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Ogawa, Y. 08f/2081/Mo Transport and Speciation of Trace Metals in Tama – Omono River System in Akita Prefecture, Japan

Ogric, M. 09d/10:00/Mo Erosion Drives Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Weathering of Rock-Derived Organic Carbon
09d/3216/Mo Direct Measurement of CO2 Flux and its Isotopic Composition Released during Oxidative Weathering of Sedimentary Rocks

Ogrinc, N. 09b/15:30/We Agricultural Irrigation in Drylands Leads to Development of Pedogenic Carbonate and Release of Soil CO2

Ogungbuyi, P.I. 05f/2216/Tu The Geochemistry and Genesis of the Marinkas Quellen Carbonatite Complex, Southwestern Namibia

Oguri, K. 10j/2343/Th Oxygen Dynamics at Sediment-Water Interface in Continental Slope, Northeast Japan

Oğuz, S. 06e/2192/We Petrochemistry of Early Eocene Lamprophyre Dykes, NE Turkey
06e/2215/We The Early Mesozoic Tectonothermal Events in the Eastern Sakarya Zone, NE Turkey

Oh, Cham-Teut 13j/2135/Tu Water-Quality Characteristics of Abandoned Coal Mine Drainage and Mine Voids

Oh, Chamteut 13j/2117/Tu Study of the Source of the AMD Around the Abandoned Coal Mine Related with the Groundwater

Oh, D. 15g/09:30/Tu Soil Biogeochemical Processes Under Freeze-Thaw Cycles Using a Process-Oriented Experimental Approach

Ohara, K. 07k/16:15/Fr Effect of Redox State of Iron on Viscosity of Sodium Silicate Melts

Ohara, T. 13h/16:30/Mo 129I/137Cs Ratios for Atmospheric Particular Matters Collected Just after TEPCO FDNPP Accident

Ohashi, R. 19h/3064/Mo Removal Mechanism of Al-Bearing Polysilicic Acid from Geothermal Water by CTAB for the Prevention of Silica Scaling

Ohene-Yeboah, L. 22c/2294/Th Adsorption of Contaminants on Clay Mineral Surfaces

Ohigashi, T. 02f/3190/Tu Aqueous Alteration of Y-000593 Deduced from Chemical Speciation

Ohmoto, H. 14e/10:30/We Abiotic Synthesis of Organic Matter and Fe-Oxides in Archean Submarine Hydrothermal Plumes
14e/3109/We Formation of Organic Matter and Iron Oxides by Aerobic Fe-Oxidizing Bacteria in a Deep Ocean 3.46 Ga ago
03b/16:30/Fr Asteroid Impact-Induced Magmatism and Tectonics on the Early Earth
03b/16:45/Fr ~3.46 Ga-Old Meteorite Fragments Suggest the Earth’s Core is Rich in Ti, Si and Ca

Ohnemus, D. 10i/11:15/Mo The Acceleration of Dissolved Cobalt’s Ecological Stoichiometry due to Biological Uptake, Remineralization, and Scavenging in the North Atlantic Ocean

Ohno, P.E. 13h/10:15/Mo Second-harmonic Generation Studies of the Noncentrosymmetric α- Quartz/Water Interface

Ohno, Takeshi 21g/3165/Tu Determination of Ultratrace Radioiodine I-129 and Halogen Isotopes by ICP-MS/MS
10h/3045/We Copper Isotope Fractionation during Adsorption onto Manganese Oxides
10a/2301/Th Boron Isotopic Fractionation during Carbonate Precipitation

Ohno, Tsutomu 11c/15:00/We Mineral Control of Dissolved Organic Matter Sorption in a Tropical Soil

Ohnuki, T. 19d/16:15/Mo Nuclear Fuel Fragments Released from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
19d/16:30/Mo Isotopic Signature and Nano-Scale Texture of Cesium-Rich Micro-Particles: Release of Uranium and Fission Products from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
15i/2114/Mo Comparison of Biomineralization Process of Middle REE (Sm) by Different Microorganisms: Yeast and Bacteria
13h/2228/Mo Migration of Cs-Rich Microparticles Released from the FDNPP in the Surface Environments
13n/10:45/Tu Bioremediation of Radioactive Strontium Contaminated Sea Water by Biogenic Ca-Carbonate
13o/16:45/Fr Effects of Extracellular Polymeric Substances on the Aggregation of CeO2 Nanoparticles

Ohta, J. 09i/16:45/We The Origin of Deep-Sea Sediments in the Western North Pacific Ocean Based on Neodymium and Strontium Isotopic Ratios
17g/2318/We A Chemostratigraphic Correlation of Pelagic Clay in the North Pacific Ocean

Ohtani, E. 04d/15:15/Mo Geochemical and Mineral Physics Constraints on the Composition of the Inner Core
02f/3190/Tu Aqueous Alteration of Y-000593 Deduced from Chemical Speciation
04c/14:30/Th Fate of Volatiles in the Deep Mantle and the Light Elements in the Core

Ohtani, T. 10a/2301/Th Boron Isotopic Fractionation during Carbonate Precipitation

Ohtomo, Y. 14c/2264/Tu Micro to Nanoscale Observations of Carbonaceous Matters in 3.2 Ga Banded Iron Formations, Sheba Gold Mine, Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt and >3.7 Ga Schist, Isua Supracrustal Belt

Ojala, A. 10j/2342/Th Varved Sediments as Records of Past Changes in Fe Dynamics?