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Süfke, F. 17g/2306/Wed Multiproxy Evidence from Bermuda Rise for Holocene AMOC Stability

Suga, H. 02f/3190/Tue Aqueous Alteration of Y-000593 Deduced from Chemical Speciation

Sugano Navarro, M. 07j/3098/Wed Cori Monazite, Itambé-Brazil, a New Reference Material for U-Pb Geochronology by LA-ICP-MS
07j/3100/Wed Peixe Zircon: New Brazilian Reference Material for U-Pb Geochronology by LA-Sf-ICP-MS

Sugimoto, M. 02b/2003/Mon TEM Observations of Amorphous Silicates and the Adjacent Alteration Products in MIL 090657 Matrix

Sugiura, N. 01f/2011/Thu 207Pb-206Pb Dating of Phosphates in CK Chondrites; Did their Parent Body Have “Onion-Shell” Structure?

Suh, C.E. 05d/16:15/Thu Primitive Melts and Mantle Sources of the Cameroon Volcanic Line Based on Melt Inclusion Geochemistry

Suh, Y.J. 11n/17:15/Wed Reconstructing Hydrologic Conditions in the Mississippi River Basin during the Last Interglacial
11n/2100/Wed Seasonal Variations in N-Alkanoic Acid δ13C Values in Temperate Forest Trees from Southern Ohio

Suhr, N. 09j/2257/Thu Zn Isotope Systematics in Contrasting Deccan Basalt Weathering Profiles

Sukenaga, S. 07k/16:15/Fri Effect of Redox State of Iron on Viscosity of Sodium Silicate Melts

Sukhanova, A. 18g/2326/Tue Transformation of Co/Ni and LREE/HREE from Host Rocks to Oceanic Sulfide Mineralization

Sullivan, P. 11o/3054/Tue Do Deeper Roots Enhance Weathering at Depth in Woody-Encroached Grasslands?

Sulpis, O. 10j/16:30/Fri Transport-Controlled, Linear Calcite Dissolution Kinetics at the Sediment-Seawater Interface

Sültenfüß, J. 10g/2016/Tue Ground Water Discharge into the Southern Baltic Sea
13e/3146/Wed Understanding Surface Water Incursion in a Shallow, Arsenic-Affected Aquifer in Cambodia: An Application of Geochemical Tracers
21b/15:30/Thu Understanding Controls on Groundwater “Age” in an Alluvial Aquifer

Sulu-Gambari, F. 10l/3049/Wed Molybdenum Dynamics in Sediments of a Seasonally Hypoxic Coastal Marine Basin

Sulz, F. 11n/16:30/Wed Seasonal Impact of Exported Particulate Matter on the TEX86-proxy in the Upwelling Area off Cape Blanc, Atlantic Ocean, NW Africa

Sumino, H. 21i/3107/Mon Groundwater Flow System in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, Traced by tritium-3He and 129I Dating Methods
02f/3187/Tue Noble Gas Records in Martian Meteorites
21g/10:15/Wed Water Subduction Processes Constrained by Halogens and Noble Gases in the Sanbagawa Metamorphic Rocks
05g/2177/Wed Long-Term Monitoring of Helium Isotope Ratio of the Volcanic Gas and Hot Spring Water at Izu-Oshima Volcano, Japan
06g/2223/Wed Noble Gases in Diamond Hosted Fluid Inclusions: Sorting the Deep from the Dregs

Sumner, D. 03j/2052/Mon An Expanded Molybdenum Isotope Dataset for Precambrian Stromatolitic Carbonates

Sun, Caixia 13h/2243/Mon Influence of Biochar on the Degradation of Acetochlor on Chinese Cabbage (Brassica Chinensis var Chinensis) and Soil Under Greenhouse Conditions

Sun, Chen-Yang 06e/2195/Wed Crustal Accretion and Reworking Processes of Microcontinental Massifs within the Orogenic Belt Through Time: A Case Study from the Erguna Massif

Sun, Chul-In 13e/3128/Wed Characteristics of Metal Pollution and Pb Isotopes in Sediments from the Whole Korean Coast

Sun, F. 11j/2081/Wed Geochemical Characteristics of Soil Gas Rn and CO2 in the South-West and North-East Segments of the Tangshan Fault Zone, Northern China

Sun, Jian 03j/2049/Mon Is Fe Isotope Composition of Banded Iron Formation a Proxy of pH? A Study of Neoproterozoic Iron Formations
05e/09:15/Wed Comparison of Luobusha and Xigaze Chromite Mineralization from the Yarlung-Zangbo Ophiolite Belt

Sun, Jianling 13j/16:45/Tue Phytoavailability and Species of As, Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn in Farmlands and their Health Risks on the Residents

Sun, Jing 15i/2115/Mon Identifying and Quantifying the Intermediate Processes during Nitrate Dependent Fe(II) Oxidation
04c/2258/Wed Composition of the Lithospheric Mantle in the Northern Siberian Craton: Constraints from Peridotites in the Obnazhennaya Kimberlite
22a/17:15/Thu Model-Based Identification of Physical and Geochemical Controls of Uranium in situ Leaching

Sun, Jingbo 18a/3016/Mon Thermochronological Constraints on Kateba’asu Gold Deposit in Western Tianshan, Xinjiang, China