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Ono, H. 02e/2017/Mon Iron Valence Variation in Plagioclase from Eucrite Meteorites: Additional Information and Implications

Ono, K. 07l/3106/Tue Theoretical Study of Reduced Partitioning Function Ratios of Zn-Bearing Minerals and Metals

Ono, Shuhei 15f/2145/Wed Clumped Isotope Signatures of Serpentinization-Associated Methane from the Philippines
05g/2173/Wed Re-evaluating the Sulfur Isotope Characteristics of the Iceland Hotspot
10h/3043/Wed Sulfide Mineral – Fluid Isotope Exchange Systematics in Hydrothermal Systems
19g/09:30/Thu Organosulfur Radical Acceleration and D/H Isotope Exchange Effects during Petroleum Decomposition
15f/17:15/Thu Experimental Study of Methane Isotopologue Fractionation during Microbial Methanogenesis
19g/08:45/Fri Using Tunable Infrared Laser Direct Absorption Spectroscopy Technique for Precise 12CH2D2 Measurements
00a/11:45/Fri Clumped Isotopologue (13CH3D) Fingerprinting of Methane Sources

Ono, Shuji 10d/3025/Wed Large Fe Isotope Fractionations found in Sulfide Ores and Ferruginous Cherts in Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits

Onoue, T. 14d/3140/Mon Osmium Isotope and PGE Signatures of the Deep-Sea Deposits from Japan: Implications for the Late Triassic Impact Event
05g/2168/Wed Groundwater Helium Anomaly Reflects Strain Change during the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake in Southwest Japan

Onstott, T. 15g/09:15/Tue Arctic Soil Carbon: Does Permafrost Carbon Matter for Future Climate Feedbacks?
21b/3138/Thu Underground Production of 81Kr Detected in Subsurface Fluids

Onuk, P. 08d/2063/Mon Minor and Trace Elements in Sphalerite from Lead-Zinc-Ores in the Ötztal-Stubai Complex
21l/11:00/Fri In situ Measurement of Sulfur Isotopic Composition (δ34S) in Sphalerite Using LA-(QQQ)-ICP-MS

Oo, Y. 23a/2350/Mon Workshop on Groundwater Geochemistry and Flow Around Mandalay, Myanmar

Oonk, P. 03j/10:15/Tue Fe Isotopes in Primary Hematite Constrain Marine Redox Conditions at the Base of the 2.4 Ga Hotazel Fm

Opfergelt, S. 09c/16:30/Thu Germanium/silicon Ratio to Trace Weathering and Hydrothermal Contribution to Element Fluxes in River Waters from Guadeloupe (FWI)

Opitz, J. 06h/15:45/Tue A Cretaceous A-Type Granite from the Europe-Adria Collisional Zone: A Marker of Geodynamic Changes

Oppenheimer, C. 05d/16:30/Thu Cenozoic Magmatism and Dynamic Topography of Libya and Tibesti

Oppenheimer, S. 11c/3013/Tue Perturbations in CO2 Flux and Subsequent Chemosynthesis by Chemoautotrophs in Agricultural Soil are Induced by the Addition of Elemental Sulfur Sº

Oram, J. 22a/17:15/Thu Model-Based Identification of Physical and Geochemical Controls of Uranium in situ Leaching

Ordóñez, L. 15l/2148/Mon Reconstructing the Geochemical Cycle of Fe in Lake Towuti (Indonesia)

Orejana, D. 05e/2171/Tue Ordovician Metabasites from Central Spain: Geochronology, Source Nature and Geodynamic Setting

Orek, H. 10j/2344/Thu Reactive Iron in the Seafloor of Cilician Basin, Eastern Mediterranean

Orem, W. 18i/2275/Wed Enhanced Microbial Natural Gas Generation from Coalbeds, An Overview

Oren, O. 06a/2112/Thu U-Pb Ages of Fault-Related Calcite from Mt. Hermon: Prominent Mid-Miocene Faulting along a Newly-Formed Plate Boundary

Orihashi, Y. 06i/2248/Wed Biotite Major Elements Composition as a Tool to Fingerprint Ignimbrites, Southern Central Volcanic Zone

Orkhonselenge, A. 07a/2169/Mon Impact of Climate Change on Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Lakes in the Valley of Lakes, Southern Mongolia

Orland, I. 17k/10:45/Wed Finding Toba: Traces in a Borneo Stalagmite
17d/09:00/Fri Measuring Seasonal Hydroclimate Dynamics in Speleothems

Ormand, C. 23b/14:30/Mon Developing Spatial and Penetrative Thinking Skills Through Technology

Örnólfsdóttir, E.B. 10c/10:45/Tue Finding the Baseline: Relating Environmental Variability in a sub-Arctic Coastal Region to Species Distributions and Life Histories

Oroji, B. 13o/2240/Thu Modeling of Water Contamination in Hamadan City, West Iran