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Stepanova, M. 13e/14:30/We Evaluating the Extent of Cr(VI) Reduction in Polluted Groundwater: Toward Better δ53Cr Fingerprinting of Sources

Stephan, C. 13o/2243/Th A Better Insight into Engineered Nanomaterials Life Cycle Combining Single Particle and Single Cell ICP-MS

Stephan, T. 08e/16:00/Th CHILI: Isotopic Compositions at the Sub-Micrometer Scale Without Isobaric Interferences
01i/2034/Th Stellar Origins of Type AB Grains
03b/10:45/Fr High-Silica Hadean Crust

Stephanos, K. 10d/17:15/Th Mechanisms of Deposition of Modern Banded Iron Analogues on Milos Island, Greece

Stephant, S. 20c/2340/Mo Structure and Dynamics of a Basalt Hosted Subsurface Microbial Consortium Facing CO2-rich Groundwater in an Analogous Flow-Through Experiment
18d/11:00/Fr Study of Deep in situ Biomining of Copper Ore

Stephens, M. 19g/09:00/Th Petroleum as Source and Carrier of Metals in Epigenetic Sediment-Hosted Mineralisation

Stern, R 12b/2335/Mo Carbon Isotopes of Nephrite-Hosted Graphites: Implications for the Origin Discrimination of Nephrite Jade

Stern, Richard 05e/2177/Tu Fluid Induced Transition from Banded Kyanite- to Bimineralic Eclogite and Implications for the Evolution of Cratons
04h/16:15/We Insights into Diamond Formation from Polycrystalline Diamond Aggregates
17k/2335/We High Resolution Seasonal Signals in Bivalve Shells from Lake Rotorua, New Zealand
03b/15:00/Fr Cycling of the Elements of Life within the Archean Crust-Mantle System

Stern, Robert 05b/16:30/We Tectonic and Magmatic Evolution at Subduction Initiation- the Case of Izu-Bonin-Mariana-

Sternemann, C. 07i/16:30/Tu Density and Structure of Amorphous Silicate at High Pressure Conditions

Stetten, L. 08k/2049/We Early Diagenetic Reduction of Mononuclear U(VI) to U(IV) in Undisturbed Lake Sediments

Steuber, T. 17b/2294/Tu Time lag between Organic Carbon Burial and Mid-Cretaceous OAEs on the Arabian Plate – Coincidence or Interrelation?

Steudtner, R. 15i/11:15/Mo Spectroscopic and Microscopic Approach of U(VI) Sorption on Acidovorax Facilis for Remediation Purpose

Steven, N. 08d/15:30/Mo A Clumped and Stable Isotope Study on the Sediment‐hosted Stratabound Copper Deposits of Malachite Pan, Namibia

Steven L, G. 17h/3172/Mo Nd Isotopes in the North Atlantic Endmember of the AMOC over the Last 1.3 Ma

Stevens, Gary 06h/09:30/Tu The Shape of the P-T Path Controls the Solidus: An Investigation of Fully-Hydrated, Fluid-Absent Anatexis of an Average Metapelite
06h/10:00/Tu The Origins of Geochemical Trends in Felsic Igneous Rocks: Insight into Processes in the Source
06h/3147/Tu Small-Scale Zircon Age Variability in the Monte Capanne Pluton Revealing the Timescale of Crustal Melting and Melt Extraction
06h/09:00/We Extreme U-Pb Zircon Age Variability in the Lower Crustal Galiléia Batholith (SE Brazil)
05g/2165/We S-Bearing Metasomatism of Mantle Eclogites: Constraints from the Kaapvaal Craton and Experiments

Stevens, Geoff 19f/15:00/Tu Silica Gel Formation as a Barrier to CO2 Leakage

Stevenson, D. 02g/17:15/We Implications of Early Dynamos for the Evolution of Earth and Venus

Stevenson, E. 15g/3202/Tu The Iron Isotope Composition of Northern Hemisphere Glacial Systems

Stevenson, R. 06h/3122/Tu The Congonhas Pluton: A New Occurrence of Orbicular Granodiorite

Stewart, B. 13j/09:00/We Cation Exchange as a Control on Coal Mine Drainage Geochemistry in the Appalachian Region, Eastern USA
13j/09:15/We Nd Isotopes Track Rare Earth Element Sources in Acid Mine Drainage, Appalachian Basin, USA
10l/3055/We Evidence for the Global SPICE Event in Passive Margin Carbonate and Shale in the Appalachian Basin, USA

Stewart, F.J. 20c/08:45/Mo The Metabolic Potential of Freshwater Bathyarchaeota
11d/08:30/Tu Non-CAnonical N2O Production Pathways Under Low Oxygen
15k/17:00/We Tales from the Crypt(ic): The Phantoms of the Nitrogen Cycle

Stewart, G. 10i/15:00/Tu The Influence of Particle Concentration and Composition on the Sorption and Fractionation of 210Po and 210Pb along the North Atlantic GEOTRACES Transect GA03
10m/09:00/We 210Po and 210Pb as Tracers of the Biological Pump in the Ocean: Review of Lab and Field Data

Stibal, M. 15g/3210/Tu Subglacial Weathering Controls Silicon Isotope Composition of Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwaters

Stichel, T. 10i/09:45/Tu Limited Exchange of Neodymium Isotopes with the NE Atlantic Continental Margin