sized Meteorites
01d/11:15/Fri A Very Porous Lithology of the Acfer 094 Meteorite

Takeuchi, Akinori 05h/2248/Tue Mercury Cycle in the Convergent Margin at Kinki District, Southwest Japan

Takrattanasaran, N. 11o/3060/Tue Decrease in Rice Production during the Dry Season in a Central Region of Thailand: Linking Water, Paddy Soil, and Rice Properties

Talaga, D. 16a/3030/Thu Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Characterizing SOA: A Preliminary Study

Talat, T.A. 06h/3127/Tue Geochemical and Petrogentic Studies of the Porphyritic Granitoids of Kyllang-Moudoh Pluton of Shillong Plateaue, Meghalaya

Talavera, C. 05e/08:30/Wed Recycling and Growth of Zircons in Chromitites from the Subcontinental Listhospheric Mantle
05e/08:45/Wed Archean to Permian Zircons in Cretaceous Mantle-Hosted Ophiolitic Chromitites from Eastern Cuba
07j/17:15/Wed Rutile Geochemistry in Ore Systems – Considerations for Metal Exploration

Tallec, G. 11j/2072/Wed New Insights for Concentration-Discharge Relationships: High Frequency of Stream Water Chemistry
11j/08:30/Thu River Geochemistry: Opportunities and Challenges

Talmat-Bouzeguela, S. 05e/2174/Tue Hoggar Geochronology: A Historical Review of Published Isotopic Data

Talukdar, M. 06j/2137/Thu Dufrénite Crystallization in an Archaean BIF from the Mahadevi Layered Complex, Tamil Nadu, India

Tamborrino, L. 23a/09:15/Mon Once Upon a Time, Scientific Fairy Tales Promoting the Discovery, Protection and Use of the Ocean

Tamborski, J. 10g/2012/Tue Seawater Recirculation Versus Karstic Groundwater Driven DSi Fluxes to a Coastal Mediterranean Lagoon
10g/2014/Tue Study of the Chemical Fluxes Associated with SGD in Several Hotspots along the French Mediterranean Coastline

Tamone, L. 16a/11:00/Fri Influence of O2 on the Photochemistry of Sulfur Organic Species – Matrix Isolation Experiment

Tamura, A. 05b/2154/Tue Reconstruction of the Mineoka-Setogawa Ophiolitic Mélange: Deciphering Evolution of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc
05e/2193/Tue Clue to the Subduction Initiation from Andaman-Nicobar Ophiolite: A Computational Petrologic Approach

Tamura, N. 15i/15:45/Mon Dolomite Formation in Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Microbial Biofilms
08b/09:15/Fri Dolomite Versus Mg-Calcite: Combining Micro Analytical Techniques to Identify Poorly Crystallized Carbonates

Tan, B.T. 19d/3045/Mon Development of Solid State MAS NMR Techniques for the Characterization of Uranium Minerals Produced during Dissolution of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Tan, D. 13e/3123/Wed A New Procedure for High Precision Measurement of Selenium Isotopes Using Hydride Generation MC-ICP-MS with Double Spike