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Olinger, C. 01h/17:15/Th Coronal Mass Ejecta in Depth Profiling on NASA’s Genesis Mission

Oliot, E. 06l/3201/Mo Recorded Microstructures and Mechanical Behavior in a Quartz-Garnet Aggregate in Ultra-High Temperature Migmatites
18c/2302/Tu Occurrence of Ge-Bearing Accessory Minerals within the Variscan Pb-Zn Deposits of the Bossost Dome, French Pyrenean Axial Zone
10d/15:30/Th Evidence of Polygenic CO2 Trapping in the Oman Ophiolite Peridotites

Oliva, J. 18d/08:30/Fr Quantitative Mineralogy for Processing Ta-Low Grade Ores: The Penouta Deposit

Oliveira, B. 05e/2178/Tu Numerical Modelling of Multi-Phase Multi-Component Reactive Transport in the Earth's Interior

Oliveira, E. 06e/2197/We 2.0 Ga Collisional Dynamics Unravelled in the São Francisco Craton, Brazil: Paleotectonic Matches with the North China Craton in the Context of Columbia
06e/2199/We Discovery of a Neoarchaean Arc-Root Leucogabbro-Anorthosite Complex in the São Francisco Craton, Brazil

Oliveira, Thais P R 06i/2241/We Combined FFT and U-Pb-Hf Zircon Geochronology Applied to the Proterozoic Covers of the São Francisco Craton

Oliveira, Thomas David Serafini 22b/2359/We Simulation of Flow and Multispecies Reactive Transport on Pore Space Images

Oliver, G.C. 15b/3189/Th Living the Deep-Sea Vent Lifestyle: Growth of a Model Extremophile, <i>Archaeoglobus Fulgidus</I>, at Elevated Pressure

Oliver, H. 17h/3173/Mo Physical and Biological Controls on Phytoplankton Blooms in the Amundsen Sea Polynya

Oliveros, V. 06h/08:45/We Chollay Plutonic Complex: The Roots of the Andean Triassic Arc?

Olivier, N. 14d/16:00/Mo Multiple Sulfur Isotope Signals Associated with the End-Permian Mass Extinction Recovery

Olivier, P. 18c/2301/Tu Magnetic Mineralogy of Variscan Granites: Relation to its Metallogenic Potential on Rare Metals

Oller, B. 05a/2158/We Evolution of Lithosphere during Oceanic Plate Reconfiguration along the Baja California Margin

Ollivier, P. 13o/2233/Th Perchlorates Ions (ClO4-), Explosives and Nitrates in Chalk Aquifer of Champagne-Ardennes, France
13o/2239/Th Investigations into Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle and Pesticide Interactions in Aqueous Environments
13o/09:30/Fr Heteroaggregation of Manufactured Nanoparticles with Suspended Particulate Matter Analogues as Compared to a Natural River System

Olsen, P. 17l/15:30/We CAMP-Induced CO2 Injection Drove Hydrological Cycle Intensification Across the End-Triassic Extinction
17l/15:45/We CAMP Ashes and the ETE
17k/2342/We High-Resolution Elemental Geochemisty of the Late Triassic-Early Jurassic Newark Basin

Olson, S. 14c/15:00/We Atmospheric Seasonality on the Early Earth: Implications for Remote Life Detection
14c/15:30/We Characterizing N2O as an Exoplanet Biosignature: Early Earth as a Template
14e/3107/We Understanding the Interplay between S Source and Metal Availability in the Archean: An Example from the Jeerinah Formation

Olsson, A. 13o/14:30/Fr Experimental Approaches to Study Nanoparticle Transport Processes: Challenges and Opportunities

Omanović, D. 13m/10:30/Th A Complemetary Approaches for Speciation of Trace Metals in the Stratified Krka River Estuary (Croatia): DGT vs. Voltammetry
10j/2340/Th Trace Metal Content and Mobility in Estuarine Sediments of the Krka River (Adriatic Sea, Croatia)
10j/2341/Th Evidencing the Contrasted Impact of Urbanized Rivers Inputs on Coastal Sediments Geochemistry: Insight from Toulon Bay (France) and St-Georges Bay (Beirut, Lebanon)
15b/3185/Th On the Nature of Dissolved Copper Ligands in the Early Mixing Zone of Hydrothermal Vents

Omotunde, V. 13k/3177/We Geochemical Assessment of Heavy Metals in Wetlands Sediments from Around Maryland Area of Lagos, Southwestern Nigeria

Omstedt, A. 10c/2005/Tu Modelling the Water and Heat Balances of the Mediterranean Sea Using a Two-Basin Model and Available Meteorological, Hydrological, and Ocean Data

Ona-Nguema, G. 15i/10:45/Mo Occurrences and Stability of Pb Precipitates in Bacterial Biofilms
08k/2051/We Hydroxy-Nitrite Green Rust: A New Type of Green Rust Formed as an Intermediate Reaction Product
08k/2054/We Silver Nanoparticles Interactions with Solution/Biofilm/Mineral Interfaces
13o/15:30/Fr Quantum Dots Fate at the Biofilm/Mineral Interface

Onac, B.P. 21g/3172/Tu Triple Oxygen Isotope Signatures in Mid- Latitude Snowpack and Ice

Onda, S. 02f/3188/Tu In situ Uranium-Lead Dating of Zagami and RBT 04261 Phosphates by NanoSIMS
01f/2011/Th 207Pb-206Pb Dating of Phosphates in CK Chondrites; Did their Parent Body Have “Onion-Shell” Structure?

Öngen, S. 05e/2183/Tu Early-Middle Devonian Magmatism in The Sakarya Zone: Lower Crustal Melts at a Consuming Plate Margin

Oni, O.E. 15j/2126/Mo Microbial Interactions with Crystalline Iron Oxides Under Varying Temperature Conditions
15j/2139/Mo Quantification of Novel Methanogens and Anaerobic Methanotrophs in Marine Sediments of the Helgoland Mud Area, North Sea