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Orphan, V. 15k/3228/Tue Interplay of Iron and Sulfate Reducers: Preliminary Results from Microbial Co-culture
15h/16:00/Fri Taking the Pulse of the Subseafloor Biosphere, Strategies for Studying Microbial Activity and Slow Growth

Orsetti, S. 11c/3004/Tue Fractionation of Humic Acids Upon Sorption to Redox Inert Sorbents and its Effect on Redox State

Ortega-Garcia, F. 23a/2354/Mon How to Approach Groundwater Research to High School Students: A Project on Water Resources Characterization in Urban Areas

Orthous-Daunay, F-R. 14a/14:45/Tue Effect of UV Irradiation on the Soluble Organic Matter Extract from the Murchison Chondrite

Ortiz, A. 09b/15:30/Wed Agricultural Irrigation in Drylands Leads to Development of Pedogenic Carbonate and Release of Soil CO2
22b/2353/Wed Reactive Transport Modeling of CO2 Emissions and Calcite Precipitation Kinetics in Dryland Agriculture

Orzechowski, E.A. 15f/2134/Wed Linking the Modern to the Ancient with Morphological and Geochemical Signatures in Microbial Mats

Osborne, A. 17h/3167/Mon Changes in North Atlantic Deep Water Provenance Across Glacial Terminations during the Past One Million Years

Osborne, T. 11e/3016/Tue The Effect of Short-Term Inundation on Potential Nutrient Flux in a Coastal Ecosystem

Osburn, M. 15g/10:45/Tue Microbial CO2 Production at the Greenland Ice Sheet Margin

Osinski, G. 06i/2249/Wed A Refined Age for the Gow Lake Impact Structure Using 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology

Osinski, R. 10n/3063/Wed Analysis of Initial Results of Coupling Ocean and Sea Ice Biogeochemistry in the High-Resolution Regional Arctic System Model

Ospennikov, E. 06i/2239/Wed Cryovolcanism on the Earth: Origin of a Giant Crater in the Yamal Peninsula (Russia)

Oste, J. 15i/2111/Mon Controls of Tufa Development in Bonito Region – Brazil

Ostendorf, J. 18c/08:30/Wed Mineral Systems Analysis of Variscan Ore Deposits: The Need for Geochemical Data

Ostertag-Henning, C. 19f/16:15/Tue Following the Reactions of Hydration, Dissociation and Oxidation of SO2 in Saline Brines by Raman Spectroscopy
19f/2356/Tue Experimental Study of the Interactions of CO2-SO2-O2 Mixtures with Saline Pore Water and Reservoir Rocks at Geological Storage Conditions

Östlund, A. 11k/16:30/Tue P Binding and Sorbent Dynamics

Ostrander, C. 03j/2059/Mon Mo Isotope Evidence for a Global Expansion in Marine Euxinia ~ 2.5 Billion Years ago

Ostrom, N.E. 14c/15:15/Wed An Extreme Enrichment in Atmospheric <sup>15</sup>N<sup>15</sup>N: Biotic and Abiotic Contributions
15k/17:00/Wed Tales from the Crypt(ic): The Phantoms of the Nitrogen Cycle

Osvath, I. 10m/2027/Tue MARiS: The IAEA’s Marine Information System

Oswald, S. 11o/09:15/Tue In situ Imaging of Dynamic Processes at the Complex Root-Soil-Interface

Ota, T. 21g/3163/Tue Reasearch and Development on Groundwater Dating for Very Old Groundwater in Coastal Area

Otake, T. 14c/2264/Tue Micro to Nanoscale Observations of Carbonaceous Matters in 3.2 Ga Banded Iron Formations, Sheba Gold Mine, Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt and >3.7 Ga Schist, Isua Supracrustal Belt
10d/3025/Wed Large Fe Isotope Fractionations found in Sulfide Ores and Ferruginous Cherts in Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits

Otero, N. 11d/09:15/Tue Stable Isotope Characterization to Evaluate the Efficiency of Induced Denitrification at Field-Scale

Otero, X.L. 11o/3056/Tue Influence of the Yellow-Legged Gull Colony (Larus Michahellis) on the Concentration of Biolimiting Elements in Soils and Waters

Otero-Diaz, M. 08f/2103/Mon Enhancement of the Solubility of Chlorinated Pesticides by Cosolvent-Induced Dissolution of Sediment Organic Matter